Can Opal Go in Water?

Can Opal Go in Water

Opal is a silica crystal with water molecules in the crystal structure. Opal can have water content from three to seventeen percent.

Many ask can Opal go in water because they want to know if water content affects the stone’s ability to resist water damage. We will give you detail of the water resistance of the Opals.

Can Opal Go in Water?

Opal can go in the water in some conditions. You cannot put it in the water at a high temperature because it is a temperature-sensitive stone. Water can interact with the opal to change its color.

You will see an increase in the transparency in the Opal when water enters its crystal structure.

You have to care for the opal differently because this stone requires water to stay in perfect condition.

Keeping it in water for a long time will result in permanent color loss.

It can reduce the healing properties of the stone.

If you do not place it in the water for a long time, opal can become brittle due to the loss of water molecules in the crystal structure.

Lack or excess of water is bad for the opals.

Opal may dissolve in water at a high temperature.

What Is the Connection Between Water and Opal?

Opal is a gemstone with a high price tag.

You have to handle it with care because it has a hardness similar to glass.

Opal has a hardness score of 6.5 on the Moh hardness scale.

There are no issues putting Opals in the water if they have a water concentration of less than six percent.

These are known as solid opals, and you can put them in water without fear of water damage.

Some opals are known as Doublets and Triplets.

You cannot put them in water because they will not resist the water damage.

It is due to the high water content.

Most experts do not recommend placing Opals in the water for a long time because water can enter the Opal and change the structure of the stone.

Can Opal Go in Moon Water?

Moonlight can help you delicately cleanse all types of crystals.

Opal is no different as you can use moonlight to remove negative energy from the Opals.

This stone can help you retain more water in your body due to its healing effects.

You can also enhance the blood purifying effect of the Opal by placing it in the Moonlight.

Moonwater is a potent agent to remove negative energy from the Opal and charge it with positive vibrations.

You can place Opal near the window or outdoors to receive moonlight all night.

It is also suitable to put it in a water bowl and keep it in the moonlight.

Can Opal Go in Saltwater?

Saltwater is destructive for the Opals because it can damage the Opals.

Putting Opals in the water is different than putting them in Saltwater.

Saltwater has Sodium and Chlodie in the solutions.

These elements can increase the harshness of the Saltwater.

These elements can attack the surface of the Opals to damage the stone’s structure.

Some Sodium and Chloride atoms can enter the Opal to cause permanent damage to the stone.

The permanent damage is due to the permanent absorption of harsh elements.

You can reduce the water content of the Opal by placing it in dry air.

The harsh elements will not leave once they reach the deeper layers of the stone.

Did You Know that Opal Is Connected to the Moon?

Opal is related to the moon in many ways.

Moon energy resonates with the opals due to the water component in this stone.

Water on the earth has energy connections with the moon.

You can see this connection on the fourteenth day of the lunar cycle.

Moon can attract water from the ocean on this day as you will see high tides on the day of the full moon.

Opal has water molecules.

Moon can affect the stone’s energy due to the water molecules.

You will notice an increase in the healing properties on the fourteenth day of the lunar cycle.

How Can You Clean and Recharge Your Opal Crystal?

There are many ways to recharge and clean Opals.

You can use water and moonlight to recharge the Opals.

You can try different cleaning methods on the Opals because they have a high hardness score.

It is essential to avoid the methods that are known to damage the Opals.

Putting this stone in hot water is one of the prohibited cleaning methods.

You should not use this method to clean the Opals as the stone will lose mass in the cleaning process.

Step-by-Step Process for Charging Your Opal

To charge opals, it is better to remove the negative energy first.

It will allow more space for the positive energy to enter the stone.

One of the simplest ways is to rub it between your hands.

  • You can remove the negative energy by placing Opal in the water. You can also use smoke from the Sage wood to purge the stone.
  • You can add positive energy to the Opal by charging it with sunlight or moonlight. You can place your opal outdoors to receive these lights.
  • Moonlight may need the entire night to charge the Opal. You can also charge it in sunlight within a few hours.
  • If you do not want to use these methods, you can bury the Opal in the soil. Opals come from the deeper layers of the earth. Putting it in the natural habitat will increase the stone’s energy.

Step-by-Step Process for Cleaning Your Opal

Opals can lose some healing powers when you do not clean and charge them for a long time.

Stone charging is similar to battery charging as your battery also loses its power without charging.

You cannot put it under intense sunlight because it is susceptible to heat damage.

  1. You can start the cleaning process by programming the Opal. You can do it by placing the Opal on your palm and focusing on your life goals. It will help you find ways to achieve your goals.
  2. Opal is a delicate gem because it does not resist physical damage. You may break the gem if it falls from a high place. Opal may lose shine if you use harsh agents to clean it. Rubbing your finger or mineral oil on the surface may restore the surface luster.
  3. You can use cleaning agents suitable for delicate materials for the Stong Opals. Using cleansers for delicate materials for Doublet and Triplet Opals is unsuitable.

How Can You Prepare Opal Elixir?

Most types of Opals are safe to make the Opal Elixers.

It is easy to make these elixirs as you do not need complex equipment.

You can place the Opal in the water for a few hours to prepare it.

You can put it in the moonlight to enhance the energy exchange between water and opal.

You can drink this water to get the maximum healing benefits of the Opals.

What Are the Benefits of Opal?

There are hundreds of benefits to keeping an Opal with you.

We have prepared a description of some healing benefits of Opals.

  • You can increase your creativity by keeping an Opal with you as it helps you restore your creative and emotional energy.
  • People will like you when you have an Opal as you can control your emotions better.
  • If you have a chronic disease, you can get benefits from Opals. It will help you manage disease conditions better.

To Summarize: Can Opal Go in Water

If you want to know can Opal go in water, you should look at the stone’s structure.

These points will help you understand the Opal stone’s structure.

  • It is safe to put Opal in water for a short time.
  • Opals with low water concentrations can resist water damage.
  • Saltwater is not safe for the Opals.
  • You can prepare the Opal elixir by placing it in water for a few hours.