How to Tell if Black Tourmaline Is Real?

How to Tell if Black Tourmaline Is Real

People use the black tourmaline in spiritual practices as it offers protection from negative energies. Many of us want to learn how to tell if black tourmaline is real.

There are various ways to tell if Black Tourmaline is real or not. One way is to check the hardness of the material. The hardness of Black Tourmaline ranges from 7 to 8 on the Mohs scale, which is relatively softer than other types of quartz. Another way to tell if it’s real or not is by checking the weight and density of the material. Some people may also choose to use a magnet in order to identify if it’s real or not as well.

How to Tell if Black Tourmaline Is Real? (or FAKE)

You can check the authenticity of the black tourmaline by the scratch test.

It is a hard stone with a score of 7 to 7.5 on the Moh hardness scale.

It means that only a few things can scratch the black tourmaline.

You can take a knife to scratch the black tourmaline surface as the knife should not make a scratch.

It is a sign of an original black tourmaline.

If you can scratch the surface easily, it might be a counterfeit black tourmaline.

This test can give an idea about the authenticity of the black tourmaline.

It does not give a confirmation.

You can get authenticity confirmation from a gemologist.

They have specialized devices to check the authenticity by chemical composition and refractive index tests.

A gemologist may give you more information about the origin and the composition of the crystal.

What Is Black Tourmaline?

Black tourmaline is a black crystal with boron impurities.

Black tourmaline consists of silicate material.

There are many other types of tourmaline crystals.

You can find tourmaline in many colors naturally.

Black tourmaline is the most abundant crystal in this class.

People call it schorl in different parts of the world.

This name is common in areas near Germany because the name of the crystal is after a German village.

Schorl is the name of the German village where people found the black tourmaline for the first time.

It is a semi-precious crystal because it is available abundantly all over the world.

It forms from the hot magma when the magma comes to the surface quickly.

Where Can We Find Black Tourmaline?

You can find the black tourmaline in the granite and other metamorphic rocks.

When companies mine these rocks, they get the tourmaline and sell it in the market.

Some rock hunters found it in the quartz crystals also. It is available in different locations in the world.

Brazil, Tanzania, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Indonesia, and Tanzania are famous for their black tourmaline sources.

Miners transport the black tourmaline to different places in the world with the help of fast global transport.

What Is Black Tourmaline Used For?

People use the black tourmaline to protect themselves from the negative energies.

People started using black tourmaline in ancient times to protect themselves from demons.

It was famous among the magician that cast spells.

They used the black tourmaline to control the demons.

Practitioners recommend rubbing it between your palms to produce the electric effect.

It will show more positive effects when you hear the black tourmaline.

You can carry it or place it in your home to get powerful effects. 

You can carry it with you to protect yourself from anxiety and negative thoughts.

People with short tamper should use the black tourmaline because it will help them control their anger.

Black tourmaline produces this effect because it absorbs negative energy.

People also wear it when they want to boost their confidence.

Carrying black tourmaline during the sales job will improve your position in the company.

You can get the list of benefits to help you select the black tourmaline for your situation.

  • Promotes optimism by removing negative thoughts.
  • Removes negative energies from the aura.
  • Relieve people with psychic issues.
  • Prevents motion sickness.
  • Stops the panic attacks.
  • Helps in meditation.
  • Keeping it with you during rituals will protect you.

How to Identify Real Black Tourmaline from Fake Black Tourmaline?

If buying an expensive piece of black tourmaline, you can go to the gemologist before finalizing the deal.

The gemologist will give you information about the authenticity and price of the black tourmaline.

There is no need to go to the gemologist when you are buying a cheap piece of black tourmaline from the market.

You can use some tricks to identify these black tourmaline.

  • Black tourmaline has smooth edges. If the crystal has sharp edges, it is not tourmaline. 
  • You can look for the crystal shape. Black tourmaline crystals have a long hexagonal shape with the tapered ends. 
  • You should see some groove lines on the crystal. These lines should be visible to the naked eyes.

How to Tell if Black Tourmaline is Real?

A scratch test is the best way to find the authenticity of the black tourmaline if you do not want to go to the gemologist.

You can do this test at home. If you have an expensive piece of crystal, doing the scratch test is unsuitable because it will reduce the crystal price.

You can hold the black tourmaline in your hand and scratch it with the knife.

A knife should not scratch the black tourmaline surface.

A scratch on the surface with the knife indicates a counterfeit crystal.

The seller may label some other stone black tourmaline.

It is also possible that the seller may sell you the stone made of plastic.

If you cannot scratch the crystal after many tries and the crystal scratches the knife, you have an original black tourmaline.

How to Tell if Black Tourmaline Is Synthetic?

It is easy to learn how to tell if black tourmaline is real if you can differentiate between the authentic and synthetic material.

The synthetic material does not interact with light.

Black tourmaline will give different shades of black when you put it under the light.

Synthetic materials will only give you one shade.

You can only find the difference when you project an artificial light on the crystal, as sunlight may not produce color changing effect.

A scratch test is also suitable to know if the crystal consists of synthetic material.

A strong light torch may work as you can place the crystal on paper and put some light to observe the effects.