What Rocks and Minerals are Worth? A Helpful Guide

What Rocks and Minerals are Worth

Jadeite is one of the most expensive gemstones. It can sell for 3 million dollars a carat.

The price of a rock depends on the sales history, quality, rarity, and demand. You need to check all these factors to know what rocks and minerals are worth.

We will discuss the pricing in detail in a few steps to help you find the estimated value of your entire collection.

Properly Identify the Rocks and Minerals (Specimens)

There is no way to know the worth of the rocks and minerals if you do not know their identity. There are many reasons for not knowing the name of the rocks.

People can receive rock collections from their parents. You cannot know about the mineral identity without extensive knowledge. You may have collected some rocks and kept them without identification.

It is not an issue to be ashamed of because many experts find it hard to identify the minerals. You can ask for help from a geologist or gem expert.

You need to find an honest person to do the job because some stones can be worth millions. People may try to scam you. You can go to different experts to find out about the identity.

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Know What the Specimens Are Called

A rock or a mineral can have different names at different locations. You need to know what the mineral is called to find out the value.

There are many ways you can find the name of the mineral. You can learn the identification by yourself. It is a long process as you may have to study for months to become proficient in identification.

It is not possible to do it without help. You can ask different people about their identity as it is hard to trust one person when you think the collection has a high worth.

You can get help from two sources as you will get an unbiased opinion from these sources.

  • Local Rock Shops: You can get detailed information about the rock from your local rock shops because they are experts in rock identification. If it is a rare rock from some other part of the world, you will get information from online sources. It is unsuitable for selling at the rock shops because they may give you the wrong information to get the rock at a lower price. It is suitable to collect information about identity on your first visit and ask for value on the second visit.
  • Online Communities: It is the best source to get unbiased information about the rocks as many people will help you for free. It is better to work by taking some high-quality photos using a high-quality phone camera outdoor in the morning. Outdoor light is sufficient to take good quality rock photos. You can upload these photos on the inline forums to learn more about the rocks. You may have to provide information about the origin to get better knowledge. The What Is This Rock page on Reddit is a perfect place to start.

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Find Out Where the Rocks and Minerals Are From

You need to know the source location to get an accurate rock value estimate. The same type of rocks can sell for different prices because they are from a specific place.

Minerals can have peculiar properties in some areas of the world. Most high-price minerals have the origin information with them. If you bought it from someone, ask about the source.

You can also ask if they have proof. Some people carry GPS devices with them to record the proof. They take pictures with the GPS device as these pictures contain source information.

You can come one step close to finding the rock value when you know the source location.

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Make Sure the Specimens Are Properly Labeled

It can be surprising to know that labeling can increase the value of your collection. There are many ways to label the rocks as people attach labels to them or keep them in separate boxes.

Engraving is the best way to put a number on the rock with a specific number. You can write the information about the rock with that number in your information catalog.

You can add all the information about the rock. It is also an excellent way to keep the source information secure. You can use the online catalog-making resources to keep your information safe.

If you got rocks from your parents with numbers on them, you need to find the catalog to get an accurate value estimate.

You can go through the rock information catalog once in a while to add more information about the rock you found and improve the catalog management.

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Examine the Quality of the Minerals and Rocks

You need an expert view to find out about the quality. Most rocks lose their value if you do not care for them. If a rock was sold at a high price in the past, it does not mean you will get the same value.

You will get a higher value if you have maintained the rock with great care. If you keep it without care, it will lose value.

The value depends on the quality. The price of a rock can be subjective also as all people do not perceive the quality the same way.

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How Good Is the Aesthetic of the Specimens?

The aesthetic of a specimen is more subjective than the quality. Beauty is in the eyes of the person. A rock can be beautiful for a person, while others may not think the same.

Some people consider a rock beautiful because of its sentimental value. People may consider a rock beautiful if a deceased relative owned it. There is an easy way to estimate the specimen aesthetics.

It is an aesthetically appealing specimen if you want to stare at the rock for a long time and show it to your friends. It is better if the mineral has beautiful crystals attached to a crystal base.

Most people value crystal clusters more than individual crystals.

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How Clean Is the Specimen?

Most people think that cleaning only involves removing dust from the rock. Cleaning is much more than that because you may have to remove stains from the rock surface.

Some rocks have stains on the rocks. You may have to remove some parts to make it aesthetically pleasing. Many beginners are not proficient in cleaning the specimen.

It can reduce the value as people will not buy them for a high price because of the dust. People do not value something if you do not value them yourself.

You can take online classes or get expert help to remove stains from the rocks as it requires specialized chemicals. Some of these chemicals can be dangerous also.

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Check the Luster and Color of the Specimens

A specimen with more luster will sell for higher prices than those with lower luster. In the case of luster, higher is always better. People like to buy shiny rocks because they can display them for their beauty.

Some specimens with a specific color may sell at a higher price. The price depends on the demand and the rarity of the rock. If a collector wants a specific color to complete the collection, he may pay a higher price.

The price of a specific specimen can decrease if people have found a new source and it is not as rare anymore. If you do not care about the specimen, the price will decrease as its luster will decrease.

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How Large Are Your Rocks and Minerals?

When you want to estimate the rock value, you need to check the size. High-worth rocks sell according to their weight and carat value. You may hear a rock willing a thousand dollars for one carat.

If the large rock has inconsistent quality, it will sell at a lower price than a small piece with high quality. Most large rocks have impurities that can decrease the rock value.

We can conclude that large pieces of minerals do not always sell for a high price if they do not have the same quality as the small rocks.

People like to buy small mineral pieces for their collection making as they are easy to sell.

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Are the Specimens Damaged?

A damaged specimen will sell for a lower price because people want flawless objects. There are many ways to check the damage in the rocks. You can check for the internal cracks.

If these cracks are not an essential part of the crystal structure, it will reduce the rock value. Many experts consider the reduction of the luster as a sign of damage because reduced luster indicates carelessness.

You can also check for the color changes in the rock. Faded color is also an indication of the damage. If you take a flawless specimen to the market, you will get a higher price because people will try to acquire it faster.

Most collectors keep one piece of a specific rock in their collection. They want the best piece.

Are the Specimens Well Mounted?

If you sell the specimen to an individual buyer, an excellent mount will increase the price.

You can use the mineral mount to show the best side of the rock because a high-quality mineral mount will give you a higher rate for the mineral.

The situation can be the opposite when you sell it to the rock shops. Most shops have signature mounts for the minerals.

If your mineral mount is not removable, they will not pay a higher price. It depends on the buyer in the end as everyone has different requirements.

How Rare Are the Specimens?

Only experts know about the rarity of an item as the mineral market is changing. The mineral price can spike in one day if there is news about the shortage.

Shortage can occur due to high demand. If a celebrity uses a mineral in jewelry, many want to acquire it. It will increase the price. A decrease in supply can also boost the price.

If the mine for a specific mineral has closed down, you may see a price increase due to reduces supply. It is better to consult an expert before you sell something.

People may pay a premium price if you have a mineral with rare composition.

Find the Price History of the Rocks and Minerals

If you found a specimen recently, there is no price history. Price history is only available for the old minerals people sold before.

If you have a rare mineral, it is easy to find the price history as you can get the auction data. The minerals sold at the local rock stores do not have a price history.

The shop owners do not give the purchase price information because they purchase for a lower price to get a high margin. The price will increase every time a rock sell because the middle man will take his cut.

Lastly, Perceive the Entire Collection as a Whole

Many rock collectors sell their entire collection when they lose interest or have an issue with the space. It is better to sell the collection because collectors may pay a high price to get all the stones.

If you have some rare stones, people may perceive a high value for the other stones. You can write a catalog for all the rocks when you want to sell the entire collection because it will help you get a higher price.

It will save you from the effort of finding a buyer for every rock. It is convenient to sell if you have lost interest in a rock collection.