100 Amethyst Affirmations for Inner Peace, Spiritual Awareness, and Balance

Amethyst Affirmations for Inner Peace, Spiritual Awareness, and Balance

Amethyst is a violet color stone with several spiritual benefits.

You can improve the stone’s healing energies by using the Amethyst Affirmations.

It is crucial to learn various affirmations, their use, and their benefits to get maximum benefits from the process.

Why Should I Use Amethyst Affirmations?

You should use Amethyst affirmations to heal damages to your body chakra.

Amethyst specializes in healing crown chakra that affects all the chakras in your body.

You can stay calm with the help of affirmations and give the stone a purpose.

Crown Chakra Healing

People with blockages in the crown chakra can suffer from self-doubt and lack of confidence.

Getting an Amethyst stone is the best way to heal your crown chakra.

If you have more energy blockage, you may need to add affirmations to increase the healing energy.

It will boost your self-confidence drastically.

Spiritual Awareness Enhancement

You can use the Amethyst to connect with your spiritual body.

Your mind needs to connect with the spiritual energy to perform effectively.

You can increase the chances of energy synergism by using affirmations.

The best time to say affirmations is during meditation.

You can say the affirmation while holding an Amethyst crystal to release stress from your body.

Inner Peace Discovery

You can enhance the protective effects of the Amethyst by using affirmations.

Some think Amethyst only protects you from the negative energy of the outer environment.

It is not true, as it can protect you from inner negative energies.

You can prevent stress and promote inner peace with the help of Amethyst and affirmations.

Stop Effects Of Fear and Anxiety

If you have chronic anxiety and fear issues, you may not quickly see the effects of Amethyst and affirmations.

It will take some time to remove the negative thoughts from your mind.

You will feel better after some time.

Continuing a routine of affirmations with the Amethyst will permanently solve the anxiety problem.

100 Amethyst Affirmations for Spiritual Awareness, Inner Peace, and Balance

We have gathered a list of hundred affirmations to help you attain inner peace and balance.

You can enhance your spiritual awareness when you have balance in your body and soul.

These hundred affirmations will help you with that.

  1. I am aware of my body and mind.
  2. I respect and follow my intuition.
  3. I do not have any thoughts in my mind that limit my potential.
  4. I do not keep attachments that prevent my growth.
  5. The universe loves me and helps me in every aspect of my life.
  6. I am peaceful because my higher self is near me.
  7. I do not have any limitations to achieving my goals.
  8. My body and mind connect to all the energy in the universe.
  9. I know the purpose of my life, and I am doing what I need to do.
  10. I have a strong spirit.
  11. Everything is going perfectly.
  12. My life experiences prevent me from making mistakes in the future.
  13. The universe gives me the energy to be happy.
  14. My intuitions guide me in every life situation.
  15. Living in the present moment is helping me.
  16. I love my body, mind, and soul.
  17. I am the warmth and happiness.
  18. I am ready to get all the benefits the universe is giving me.
  19. My life is going well due to high awareness levels.
  20. The universe’s energy shields me from harmful things.
  21. I have peace in my mind and body.
  22. I know all the paths in my life go to a better place.
  23. My spirit has strong energy to protect me.
  24. All the energy from the universe pass from my body and soul.
  25. My actions are for the benefit of myself and others.
  26. Intuitions are from my higher self to lead me to success.
  27. I have the knowledge to choose the path to success.
  28. My inspiration comes from the energy of the universe.
  29. I am going above everything I wanted.
  30. I do not hate myself for who I am.
  31. My body is sacred as my soul.
  32. I am healing my body and mind.
  33. Changes are good for me.
  34. My spirit is loving and healing.
  35. I am open to the knowledge of the universe.
  36. My spirit does not harm my body and mind.
  37. I am successful in my life.
  38. Everything around me is giving me benefits.
  39. I am throwing the burdens of my mistakes.
  40. My mind is positive and healing.
  41. I have several things to thank for in my life.
  42. I am happy because of the good things in my life.
  43. Positive energy surrounds my body and soul.
  44. All paths are leading me to my purpose.
  45. I do not have any pain from the past.
  46. I am growing the best in my life.
  47. The universe is guiding m to the path of success.
  48. My body and mind are in a peaceful situation.
  49. I have limitless resources to give you all the benefits of life.
  50. My life is full of love and happiness.
  51. Love is part of every aspect of my life.
  52. I am unique because of my positive energy.
  53. Different things can give me more benefits.
  54. I do not lie to myself and see things as they are.
  55. My soul is happy because I am doing well.
  56. My body, mind, and soul are at peace with each other.
  57. I am achieving all the goals of my life.
  58. The universe is giving me all I need.
  59. Every coming day is bringing me near to my life’s goal.
  60. All hardships were to make me strong.
  61. I take responsibility for taking my life on the best path.
  62. My words are kind to myself and others.
  63. My spirit is positive and going on the path of goodness.
  64. I have everything that I need for all my life in myself.
  65. I do not have limits because I am an eternal being.
  66. Past does not disturb me.
  67. The present moment gives me all the powers I need.
  68. My life is balanced and perfect.
  69. There is no ambiguity in my mind.
  70. All paths are leading me to obtain more knowledge.
  71. My inner guide is helping me choose better things in life.
  72. Fear does not disturb me anymore.
  73. The universe is guiding me to take every step.
  74. I found peace in my mind and soul.
  75. My life is full of things giving me benefits.
  76. I am living a wonderful life.
  77. I allow myself to flourish in my life.
  78. I have many blessings in my life.
  79. I am happy because I have everything I need.
  80. There is a reason for everything.
  81. I set aside all the stress from my life.
  82. I am getting powers that I never thought of.
  83. My mind and soul are loving and caring.
  84. The universe is guiding me to find love.
  85. I am leaving bad things behind.
  86. Life is happiness and peace.
  87. All the things in my life are in their safe place.
  88. I have a plan to find peace and success.
  89. My life is full of happiness.
  90. Blessings are coming from every side of my life.
  91. The universe will bring me everything I need.
  92. My mind has all the wisdom.
  93. I am not chained to anything.
  94. There are no limits on my mind.
  95. My life is full of positive energy.
  96. I am a collection of all positive energies.
  97. Fears cannot control me anymore.
  98. The future has several gifts for me.
  99. I am not ashamed of myself.
  100. Infinite powers are guiding me to success.

How to Program Amethyst with Affirmations

Programming the Amethyst with affirmations will give the stone a purpose.

It will change the environment around the crystal to make it more suitable for your life.

These steps will help you program the Amethyst.

1. Set Clear Intentions in Your Mind

You need to make up your mind about the things you want.

Most people use Amethyst to promote self-awareness.

A strong intention will give you better results.

If you do not know what you want, it will not give you the best results.

2. Charge and Cleanse the Amethyst

You can put the crystal in water or use moonlight to cleanse the crystal.

Cleansing Amethyst will remove all the negative energy from it.

Some suggest charging the crystal with positive energy after cleansing to improve its healing effects.

3. Release All Stress Before Programming

It is better to go to a quiet space before programming your Amethyst crystal.

Finding a peaceful place is essential because it will prevent harmful energy accumulation in the crystal.

You can start by taking deep breaths to lower stress.

4. Use Most Suitable Affirmations to Program Amethyst

You can hold the Amethyst in your left hand to complete the final step.

You can visualize the things you want and say the affirmations.

You can keep the Amethyst crystal with you all the time after programming it with affirmations.

Bottom Line

Amethyst Affirmations are excellent for programming your Amethyst stone and enhancing its healing energies.

These points will help you learn more about affirmation programming.

  • You can heal crown chakra and improve self-awareness with the help of Amethyst affirmations.
  • Amethyst will prevent anxiety and bring balance to your life with the help of affirmations.
  • Finding your intentions and cleansing the crystal before programming gives you better results.
  • You can go to a quiet and peaceful space to program your crystal.