What Are the Top Black Tourmaline Side Effects?

Black Tourmaline Side Effects

Every crystal has an energy field that should work with the energy field to give many benefits. Black Tourmaline has an intense energy field. It will provide benefits when it works positively with our body’s energy field. Sometimes, crystals repel the energy field to give Black Tourmaline side effects.

We will provide the side effects details to help you enjoy its benefits to the full extent.

What Are the Negative Side Effects of Black Tourmaline?

People use crystals to increase comfort in their lives.

Crystals can give you positive vibrations to make your life easy.

Some crystals make you calm to stop stress.

Crystals can also help you focus on your goals by giving you more energy.

Different types of crystals can give various healing benefits.

You may suffer from harmful effects if you do not select the right crystal.

You will suffer from the Black Tourmaline side effects if you do not want to exciting energy in your body.

Black Tourmaline can make you uncomfortable if you do not use its excessive energy force.

Black Tourmaline Side Effects: Triggers anxiety

Some people are sensitive to intense energy.

Black Tourmaline can increase the anxiety level of your body because it has an intense energy field.

Most crystals do not have as much energy as we do not feel their presence.

It is not the case with the Black Tourmaline.

You will feel the difference in the environment when Black Tourmaline is around.

This effect is more prominent in people with high sensitivity to energy.

Heart racing is the most common symptom of high energy effects.

Your body wants to do something extraordinary when there is a high energy source around.

It will not cause issues if you can resist energy transfer to your body.

You will feel the difference fast if your body has high energy receptive properties.

Some people think you will not feel anything until you touch the stone.

It is false because you may feel the difference in the room energy when there is a Black Tourmaline crystal around.

There is a different level of anxiety in people with Black Tourmaline sensitivity.

Some may pass out after touching the stone.

There are cases when people vomit due to stress caused by the stone.

There are no ways to solve the side effect problem because your body may not deal with the energy effectively.

The best way to solve this problem is by replacing the Black Tourmaline with a mild energy-containing crystal.

Black Tourmaline Side Effects: Promotes grounding

Black Tourmaline has a lot of grounding energy because it strengthens your root chakra.

Root chakra will help you connect with the grounding energy to make you comfortable in your environment.

You may not hear of people getting side effects due to grounding energy.

It is due to only a few getting this side effect.

When you have a lot of grounding energy, your body will not bother changes in the environment.

It is hard to focus on anything when you have excessive positive energy.

All the focus of your body will go towards the internal energy changes.

People who want energy inside their bodies can use Black Tourmaline for healing benefits.

Black Tourmaline will give you harmful effects if you are anxious and want to reduce energy.

You cannot apply the things you felt when you wore Black Tourmaline to other people because everyone has a different level of resistance to the crystal energies.

Others may not feel the same when they face intense energy from the Black Tourmaline.

When people have an intense connection with the earth’s energy, the energy from the crystals does not affect them much.

Positive Side Effects of Black Tourmaline

Side effects are the unintended effects of the crystals.

People use Black Tourmaline to control their emotions and prevent anxiety.

All the effects not in this category are the side effects because they are not the main effects of the crystal.

All side effects are not harmful.

You can use the side effects of the crystals to get many benefits.

Blocking negative energies and protecting you from magnetic field damage is a common side effect.

Some suggest Black Tourmaline can help you with weight loss also.

It is also crucial to understand that Black Tourmaline does not produce side effects with equal intensity.

People with different energy sensitivity can have different reactions to black tourmaline energies.

Black Tourmaline Positive Effects: Protects against EMF

Electric and Magnetic fields can affect human health negatively.

We are surrounded by these energy fields due to several electronic devices around us.

We keep our phones and small electronic devices near us all day.

These devices produce negative vibrations and produce harmful effects on your life.

People will suffer from anxiety and lack of sleep due to this negative energy.

Keeping Black Tourmaline with you will protect you from these negative energies.

It is due to the high iron concentration in this crystal.

All the negative vibrations from the electronics go to the black tourmaline instead of your body.

It can help you improve focus because your body does not have negative energy.

Some suggest keeping Black Tourmaline in the same pocket as your mobile phone to prevent harmful energy exposure.

You should use a cover on your phone to prevent scratches from the Black Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline Positive Effects: Blocks negative energies

Black Tourmaline can give you two benefits in terms of energy.

Black Tourmaline will protect you from negative energy from the environment.

It has positive energy-radiating properties.

You will also get positive energy from the Black Tourmaline.

Everyone has a different energy. Some people have strong negative energy.

They can also affect your life by giving you some of their energy.

Black Tourmaline will protect you in this case as it will make a shield around you and repel negative energies from others.

Black Tourmaline Positive Effects: Supports weight loss

Most practitioners suggest avoiding using Black Tourmaline if you are underweight.

It is due to weight reducing properties of the Black Tourmaline.

It is due to the effects of Black Tourmaline on the digestive system.

When you have a healthy digestive system, your body can select the things it needs to absorb.

You may eat many things, but your body will only take the most useful things out of the food.

It will help you lose weight as the body will not absorb excessive food.

People looking to reduce weight can keep Black Tourmaline with them all the time, especially at the gym.

It is one of the positive Black Tourmaline side effects.

Are the Side Effects of Green Aventurine Similar to Those of Black Tourmaline?

Green aventurine side effects are generally considered to be mild and mainly include feelings of restlessness or agitation in some individuals.

On the other hand, black tourmaline side effects may include feelings of heaviness or lethargy in some people. It’s important to be aware of how each may affect you differently.

What to Do if Black Tourmaline Makes You Feel Weird?

Some people can suffer from the intense energy of Black Tourmaline as it makes them feel weird.

They can do many things to avoid this issue.

Keeping a crystal with lower energy than the Black Tourmaline and similar healing benefits can help you.

Black Obsidian and Smoky Quartz are some of the best Black Tourmaline alternatives due to their similar healing effects.

You can meditate with the Black Tourmaline by holding it in your hands and telling it what to do.

Positive intentions can control the Black Tourmaline Side Effects.

You can carry Rose Quartz with the Black Tourmaline to balance the intense energies.

It is unsuitable to increase the crystal’s energy with crystal Quartz to avoid feeling weird.

To Summarize: Black Tourmaline Side Effects

There are many positive and negative Black Tourmaline side effects.

One type of side effect can work positively for other people.

You can understand this crystal better with the help of these points.

  • Black Tourmaline can cause anxiety due to its intense energy.
  • Some people may suffer from intense grounding energy as they cannot focus on anything because of Black Tourmaline.
  • You can get many positive side effects because it protects you from electromagnetic forces.
  • Black Tourmaline can also block negative energy and support weight loss.
  • You can get an energy-neutralizing crystal if you feel weird with the Black Tourmaline.
  • Cleansing Black Tourmaline often can also solve the weird feeling issue.

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