Can Amazonite Go in the Water?

Can Amazonite Go in the Water

Amazonite is a soothing stone. People use Amazonite to calm their nervous system and prevent anxiety. Some ask can Amazonite go in the water as it got its name from the Amazon river.

We will discuss water resistance and cleansing methods for Amazonite. It will help you care for Amazonite better.

Can Amazonite Go in the Water?

Amazonite can go in the water because it has a high hardness score on the Moh hardness scale. You cannot keep it in the water for a long time because it can disrupt the crystal integrity.

Amazonite has a hardness score of 6 to 6.5 on the Moh hardness scale.

The hardness score is enough to resist water damage for a short time.

You can wash it or put it in water for a few hours.

We do not recommend putting Amazonite in water for days because water can enter cracks on the stone’s surface.

It can widen the crack and lead to a reduction in Amazonite durability.

The other reason for water resistance is the chemical structure.

Amazonite consist of silicon crystals.

These crystals do not dissolve in water or break easily.

What Will Happen if Amazonite Goes in Water for a Long Period?

  • Amazonite contains some toxic chemicals. It can release these toxic chemicals in water when you put the stone in water.
  • You cannot put Amazonite in water frequently as it can impart coloration on the stone. The exterior of the Amazonite can also suffer damage due to prolonged water exposure.
  • Some stones break unexpectedly. People think it is due to metaphysical causes. The real reason for the reduced durability of stone is the widening of small cracks on the stone’s surface due to water. Water can enter small cracks on the surface of Amazonite and promote breakage.
  • It is better to care for the Amazonite perfectly because putting it in water for a prolonged time can produce stains in the deeper layers of Amazonite.

Can Amazonite Go in Moonwater?

People have been cleansing Amazonite with Moonwater for hundreds of years because the full moon produces cleansing and charging energy.

Moonlight does not harm the Amazonite due to soft radiation energy.

You can get a bowl of water to start the cleansing process.

It is better to find a suitable place with more moonlight.

You can place the bowl in the moonlight and put Amazonite in it.

Moonlight will remove all negative energy when you keep the Amazonite in it for the whole night.

Most practitioners recommend using moonlight from the full moon.

You should see the full moon on the fourteenth day of the lunar cycle.

This method will increase the healing effects of Amazonite by increasing its energy.

Can Amazonite Go in the Bathwater?

  • People have been putting Amazonite in the Bathwater for years because of the soothing effects. Amazonite is popular for its calming energy. It can give you a calming and peaceful bathing experience.
  • You can activate your heart and throat chakra by bathing in the Amazonite crystal water. You will stop the poisonous elements when you bathe in the Amazonite water. You will feel healthy when these harmful elements are not in your body.
  • Improvement of the skin is one of the leading benefits of Amazonite bathwater. Amazonite can give you many physical benefits. Improving the bloodstream and reducing skin pore size are some of the leading healing benefits.
  • It is crucial to look for the signs of allergic reactions if you bathe in the Amazonite water. This stone has a tetra silica structure. Some elements can leak out of the Amazonite and enter the water. You may see hives on your skin if you are allergic to Aluminum or potassium. These elements can enter the water from the Amazonite surface.
  • People with sensitive skin should not try the Amazonite bathwater because they may suffer from long-term skin allergies. You can test your skin by putting some Amazonite bathwater on your hands. If there is no redness, you can continue your journey.

Can Amazonite Go in Saltwater?

Amazonite can go in Saltwater without damage to the crystal surface.

People put Amazinite in salt water to cleanse the crystal from negative energies.

  • Many practitioners recommend putting Amazonite in the saltwater because it can cleanse the stone better. You can put it in salt water for a short time as it is enough to cleanse the stone and fill it with positive energy.
  • You can use the Himalayan salt for Amazonite cleansing because it produces a strong cleansing effect. You can also use table salt. You can start the process by sprinkling some salt in a cup of water. Once the salt dissolves, you can put the Amazonite in the salt water for a few hours. It is unsuitable for keeping it there for a long time as salt water exerts more stress on the Amazonite. Cracks may appear on the stone surface with frequent salt water baths.

You should not put the Amazonite in the saltwater bath more than two times a month. This strategy will help you keep the Amazonite crystal structure intact. You can use a stopwatch to count time when putting it in salt water. Amazonite should not go in salt water for more than a few hours.

Note: It is better to use the dry Himalayan salt for Amazonite cleansing because it will produce a strong cleansing force without damaging the crystal structure.

Is Amazonite-infused Water Safe to Drink?

Experts do not recommend drinking Amazonite-infused water because it is a heterogeneous crystal.

Heterogeneous crystals consist of many constituents.

Some of them are rarely found in the stones.

You should not risk your health as Amazonite can have harmful chemicals.

When you put Amazonite in the bath water, these chemicals can enter the drinking water.

Drinking this water can produce harmful effects on your health.

Some homogenous crystals are also unsuitable for making crystal-infused water.

Selenite and Flourite are the leading examples.

What Are the Benefits of Amazonite Crystal?

  • If you wear jewelry made of Amazonite or own an Amazonite stone, you will see a change in your emotional response. This stone can help you control your negative emotions.
  • Amazonite will help you look younger by promoting hair growth, improving skin, and curing pain.
  • Athletes use Amazonite to stop muscle spasms. This crystal also helps them recover from injuries fast.
  • Your life will feel more fulfilled when you have an Amazonite, as it assists you in improving your life.
  • Amazonite was part of the textiles in ancient Egypt due to its healing properties.
  • Amazonite will help you heal wounds faster. It can also help with curing illnesses.

What Is the Best Way to Prepare an Amazonite Elixir?

Amazonite elixir can help you enjoy the healing benefits of the stone to the full extent.

An elixir is a concentrated mixture of a substance.

Amazonite elixir is helpful to calm your body and mind.

There are two methods to produce the elixir form of Amazonite.

1. Direct Method

2. Indirect Method

Most experts recommend using the indirect approach to make the Amazonite elixir.

If you keep the Amazonite in water for a long time, some harmful chemicals may enter the water.

It can make the solution poisonous to human health.

You can use the step-by-step approach to make the Amazonite elixir indirectly.

  • You can start with polished Amazonite.
  • Wash the Amazonite crystals quickly.
  • Place the Amazonite crystals in the ceramic or glass jar.
  • Place this jar in the wood vessel full of water.
  • Keep this setup in the moonlight for the entire night.
  • Remove the jar and use Amazonite elixir.

Final Thoughts about Putting Amazonite in Water

Amazonite is a calming stone.

Many ask can Amazonite go in the water to learn about its caring methods.

You can keep these points in mind to understand this stone better.

  • You can keep Amazonite in the water.
  • Putting Amazonite in the water for a long time may damage the crystal surface.
  • Amazonite can go in Saltwater and Moonwater.
  • We do not recommend using the direct method to make Amazonite-infused water and elixir.