Can Amethyst Go in Water?

Can Amethyst Go in Water

Amethyst has a purple color due to the iron impurities in the quartz. People use this stone to get rid of internal darkness.

People ask can Amethyst go in water because they want to cleanse the crystal. We will discuss many things about the effects of water on Amethyst.

Explained: Can Amethyst Go In Water?

Yes, Amethyst can go in the water rarely because putting it in water for a short time will not damage it. When you put it in water repeatedly for a long time, the crystal will damage fast. You will not see the damage at first because cracks will take time to get wide enough. Once they cross a specific width level, you can see them with naked eyes.

Can You Put Crystals and Stones in Water?

There are hundreds of reasons people put the crystals in water. They will search can Amethyst go in water on different internet forums.

Rock hunters clean the crystals when they find them during hiking. They want to know if Amathyst can go in the water before they use water to wash it.

Some want to enhance the crystal shine before giving a gift to someone special. People also want to put them in drinks to enjoy the darkness repelling power of Amethyst.

It is better to check the type of crystal because you cannot add a drop of water to some crystals. It can damage the crystal structure.

What Are the Reasons Why Some Materials and Crystals Can鈥檛 Go in Water?

You cannot put some materials in water because they will dissolve. Some crystals can be toxic when you put them in water. Malachite crystals consist of copper.

When you put it in water, it will produce toxic fumes. Copper is toxic in its dissolved form. You will get severe effects if you inhale the fumes or touch the copper water.

Crystal can get rust if you place them in water. Most crystals have small amounts of metal atoms. These atoms give unique colors to the crystals.

When the oxygen in the water oxidizes the metals to produce rust, the crystal color will change. It is possible to remove the rust from the surface but you cannot do it for the deeper parts of the crystal.

Why Is It Safe for Amethyst to Go in Water?

Amethyst can go in the water because this crystal has a high level on the Moh hardness scale. If the material has a hardness level lower than five on the Moh hardness scale, it is risky to put it in water.

Water will damage the material structure fast in this case. Amethyst has a high level of hardness because it scores 7 on the Moh hardness scale. It will not dissolve quickly in the water.

There is no risk of rust when the crystal has a smooth surface. You can use precautions to stop the water from entering the small cracks.

You only need to care about the temperature. If the water temperature is near freezing or boiling point, Amethyst can crack.

Can Amethyst Go in Saltwater?

Amethyst should not go in salt water because salt will stick to the crystal to make it shineless and fragile by deteriorating chemical reactions.

Most experts recommend using demineralized water for the Amethyst cleaning because it is a water-safe crystal. The crystal will deteriorate when you put it into salt water for a long time. It may break and lose shape also. 

Can Amethyst Go in Moon Water?

Amethyst can go in moon water because you charge this water by placing it in the moonlight and there are no deteriorating ingredients in the moon water.

Some put the amethyst crystals in the moon water while charging in the moonlight. You can use this method safely when there are no other ingredients in the water and you place the crystal for a short time. It is unsuitable to put it in the moon water for days.

Can Amethyst Go in Bath Water?

Amethyst can go in bath water without deteriorating when you do not put salts and other harmful bath products in the bath water.

If you like the Amethyst crystal bath to repel the darkness and improve the positivity of your body, you need to check the ingredients of all the bath products you buy.

It is suitable to use herbal bath products because these products do not have high salt concentrations. Bath Bombs can have a high level of sodium bicarbonate.

It can damage the crystal structure. We should look for the answer to the question can Amethyst go in water by checking the water quality.

You can have a luxury bath with these crystals. It is better to care for Amethyst crystals to use them for a long time.

How to Clean Amethyst Jewelry without a Damage?

You should start the cleaning process using a cloth. Try to rub the crystal gently with the cloth. The cloth should be smooth to avoid scratches on the jewelry.

You can take it to the next level by using soap if you are not satisfied with the cleanliness. You can put a few drops of dishwasher and water on the cloth to clean the crystal.

It should remove all the oil particles from the jewelry. We do not recommend using vinegar and saltwater to clean the Amethyst.

These solutions can damage the crystal structure. It is better to use safe products to maintain crystal durability and shine.

Why People Put Amethyst in Water?

People put Amethyst in water to get the benefits of its stress-relieving, negative energy repelling, and healing powers.

There are many other ways to enjoy the positive effects of this crystal. You can put it in your home and office without water.

You can also put it in your glass when you drink water. It will add positive energy to the water that can help you excel in life.

What Are the Other Ways to Cleanse Amethyst?

You can cleanse the Amethyst using many different ways. These ways are better because you will not use water to cleanse the crystal.

You can try all these methods to cleanse the crystal.

  • Put the stone under the dirt.
  • Place it in the moonlight.
  • Place brown rice on the stone.
  • Meditation while placing the crystal in front of you.
  • Placing herbs on the bottom and top of the crystal.

You may find one method produces more positive effects in your life. You can choose that method for all the cleaning in the future.