Can Apatite Go in Water?

Can Apatite Go in Water

You can carry Apatite if you want to lose weight because keeping this stone will reduce your appetite. It can also enhance your cognitive skills and intellect.

You may wonder can Apatite go in the water because people put different crystals in water to enhance their healing properties.

Can Apatite Go in Water?

Apatite can go in the water due to a medium-level hardness score.

Apatite holds the central location on the list of materials with high hardness because it has a hardness score of 5 on the Moh hardness scale.

It is better to avoid putting it in the water for a long time because water can enter small cracks of the Apatite crystals to widen them.

It can reduce the durability of the Apatite crystals.

It is also suitable to put the Apatite under running water for a short time.

Phosphate and Calcium are responsible for the high hardness score of the Apatite stone.

Can Apatite Go in Moon Water?

You can remove all negative energies from Apatite by placing the stone in moon water.

Apatite can resist water damage for a short time.

You can place it in the moon water for the entire night.

You can start the process by finding a place to put the container with water and the stone.

Apatite can stay in the moonlight to get rid of the negative energies.

Moonlight can also charge your crystal with positive vibrations.

Apatite can handle cleansing with the moon water once a month or two months.

You should not forget the stone after placing Apatite in the water because keeping it in water for a long time will damage the crystal.

Can Apatite Go in Saltwater?

Apatite cannot resist damage from Saltwater.

It is due to the corrosive action of the Sodium and Chloride in the solution.

Some stones with high hardness scores can stop the damage from saltwater.

The case is different when you have material with a medium-level hardness score.

You can soak crystals with high hardness scores to remove all negative energy.

Salt can work like a magnet for healing crystals.

Putting medium to low-level hardness score stones into the saltwater will damage the stone and reduce the healing energy.

How Do You Care for Your Apatite?

There are specific ways to care for different Apatite stones.

You have to use the right method to cleanse the Apatite as cleaning in the saltwater may damage the crystal.

Apatite crystals come in different colors due to many impurities in the Apatite stones.

Crimson color Apatite cannot resist sunlight damage.

Sunlight will fade the color of the stone.

You can cleanse your Apatite in the moonlight by putting it inside a bowl of brown rice.

You can also purge the stone by placing it in running water.

You can increase the healing powers of the stone using these caring methods.

Things to Keep Away when Cleansing Apatite

Apatite can resist water damage for a short time.

It is better to use water for cleansing Apatite.

Some ways are harmful to the Apatite because it cannot resist damage from some chemicals.

You have to avoid exposing your Apatite crystal to these chemicals.

Don鈥檛 Use Hot Water for a Long Time

Apatite cannot resist the hot temperature because it does not have a suitable crystal structure for temperature resistance.

Experts recommend using lukewarm or cold water to clean the crystal.

Lukewarm water is better for removing dirt and negative energy from the crystal.

Putting crystals in the hot water increases the chances of crystal damage.

You may see the negative effects of the hot water on the Apatite fast.

These effects will appear in the form of color change.

You may see a blue tint in the crystal after putting it in the hot water.

Some cracks may also appear on the Apatite surface when you keep it in hot water for a long time.

Avoid Salt Water

Saltwater is damaging for most crystals with low hardness scores.

It is less harmful to the stones with some polishing agents on their surface.

Polishing agents will prevent saltwater from affecting the stone’s surface by making a barrier.

Putting a raw stone in saltwater can produce more negative effects on the stone.

There are more spaces for the salt to accumulate in the stone in the case of raw stones.

Saltwater will increase the size of cracks on the stone’s surface to reduce its durability.

When salt accumulates in the stone’s fractures, it will make the crystal brittle.

Salt promotes surface erosion in the Apatite to make the cracks more visible.

What Are the Benefits of Using Apatite?

  • You should keep the Apatite with you if you want to balance all chakras in your body. Imbalance in the body’s chakras will increase your chances of getting sick. Some may observe unexplainable anxiety due to chakra imbalance. It is better to keep an Apatite stone with you all the time to prevent these issues.
  • People with communication issues can keep Apatite with them because it will help them communicate better. They can make jewelry from the Apatite stone to enhance its healing benefits. People may notice a change in their communication skills within a few days.
  • You can enhance your public speaking abilities with the Apatite. Some problems in the chakra balance can block you from getting word to speak in a gathering. You can stop these issues by putting Apatite with you all the time.
  • Some cannot lose weight due to anxiety issues. Anxiety can force you to choose unhealthy eating habits. You can avoid these issues with the Apatite. It can also help you lose weight.

How to Cleanse and Recharge Apatite?

  • It is better to cleanse Apatite once every week because it will increase the healing effects of the stone. You should use tap water at room temperature instead of salt water at high temperatures to cleanse Apatite to prevent crystal damage.
  • You can place some lavender in a bowl and put Apatite in the bowl to cleanse the stone from negative energy.
  • Sunlight can fade the Apatite color and make it less attractive. It can also reduce the Apatite healing effects. Moonlight is better to cleanse the Apatite and charge it with positive vibrations.

How Can You Prepare Apatite Elixir?

  • You can easily make the Apatite elixir by placing the stone in water for more than one hour. It is possible to put the Apatite under running water to make the elixir.
  • You can drink this water or make tea from it to enjoy the healing benefits.
  • You cannot make elixirs from all stones because some may release harmful chemicals into the water.

Interesting facts about Apatite:

  • Apatite is a hexagonal crystal structure with calcium phosphorus and some other elements. You will find this compound in different parts of your body naturally.
  • Teeth and bone have a high concentration of Apatite mineral. It gives strength to the bone structures and protects teeth from decay.
  • Apatite has similarities with the word Appetite. It means hunger in English. It is surprising to know that this mineral affects your Appetite for food. You will feel less hungry when you keep this stone with you.

To Summarize: Can Apatite Go in Water

Most of us ask can Apatite go in the water because they are unfamiliar with this stone.

You can remember some points to understand the properties of this mineral.

  • It is safe to put Apatite in the water at room temperature.
  • Putting Apatite in the hot water may damage the crystal’s surface.
  • You cannot put Apatite in salt water due to the high chances of crystal damage.
  • Sunlight can fade the Apatite crystal. You should not place it in sunlight for charging.
  • It is safe to drink elixir water from the Apatite. You can make it by putting the stone in the water for an hour.