Can Black Obsidian Go in Water?

Can Black Obsidian Go in Water

Ah, Black Obsidian, a lovely natural stone created after volcanic lava has cooled down.

It`s soft and shiny and doesn’t feature a crystalline form. It is linked to the root chakra. Again, it is frequently utilized for protection and grounding.

Can Black Obsidian Go in Water?

Yes, Black Obsidian can go in water though it might not be a good idea to leave it there for a long time.

Obsidian is a hard stone with a 5 to 6 rating on the Mohs scale.

That said, you need to be careful not to put it in extremely cold or hot water and avoid leaving it in water for a long time.

This is due mainly to the composition of this mineral.

Extended soaking will break down the Obsidian`s composition and ruin it. 

What Is Black Obsidian?

Black Obsidian is a stone composed of earth, water, and fire. It is created from volcano lava that has cooled rapidly.

This stone features a reflective black shade with sharp edges.

When you polish it, it becomes smooth, thus more alluring.

Since there are volcanoes worldwide, this mineral is present in various directions. 

For instance, snow obsidian is a variant of the Black Obsidian created by swiftly cooled lava.

It`s a shiny black shade featuring white minerals trapped inside the mineral as it cools down, thus the snow-flake look.

Under What Types of Water, You Can Put Black Obsidian?

When cleaning your Black Obsidian, there are a handful of different types of water you can use.

Depending on your mineral`s purpose, there are several water types options for charging and cleaning your mineral.

For instance, you can utilize tap water to clean your Black Obsidian. 

However, crystal practitioners prefer using “moon water” monthly to boost the metaphysical properties of the mineral.

Even though it is not advisable to clean using elixirs and gem water, it`s common for people who trust in crystal healing to put the stone in water or a mason jar with water. 

What Is Black Obsidian Used For?

Black Obsidian is a strong stone, so much so that it`s thought to be stronger than metal.

It was in the past used to create weapons and tools.

Some weapons made from Black Obsidian include knives and arrowheads.

Currently, it comes in handy as a cutting tool where accurate and delicate precisions are required. 

Again, some will utilize several Black Obsidian rocks to decorate their houses and ward off negative energy around them.

Besides, you can carry it in your pocket or pouch to conveniently haul its energy everywhere you go. 

Black Obsidian Is Used to Make Jewelry 

For the believers, this rock is viewed as a potent healing crystal.

It is believed to hinder negativity and boost clarity.

Thanks to its magnificence and supposed healing power, most people like having their Black Obsidian in jewelry form.

There is a wide range of rings, necklaces, and bracelets online and in stores. 

Hence, depending on your preferences, you can also find this mineral in raw form, mainly for necklaces.

Again, it can be polished and integrated into bracelets and rings.

You can also wear it alone or blend it with different healing crystals for optimum strength. 

Furthermore, you can wear it in copper, silver, or any other metal type, since it is considered to blend better with high-energy minerals.

Other instances of different crystals that blend with this mineral include sandstone, rhodizite, garnet, phenacite, hematite, quartz, and Nirvana. 

What Are Black Obsidian鈥檚 Properties?

Black Obsidian鈥檚 Physical properties 

When rough, this rock is shiny and dark.

The edges are highly sharp and rough, though it features some smooth sections.

Black Obsidian is available in polished, rough, or natural forms.

The polished form has no sharp edges. 

Black Obsidian鈥檚 Metaphysical properties 

Currently, Black Obsidian is commonly known for its metaphysical properties.

Its healing abilities are considered rather powerful.

Plus, it`s famous for eliminating negative energy and exposing the truth. 

Moreover, Black Obsidian is said to assist in promoting clarity of circumstances, grounding, and focus.

Numerous people have Black Obsidian rocks in their houses to absorb negative energy. 

Additionally, Black Obsidian is said to nurture and protect the individuals who have them in their homes.

Again, it is thought to deal with the obstacles that hinder the holder`s success.

Lastly, people use this stone for clearing their aura and linking with their chakra. 

How Much Does Black Obsidian Cost?

Typically, the cost of Black Obsidian can differ depending on the stone`s quality, the seller`s reputation, and if you`re buying it from a physical or online store, 

What`s more, the price of jewelry made from Black Obsidian will differ depending on the kind of product you`re going for, the metal around the mineral, and whether there are different crystals blended.

You can purchase a Black obsidian stone for $2, while jewelry can cost you up to hundreds of dollars per piece. 

Where Should I Place My Black Obsidian?

There are many places you can place your Black Obsidian.

Home entrance 

Place your Black Obsidian by the front door to protect you and your home from negativity.

You may also wish to place it in your room, near any place where you spend a lot of time, such as meditation or reading.

This will increase positive energy flow throughout the space.


Black Obsidian is a very powerful stone used for protection and healing.

It can absorb negativity and ground you, allowing you to see all situations clearly.

This makes it an excellent stone to place on your desk.


Another common location for placing it is in the bedroom, which is usually spacious and quiet.


The kitchen is the room where you nourish your family.

Some people believe that Black Obsidian offers protection around your meals and nourishment.

Plus, if you feel you must shield your resources, you could place them here. 

Can You Boil Obsidian?

In order to properly clean Black Obsidian, it is important to be mindful of the temperature of the water: Both ice-cold water and boiling hot water may damage, crack, or break the stone.