Can Black Tourmaline Go in Water?

Can Black Tourmaline Go in Water

You can put the black tourmaline in the water and take it out unharmed. It does not mean you should do it often because it can damage the structure.

Many of us ask can black tourmaline go in water. We will answer it with detailed explanations.

Can Black Tourmaline Go in Water?

Black tourmaline should not go in the water for a long time because the water can harm it. You can rinse it under water and dry it with a cloth to maintain its integrity.

Putting it in the bath water with you can lead to crystal damage. It is also harmful to drink water after adding black tourmaline to it. It is better to care for this stone more because it has low tenacity.

What Properties Does the Black Tourmaline Have?

You cannot care for a stone if you do not know its chemical and physical properties. You need to know the composition of the crystal and the metal impurities.

Hardness, tenacity, and solubility are the most crucial factors. Knowing all these properties will make it easy to care for the crystal.

We will discuss each of these properties for the black tourmaline to help you understand can black tourmaline go in water.

Black Tourmaline Tenacity

Tenacity is the ability of a stone to keep all the fragments together. When a stone has low tenacity, it will break into pieces easily.

When some ask can black tourmaline go in water, we tell them not to put it for a long time. The reason is the low tenacity.

When the water enters the small cracks to widen them, the tourmaline will suffer more because small cracks can break it. You should avoid putting it in water for a long time.

Black Tourmaline Chemical Composition

Black tourmaline is one of the complex chemical composition crystals as the crystal contains aluminum, iron, sodium, lithium, and many other metal elements.

The black color is due to the abundance of sodium and iron. People should avoid making crystal water from this stone as it can harm your body.

People make crystal water by putting the crystal in the water for a long time and drinking it. You may not consider that rocks can be dangerous for you.

You can take the example of the Malachite as it will produce toxic copper in the water.

Black Tourmaline Solubility

Solubility is the ability of a substance to dissolve in water. Most crystal substances have low solubilities. Selenite is one of the crystals that dissolve in water.

If you put it in water for a long time, it will lose shape. Putting the opal in hot water will also damage the stone.

Black tourmaline will not dissolve in water because it has a low solubility. You can keep it in water without the fear of dissolution. The only issue you will face is the cracks in the crystal.

Black Tourmaline Hardness

Black tourmaline has a score of 7 on the Moh hardness scale. It is higher than the quartz as it has between 6 and 7 scores on this scale. People put quartz in the water without damage.

It means that you can put the black tourmaline in water also. You will not see any damage to the stone immediately. It is the same as the quartz as the damage appears after putting the stone in water for a long time.

When you put it in water, water enters the small cracks. Water widens these cracks to decrease the stone’s structural integrity.

What Are the Alternatives if You Can鈥檛 Put Black Tourmaline in Water?

We have arranged some alternate ways to help you get the metaphysical benefits of the tourmaline. You can use these methods to save yourself and the stone from harm. 

How to Cleanse Black Tourmaline

Most people recommend putting the stone in salt water to cleanse it. We do not want the negative effects of salt water. We have found many ways to cleanse the stones without salt water.

You can place the black tourmaline with a cleaning stone. Selenite is the best cleaning stone. You can also put it in the moonlight because the moonlight has a cleansing effect.

Placing herbs above the stone can also cleanse it. You can try different ways till you find one that matches your personality.

If you do not want to cleanse the stone without water, you can place it under the water for a short time. We recommend that you avoid salt water in all cases.

How to Clean Black Tourmaline

You can clean the stone without putting it in water for a long time. You can run some water on the crystal to make it wet.

You can use a dry cloth to buff the stone surface. You can clean all the dirt from the stone without harming it.

Using soap and water to clean the stone is also suitable. We aim to prevent the water from going into the cracks while cleaning it.

Use Crystal Infused Water

You already know that tourmaline has many metal elements. When you soak it in the water to make crystal water, these metal atoms also leech into the solution.

It can cause toxicity to humans. You must avoid it because the water will also damage the crystal structure. Experts recommend putting the stone above the container with water.

The power of the stone will cleanse the water from a distance also. Soaking in water for a long time is unsuitable for you and the stone.

To Summarize: Can Black Tourmaline Go in Water

  • We do not recommend soaking the stone in water in any case. You should not do it for cleaning or cleansing.
  • You can only put it in the water for a long time when you have asked experts to test it in the lab. If you got a report that the stone does not have any harmful chemicals and you do not care about losing the stone, there is no issue soaking it in water.
  • If you care about your health and do not want to lose the precious stone, putting it in the water is unsuitable.