Can Bloodstone Go in Water?

Can Bloodstone Go in Water

Bloodstone is an excellent stone to enhance endurance and physical strength. Athletes can use it to enhance their sports performance. The red markings on the surface appear like fresh blood spots.

It is the reason for naming it bloodstone. People ask can Bloodstone go in the water because they want to improve care for their bloodstone. We will guide you about Bloodstone resistance to water, salt water, and moon water.

Can Bloodstone Go in Water?

Bloodstone can go in the water because it has a hardness score of 6 to 7 on the Moh hardness scale. It is not soluble in water.

Low solubility also enhances the water resistance of the Bloodstone.

It consists of quartz crystals with specific impurities to give it peculiar color.

It is hard to scratch or chip the surface of a Bloodstone.

This property also helps the stone resist water damage.

How Does Water Affect Bloodstone?

  • There are no issues in placing the Bloodstone in water for a short time. You may face problems when you place the bloodstone in water for a long time. Experts avoid putting bloodstones in the water bath for a long time.
  • There are some small cracks on the stone’s surface. Water can enter these cracks when you soak Bloodstone in water for a long time. It can reduce stone’s durability.
  • The red streak that looks like blood in the Bloodstone form due to iron in the stone. If you put this stone in water for a long time, oxygen can react with the iron in the bloodstone and oxidize it. The color of the Bloodstone will change due to the production of rust in the crystal.
  • It is better to prevent rust formation because it is hard to remove rust from the Bloodstone surface. Cutting the stone is the only way to remove the rusty part of the stone.
  • You can distribute washing time equally by washing the Bloodstone with water and soap every week. People care for the Bloodstone better when they learn accurate, caring techniques for these stones.
  • Rust can make the stone’s surface dull because it will interfere with the polishing agents of the crystal surface.

Can Bloodstone Go in Moon Water?

Moonlight has cleansing power.

Experts recommend buying stones at the time of the full moon.

A full moon comes on the fourteenth day of the lunar cycle.

They believe buying the crystal at the full moon purifies crystals during the buying time.

There are two ways to get benefits of the cleansing powers of moonlight.

You can place the bloodstone outside in the moonlight for an entire night.

It will help in the removal of all negative energies from the Bloodstone.

You can also put the Bloodstone in the water bowl and put it in the moonlight for the entire night.

You can wait for the full moon on the 14th day of the lunar cycle to enjoy the benefits.

It is better to dry the Bloodstone early in the morning by removing it from the moon water.

Can Bloodstone Go in Saltwater?

Bloodstone can go in Saltwater because it can resist damage from the sodium chloride and water solution.

It is better to find Saltwater from natural sources.

Oceans are an excellent source of natural salt water.

You can take some water from the ocean and put it into a bowl.

You can submerge the Bloodstone in the bowl for a few hours to remove negative energies from the Bloodstone.

You can put a tablespoon of salt in the tap water to make the saltwater if you cannot find the ocean near your home.

Synthetic salt water also does the job but takes more time to remove the negative energies from the crystal.

You can put the Bloodstone in a container containing salt water.

The salt solution is perfect for vacuuming out the negative energies.

Drying is also crucial in this case to prevent rust formation.

You can dry the bloodstone before storing it if you put it in salt water.

Can Bloodstone Go Under Running Water?

Bloodstone can go in running water because it will resist the damage from the running water.

It is better to find a natural water source to cleanse the crystals.

A river or stream is perfect for cleansing because it has running water from natural sources.

Streams and rivers can cleanse the Bloodstone with high levels of negative energies.

Water will absorb negative energy from the Bloodstone and take it to the vast water reserves in the rivers and streams.

It also dilutes the negative energy and does not harm any other living being.

Some use tap water to remove the negative energy from the Bloodstone.

You can place the Bloodstone under the running tap water for a minute to cleanse it.

Can Bloodstone Go in the Sunlight?

Bloodstones can go in sunlight without damage to the crystal integrity.

You should not use the moonlight and sunlight on the same day.

It is better to use moonlight and sunlight energy at specific periods.

Moonlight will cleanse the Bloodstone when you place it in the water.

It is not the case with sunlight as you must fix the Bloodstone on dry soil to gather the sunlight energy.

You can make a stand with the soil and place Bloodstone on it under the sunlight.

The next step is to keep the Bloodstone there for a few hours.

It should cleanse the Bloodstone from negative energy.

It also charges the Bloodstone with positive energy.

How Can You Purify Bloodstone Crystal?

  • When you buy it, it is better to cleanse the Bloodstone for the first time. It is a perfect way to start your relationship with the bloodstone crystal. You can also cleanse the Bloodstone anytime you feel low. It can be due to the blockage of energy from the Bloodstone.
  • Bloodstone specializes in protecting the owner of the stone. You will get maximum benefits from removing negative energy from the Bloodstone.
  • Most experts avoid putting soap or detergent on the Bloodstone. Fresh water is better to remove the negative energy from the Bloodstone as the detergent can damage its surface.
  • You can place it on a large piece of Quartz because large Quartz crystals can help remove the negative energies from the Bloodstone.
  • You can put the Bloodstone in the brown rice for a few hours. Brown rice will absorb negative vibes from the Bloodstone. You should not eat from this bowl of rice after placing Bloodstone in it.

Can You Drink Bloodstone-Infused Water?

Bloodstone is a stable crystal because it can resist water damage.

You can drink Bloodstone-infused water because it does not have toxic elements.

You can start the process of making Bloodstone-infused water by putting the stone inside mineral water for two hours.

It is better to cleanse the stone before doing it.

You can make tea from this water or spray it on your face for younger-looking skin.

What Are the Healing Properties of Bloodstone Crystal?

  • Bloodstones can detoxify your body from negative vibrations. People have used it for thousands of years due to its therapeutic properties.
  • It will help more energy flow in your body to increase your physical strength.
  • You can realign your body energy and enhance chakras by keeping this stone with you. It also improves the health of many body organs.

To Summarize: Can Bloodstone Go in Water

Answering can Bloodstone go in the water is easy because it is not a complicated stone.

You have to remember some points to improve your Bloodstone caring skills.

  • You can place the Bloodstone underwater or put it in a water container for cleansing without crystal damage.
  • Saltwater and Moonwater are excellent sources for cleansing Bloodstones.
  • Moonlight and sunlight can cleanse bloodstones with different mechanisms.
  • It is safe to drink Bloodstone-infused water.
  • Running water from natural sources can help you cleanse the Bloodstone with high levels of negative vibes.