Can Fluorite Go in Water?

Can Fluorite Go in Water

Fluorite is available in the green shade in nature most of the time. It usually has a purple tone. Most of these crystals have a high level of transparency.

Fluorite is famous for its healing properties. It can help you cure different diseases.

People ask can Fluorite go in the water because putting crystals in water is one of the ways to remove negative energies.

Can Fluorite Go in Water?

It is safe to put Fluorite in water for a short time. Putting it in water for a long time can damage the crystal structure because Fluorite has a low hardness score.

The minerals should have a hardness score of more than 6 on the Moh hardness scale to resist the effects of water for a long time.

All the minerals below this hardness level are soft and cannot resist water for a long time.

Fluorite has a hardness score of four on the Moh hardness scale.

It does not resist water for a long time.

Putting Fluorite in water frequently will also reduce its durability.

Some minerals cannot resist water damage for a short time.

Selenite is one of these minerals.

You can also not put water on the Selenite surface for a short time.

Halite is also an example of a mineral with high water solubility.

Fluorite does not have such properties as it can resist water for a short time.

Crystal surface damage can affect its healing properties.

Can You Cleanse Fluorite in Water?

Most experts recommend not putting Fluorite in the water for a long time.

You can use water to cleanse the Fluorite crystals for a short time.

Cleansing can help you keep the Fluorite crystals shiny.

It can also remove the negative energy from the Fluorite crystals.

You need to understand two aspects of the healing properties of Fluorite.

One aspect is learning about the benefits of using Flourite.

The other aspect is applying this knowledge in your life to get maximum benefits from the Fluorite.

One way to cleanse the Fluorite is with a wet cloth as it can also remove the negative energy from the Fluorite crystals.

Drying is an essential part of Fluorite cleansing.

Removing water from the Flourite will protect its surface.

Can Fluorite Go in Moon Water?

You cannot use moon water to cleanse the Fluorite because putting this stone in water for a long time will damage the crystal structure.

Most practitioners recommend putting crystals in the water and placing them in the moonlight the entire night to get maximum cleansing effects.

Moonlight and Sunlight can charge different types of crystals.

Moonlight is better for crystals with feminine properties.

You must consider the duration if you plan to put the Fluorite in the moon water.

The safe time to put the Fluorite in the water is less than one hour.

It is not enough to cleanse the Fluorite of the negative energies.

It is better to cleanse and charge your Fluorite with the female energy with the direct moonlight without the water.

Moon has different levels of energy on various days of the lunar cycle.

The fourteenth day of the lunar cycle is most suitable for Flourite charging.

Moon has maximum healing energy and positive vibrations on this day.

It is better to place your Fluorite crystals in the moonlight once every month.

You can avoid placing the Fluorite outdoors in the winter as dew can accumulate on the crystal’s surface.

It can damage the Fluorite stone and make its surface dull as it will stay with the crystal for a long time.

Can Fluorite Go in Saltwater?

  • Flourite cannot go in Saltwater because saltwater will react with the Fluorite surface to make a toxic solution. Flourite is famous for its shiny surface. If you put the Flourite in salt water, it may lose its shine. You cannot drink the solution of Fluorite and saltwater due to its toxic components.
  • Flourite will lose its mass due to damage from the Saltwater solution. It is due to the chloride in the saltwater solution. Fluorite has a chemical formula of Calcium Fluoride. This compound is susceptible to saltwater damage.
  • Some trace components in the Fluorite make it more susceptible to saltwater damage. If these components come in contact with the saltwater, they may change color. You may see an irregular shade on the Fluorite after putting it in saltwater.
  • You may increase the surface permeability of the Fluorite by putting it in saltwater because saltwater will damage the surface.
  • There are some small crevices on the Fluorite surface. You cannot see these crevices due to their small size. Saltwater can increase the crevices size increase due to erosional forces.

Can Fluorite Go in the Bathwater?

Fluorite cannot go in the Bathwater because bathwater can damage the stone’s surface.

Some crystals can resist water damage.

These crystals have a high hardness score.

Quartz has a high hardness score as it can resist water damage.

Flourite is unlike Quartz because it does not resist water damage for a long time.

Putting Fluorite in bathwater can also affect your skin.

It can cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin.

Water can also become toxic if you put Fluorite in it for a long time.

It is better to place the Fluorite in the corner of your bathroom instead of putting it in water.

It will also give you positive effects of the Fluorite.

Is Fluorite-Infused Water Safe to Drink?

Some crystals are safe to put in water because they do not produce toxic chemicals.

It is not the case with Fluorite.

You cannot put Fluorite in water as it will make toxic chemicals in the drinking water.

Some suggest that you mix some portion of the crystal-infused water in the drinking water to increase the water’s healing abilities.

You cannot do it with the Fluorite infused water as it has toxic components in high concentration.

The impurities from the Fluorite-infused water can stay in your body for a long time and produce long-term side effects.

How Can You Charge and Purify Fluorite Precious Stone?

Every crystal can have a different way of charging it with positive energy.

The charging method depends on the type of crystal and the personality of the person using it.

People using crystal every day should cleanse it more often.

You may have to charge it for a long time if using it every day.

You cannot put Fluorite in water because it can damage due to water erosion.

Smudging is a better option to cleanse the Fluorite.

Smudging involves putting Fluorite crystals under the smoke of a natural herb.

Putting it in the moonlight is another way to cleanse the crystal.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Fluorite Solution?

You can increase energy harmony in your body with crystal solutions that are safe for the human body.

Crystal solutions can give you many healing benefits.

You cannot make a Fluorite solution with the direct contact method as it will produce toxic compounds in the water.

You can use the indirect method to make the Fluorite solution.

  1. You can take one glass container and put Fluorite stone in it. The container should not allow water to enter it.
  2. You have to get another container of a larger size and fill it with clean water.
  3. You can put the small container in the center of the water-filled container.
  4. Putting these containers in the moonlight will allow more energy transfer between the crystal and water.

To Summarize: Can Fluorite Go in Water

Many ask can Fluorite go in the water because they want to protect their crystal from all types of damage.

You can keep these points in mind to prevent Fluorite crystal damage.

  • Because of the low hardness score, you cannot put Fluorite in water for a long time.
  • Saltwater is more damaging to Fluorite.
  • Bathwater and Moonwater also damage the Fluorite if you put it in water for a long time.
  • You can use the indirect method to make crystal-infused water from Fluorite.

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