Can Garnet Go in Water?

Can Garnet Go in Water

People use Garnet to regulate blood flow in their bodies. It can reduce inflammation in your body. Many practitioners recommend putting crystals to cleanse negative energies.

People ask can Garnet go in the water because they want to put their Garnet stones in the water for cleansing. We will discuss can different aspects of Garnet resisting water damage.

Can Garnet Go in Water?

Yes, Garnet can go in the water because it has a hardness score of 6.5 to 7.5 on the Moh hardness scale.

You cannot place it in the water for days because water can enter small cracks on the garnet surface and reduce the stone’s durability.

There are different types of Garnet stones.

Experts categorize them based on hardness and impurities that give peculiar colors to the Garnet stones.

Pyrope and tsavorite are examples of hard Garnet crystals.

They have a hardness score above 7.

Demantoid has a hardness score lower than 7 on the Moh hardness scale.

People put the Garnet in a stream or mineral water to remove negative energies and recharge the crystal.

You can remove the Garnet after washing and dry it with a soft cloth to protect the stone’s integrity.

Can Garnet Go to the Bathwater?

There are no issues in placing the Garnet in bathwater because it can resist water damage for a few hours.

If you plan to place the Garnet in bathwater permanently, we recommend against it.

Garnet is a hard stone to resist water damage for a short time.

Stones with the highest hardness score can also suffer water damage when placed in water for a long time.

It is due to water entering cracks on the stone’s surface.

These are tiny cracks that you cannot see with your naked eyes.

How does a Garnet react if it is submerged in water for a long time?

  • Your garnet stone will not look the same when you submerge it for a prolonged time in the water. You will see changes in Garnet’s outside coloration and shine. Water can also damage the edges of the stone to affect the stone’s shape.
  • Water will make the garnet dull by removing polishing material from the surface. You may also see a yellow tint on the surface after submerging the Garnet in water for a long time.
  • It is safe to put the Garnet in water due to the high hardness score but water damage when you submerge stones for a long time.

Can Garnet Go in the Moonwater?

You can put the Garnet in Moonwater for cleansing because of the water resistance of Garnet and the intense cleansing powers of moonlight.

You can allow Garnet to sit in the moon water for the entire night to enhance its healing powers.

Direct moonlight can cleanse the Garnet and fill it with positive energy.

You can place it in the water and keep it in Moonlight for the entire night for high-level cleansing.

You can wait for the fourteenth day of the lunar cycle to get maximum benefits because the full moon has more positive energy.

Can Garnet Go into Saltwater?

Garnet can go into Saltwater because Garnet does not have reactive chemicals.

It does not react with the salt in the saltwater.

It is better to avoid exposing your Garnet stones to the harsh elements of nature.

Saltwater and direct sunlight are some of the harsh cleansing elements of nature.

Only prolonged exposure to these things will affect the stone.

You may see changes in a few months.

Can We Drink Garnet Crystal-Infused Water?

Most experts avoid drinking Garnet-infused water because it has a high level of Aluminum in its crystal structure.

Aluminum can enter the water during the soaking process as it leaves the Garnet crystals.

It is unsafe to drink this water because Aluminum is a heavy metal.

It can enter the human body and produce harmful effects.

Using Garnet-infused water for a long time may cause allergic reactions or damage your organs.

Is Garnet Porous Crystal?

Garnet stones are not porous crystals because you will not see any pores on the surface of the crystal with the naked eyes.

The most effective way to clean the garnet is by water containing soap.

It will take more time to dry the water from the garnet.

Some prefer cleaning garnet crystals with isopropyl alcohol.

It is better to avoid using harsh agents to clean the Garnet crystals.

Steam can scratch the Garnet surface or make cracks in them.

Scratches can make the Garnet unattractive and reduce the value of the stone.

How to Cleanse Your Garnet?

  • Garnet will show maximum healing strength when you cleanse it often. Cleansing will ensure there is no negative energy to block Garnet from producing its beneficial effects.
  • Garnet can collect negative energy from the wearer because it does not allow negative energy to reach the person wearing it. Regular cleansing will ensure it has more space to keep the negative energy to prevent this energy from reaching the wearer.
  • You can put some water with soap on the surface of the Garnet to remove dirt and grime from the Garnet surface.
  • Hot water is unsuitable for the Garnet because it is a warm stone. Using hot water can increase the heat of the Garnet and make it hard to carry the stone.
  • A cluster of cleansing stones can help cleanse the Garnet without damaging the crystal structure. You can place the Garnet on these crystals for cleansing.

How to Charge Garnet?

You can put the Garnet under water for three minutes to charge the crystal.

It is better to use water from natural sources.

You can also use tap water if there are no streams or rivers nearby.

Moonlight will also help charge the garnet crystals.

This crystal will charge faster than other crystals because of its warm nature.

Can Garnet Go in Sunlight?

Garnet can lose color when you put it in the sunlight for a long time.

It is due to UV-sensitive chemicals in the Garnet.

Some suggest that you avoid placing Garnet in the chemical solutions because it can also fade the Garnet color.

The second reason to avoid placing the Garnet in the sunlight is the warmth of the sunlight.

You should not increase the warmth of the Garnet to avoid intense effects from this stone.

What Are the Advantages of a Garnet Crystal?

  • Red garnet is excellent for enhancing reproductive health. It will also increase your inner energy.
  • You can stick to your commitments and make better decisions with the help of Garnet crystals.
  • People carry Garnet during traveling because it protects you from traveling dangers.
  • You can also prevent depression and avert nightmares with garnet crystals.
  • People with negative emotions should use the Garnet because it will increase positivity in their life by helping them control emotions.
  • Garnet is in high demand because of its many healing properties.
  • Garnet is a divine gemstone because it is known for hidden astrological powers. Some suggest wearing specific Garnet according to your Zodiac sign. Some may take expert help selecting the Garnet.
  • You can avoid injuries during sports with Garnet as it stops injuries to all external body parts.

To Summarize: Can Garnet Go in the Water

If you do not know about the water resistance of Garnet, you can start by finding the answer to the question, can Garnet go in the water.

Some of these points can help you find information.

  • Garnet has a high hardness score on the Moh hardness scale. It can resist water damage.
  • Garnet can resist damage from Saltwater, Bathwater, and Moonwater.
  • It is unhealthy to drink Garnet-infused water due to the high Aluminum concentration in Garnet crystals.
  • Sunlight can fade the Garnet color due to sensitivity to UV rays.
  • Charging Garnet crystals will help in enhancing healing effects.
  • Submerging Garnet in water for a long time will damage its crystal structure.