Can Howlite Go in Water?

Can Howlite Go in Water

You can put the howlite in the water for a short time. It is unsuitable to put howlite in the water for long because it belongs to the borate crystal class.

You can answer the question of can howlite go in water when you know about its physical and chemical characteristics.

We will discuss different aspects of the water-resistance of this mineral to help you care for it better.

So, Can Howlite Go in Water?

Howlite can go in the water because it is one of the few borate crystals that can resist water damage for a short time.

Howlite should not touch the water for more than a few minutes because water can break the surface structure to penetrate deep into the mineral.

The water will widen the cracks fast when the top layer is gone. It will make the mineral brittle.

The crystal will break with a little force when it becomes brittle.

Howlite History Overview

Scientists in Nova Scotia discovered a new stone in 1868.

The stone had a cloudy appearance and borate-like chemical composition.

They called it Silicoborocalcite at that time.

The name was based on the chemical composition of the rock. It was not a famous mineral at that time.

People came to know it due to the efforts of a geologist known as James Dana.

He renamed it howlite. The name was derived from the howl of a snow leopard with the same color as the stone.

You may not find it in the market by this name.

People call it Sacrad Buffalo, White Buffalo, and Kaolinite in different parts of the world.

You can find it at different places on the earth. Nevada, California, Russia, Germany, and Canada have these crystals in abundant quantities.

You can find these crystals in the groups. There is a centerpiece, and all other crystals emerge from that base.

What Are Howlite’s Physical Properties?

You can distinguish Howlite from others by gray or black veins running through the crystal.

You can clearly see these veins in the stone due to its translucent nature.

The veins are also visible due to the crystal’s chalky white color.

This mineral belongs to the borate anion mineral class.

It is similar to the hard crystals made of silica.

Home decor is the most frequent use for this mineral because it is available in the cluster crystal form.

Some people use it in raw form.

You can use it in jewelry and carving art pieces also.

It is hard to extract this stone from the ground because resins may cover it.

When the resins cover it, you cannot make a faceted stone from it.

People try to make a fake howlite to sell in the market.

There is also a chance that people may sell you howlite by some other name to make a profit because it is not an expensive stone.

It will change the color easily because it has a porous structure.

You should get the stones from a trusted dealer because they will tell you about the stone’s authenticity.

What Are Howlite’s Metaphysical Properties?

Most practitioners call Howlite the stone of tranquility. There are many reasons for this name.

You can relax in times of anxiety if you have this stone with you.

Howlite will also reduce the stressful feeling by improving your mood.

There is a specialized energy circle around your body. It is known as the chakra.

Howlite enhances the crown chakra. You will fill more optimistic when you have howlite.

It will also help you think better because it promotes open-mindedness.

You can also control the negative energies using this stone.

People with anger management issues can keep howlite to control the situation.

People who cannot achieve their goals due to impatience should keep this stone with them.

Howlite will control impatience to help you achieve your goals.

Why Is It Safe to Put Howlite in Water?

It is safe to put howlite in water for a few minutes because it is an exceptional stone due to its water resistance.

All the other members of the borate class are water-soluble.

You can put the boracite and howlite in the water for short period because they do not dissolve in water readily.

There is a scale to check the hardness. It is known as the Moh hardness scale.

A material can score from 1 to 10 based on the hardness of the stone.

When a material scores 10, it has the highest hardness level.

The stone should have a hardness score of more than 5 to resist water for a long time.

Howlite has a hardness score of 2.5 to 3.5. It means that putting it in the water is disastrous for your stone.

If you place it in the water for a few hours, the stone will dissolve in the water.

How to Care for Howlite Stone?

Howlite is a fragile stone. You should not wear howlite jewelry if you are exercising or playing.

If something strikes this stone, it may break apart.

You cannot put it in the storage box without a protective cover.

You can use a foam-coated box to keep the jewelry made of howlite.

You can also wrap a paper on it before storing it.

It will protect the howlite from any damages.

You can also remove the negative energies from the howlite by cleansing.

It is better to cleanse it with meditation or moonlight.

You can also use water for a few seconds to cleanse the crystal.

Keeping it in water for a long time will dissolve the crystal.

To Summarize Can Howlite Go in Water

  • You cannot use acids and harsh liquids on howlite because they will reduce the integrity.
  • Timing the water contact is the most crucial aspect of caring for the stone. You can start your timer when you put the stone in water.
  • It is crucial to take it out within a minute to prevent structural damage.
  • When someone asks can howlite go in water, you can tell about the timing factor.
  • It is easy to scratch the howlite.
  • You need to protect it from all materials.