Can Iolite Go in Water?

Can Iolite Go in Water

If you want to motivate yourself or prevent disorientation in your life, you can carry an Iolite crystal. Most Iolite crystals come in blue to violet colors.

People ask can Iolite go in water because they want to cleanse this stone often. Cleansing with water, Saltwater, and Moonwater is one of the most effective ways to cleanse the stone from negative energies.

Can Iolite Go in Water?

Iolite can go in the water for a short time because it has a hardness score of 5 to 7 on the Moh hardness scale.

Most people think they can keep Iolite in the water for a long time.

It is not true because it cannot resist water damage for a long time.

If you keep your Iolite crystal in water for a long time, it may lose crystal content in the water.

It will cause a reduction in the Iolite weight.

You will reduce the Iolite durability every time you submerge it in water.

It is due to small cracks on the Iolite surface.

You cannot see these cracks as they are very small.

It is possible to see them with a microscope or other magnifying device.

Water can enter these cracks when you keep the crystal in water for a long time.

Water will widen these cracks with the process of erosion.

The durability of the crystal reduces with the crack widening.

You may lose a large mass of your crystal or break with a little force due to long water submersion.

It is better to avoid placing it in the water for a long time.

Can Iolite Go in Bathwater?

It is unsuitable to put the Iolite in Bathwater because of its low hardness and toxicity.

Crystals can enhance your bathing experience as they help you relax ad remove negative energies from the bath water.

You can only place a crystal in bathwater when it resists water and physical damage.

It should not leak any harmful substances into the water after putting in water for a long time.

Iolite does not fulfill any of these criteria.

It cannot resist water damage for a long time.

Iolite has a high concentration of Aluminum in the crystal structure.

It can release this heavy metal into the water when you keep it there for a long time.

Can Iolite Go in Saltwater?

You cannot put Iolite in the Saltwater because it can damage the crystal’s surface.

Some Iolite crystals can have a hardness score of 5 on the Moh hardness scale.

Most crystals should have a hardness score of more than 5 to resist water damage.

It is better to have a higher hardness score to resist damage from the Saltwater.

Salt is an excellent compound to remove the negative energies from the crystals.

It acts like a magnet for the negative energy.

Saltwater works the same. It has higher intensity cleansing powers due to the salt component.

When you submerge the crystal in salt water, it will lose all negative energy in the Saltwater.

You charge your crystal with the positive energy after that.

Some crystals cannot resist Saltwater damage.

Iolite is one of them because Saltwater will damage its surface.

Most practitioners suggest using non-contact methods to remove negative energies.

You can place the crystal in a bag of natural materials.

The next step is to place this bag above salt to remove all negative energies.

It is also suitable to place the Iolite crystal in a glass container and place it above the saltwater.

It also works perfectly to remove the negative energies from the Iolite crystals without crystal damage.

Can Iolite Go in Moonwater?

You cannot put the Iolite crystals in Moonwater for a long time; it will work the same way tap water damages the Iolite crystals.

Moonlight can cleanse a crystal by removing negative energy from it.

Negative energy can block the healing effects of a crystal.

Putting crystal in the water and placing this setup in the moonlight will help you remove all the negative energies from the system.

You cannot follow the same procedure for the Iolite because it cannot resist water damage.

You can put the Iolite crystals near the water and allow moonlight to touch both items simultaneously to allow more energy transfer.

What Rituals Can We Perform Iolite in Moon Water?

You can do some rituals with the moon water produced by the Iolite with the non-contact method.

  1. Cleansing the Crystal. You can start the ritual by cleansing the crystal with ocean water. You can run ocean water on the crystal for a few seconds to cleanse it. Tap water can also work to remove negative energies.
  2. Placing Iolite in Moonlight. After washing the Iolite crystal, you can dry it with a soft cloth. It is also suitable to place it in dry air. You can put the Iolite in the moonlight for the entire night.
  3. Crystal Collection. In the final stage, you can pick up the crystal early in the morning to avoid exposure to the sun. Intense sunlight can produce negative effects on the healing energies of some crystals.

Is It Safe to Drink Iolite-Infused Water?

You cannot drink Iolite-infused water because some parts of the Iolite crystals can dissolve in the water.

It can change the water chemistry and make it unsafe for human consumption.

Aluminum is the most crucial element in Iolite.

It can leak into the water while making Iolite-infused water to make water toxic.

The non-contact method to make the Iolite-infused water will help you make crystal-infused water without causing harmful effects.

You can put the crystal above mineral water in a glass container to allow energy exchange.

This method has no fear of crystal damage and harm to health.

Can Iolite Go in the Sunlight?

Iolite has excellent natural color.

It is due to trace minerals and impurities in the crystal structure.

Putting Iolite in the sunlight for a long time will fade its color to make the crystal more transparent and colorless.

Sunlight is perfect for some crystals that can resist sunlight damage.

You can change these crystals with intense healing energies.

It is not the case with Iolite because it does not resist sunlight damage.

The heat from the sunlight can also damage the crystal by making cracks on its surface.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Iolite Crystal?

  • Putting Iolite in water for a long time will damage the crystal. You can put the Iolite in water for less than a few minutes and clean it with a dry cloth.
  • It is unsuitable to use boiling water to remove impurities from the crystal because it will also damage its crystal structure.
  • The best way to remove the dirt from the Iolite surface is by soap and water. Soap water will remove most dirt from the surface. You can dry it with soft fabric after cleaning.
  • You can rinse the Iolite under water after cleaning with soap to remove soap residue.

Is it Safe to Expose Iolite to Water Like it is for Clear Quartz in the Sun?

Iolite should not be exposed to water, as it is not safe like clear quartz in sun. Iolite is sensitive to moisture and can become damaged when in contact with water. Unlike clear quartz, which can safely be left in the sun, iolite should be kept dry to preserve its integrity.

What Are the Healing Properties of Iolite Crystal?

  1. Iolite is famous for restoring energy because it can help avoid confusing situations.
  2. You can stay relaxed in the most frustrating situations when you have Iolite.
  3. Iolite can enhance your creativity by allowing your mind to focus on the details.
  4. People scared of the unknown keep Iolite with them because this stone gives them confidence.

To Summarize: Can Iolite Go in Water

Many ask can Iolite go in water because they do not want to damage the stone giving them the confidence to live without fear.

Keeping these points in mind will help care for Iolite better.

  • Putting Iolite crystals in water for a long time may damage the crystal structure.
  • Iolite cannot resist damage from Saltwater.
  • You can suffer from allergic reactions or toxicity if you put Iolite in the bathwater.
  • The Iolite-infused water made with a non-contact method is safe to drink.