Can Jadeite Go in Water?

Can Jadeite Go in Water

Jadeite is one of the hardest stones with a high level of stability.

When someone asks can jadeite go in water, you can answer yes because it has a high hardness score and low solubility in water. Make sure there is no chlorine in the water and don’t put it in very hot water to avoid any breaking down of the crystal.

It does not mean that you can handle it with carelessness. We will discuss many parameters of this crystal to give you information to care for it.

What Is Jadeite Gemstone?

The word Jadeite came from the jade as it is the name for most hard and rare gemstones. The other type of Jade, still which is a bit less valuable, is called Nephrite. Jadeite is one of the most expensive gemstones.

People have been using the jadeite to make ornaments and gemstones for thousands of years. This gem is hard because the smaller crystals are together with a strong binding force.

These crystals have a hardness of 6 to 6.8 on the Moh hardness scale. This crystal consists of a silicate base with some aluminum and sodium. The people of China used this stone to show royalty.

As all collectors want to get one of these gems in their collection, the price is high. It is harder to get this stone due to less availability and high rate.

The Many Colors of Jadeite

You can get Jadeite in many colors as its color depends on the quantities of chromium, manganese, and iron. You can find Jadeite in purple, red, and brown colors also. People do not value these colors of Jadeite.

People like to collect dark green Jadite because it is the rarest crystal. The value of all the green shades of this crystal is high. If the piece has no cracks and a darker shade, you will get a higher price.

You may have to pay thousands of dollars to get a small crystal of jadeite. You can also get this stone in different translucencies. Some are more translucent and give an excellent look.

It is also possible that you will find some transparent jadeite crystals. When the crystal has a high iron level, it will show a yellow to brown color.

What May Happen If I Put Jadeite in Water?

When you immerse the Jadeite piece in water, it will reduce its durability. It is a hard stone, and people think they can put it in water for a long time. This is not true, as putting it in water for a long time will damage your jadeite.

It is an expensive crystal, and taking risks is unsuitable. It may not break when you put it in water. It can change color due to the impurities in the water.

If you put it in the water with chlorine, the surface will become rough due to the chemical reaction on the surface. If you have a Jadeite crystal, you should not carry it to the pool water as it has chlorine.

Salt water will also erode the surface making it less shiny. There are some small cracks on the surface of all crystals. These cracks can hold water to increase the crack width.

You should avoid this situation by drying the crystal in the air for a long time.

Most Asked Questions about Jadeite (FAQs)

When someone asks can jadeite go in water, you can give these pieces of information to them to show your knowledge.

  • The expensive jadeite and the cheaper nephrite have the same class of gemstones. They are known as jade.
  • Jadeite and nephrite are hard crystals that you can use to make different ornaments. People have been using them for thousands of years to make valuable ornaments.
  • An inexperienced person cannot carve this stone because only experts can carve it using diamond tips. Experts can make the most valuable ornaments with jadeite.
  • Most rock collectors keep one jadeite crystal in their collection as it shows the collector’s interest in the rare gems.
  • People have been using it for thousands of years. You can also use it for healing and rituals. 
  • People used to buy things using the barter system in the past.
  • You should get the semitransparent crystal because the crystal glows. The glowy appearance enhances the crystal value.
  • You should find the crystal with uniform color because the crystal with cloud-like patches has a low value in the market.

Let鈥檚 Dive into the History of Jadeite

China has been the center of jadeite mining due to its importance to the royal family. People only used it for gemstones in the stone age. They made mesmerizing pieces of artwork later.

It was known as the YU. It means the gem of the royal family. It was used to make artwork for the royal families. People collect them to show their royal status. People found the jadeite on the archeological sites.

People made buttons and beads from this stone. People place the jadeite to heal the pain in the body. You will get the most beneficial effects when you have back pain.

You can get rid of the back pain and kidney pain by placing the crystal on your side. Spanish people use the same healing properties of the stone.

They call it the stone of the side. It means that Spanish people also found kidney and back pain removal effects from this stone.

They have been using them for a long time. You can also solve kidney problems by placing them on your sides.

To Summarize: Can Jadeite Go in Water?

  • The jadeite is insoluble in the water due to its high hardness levels. You can place it in water to wash it for a short time.
  • Placing it for longer will damage the crystal structure. You can answer can jadeite go in water easily when you know about all the characteristics of the jadeite.
  • You need to stay careful about the water that has salt or chlorine. These solutions can change the water properties and lead to crystal damage.
  • You should only use warm water with some soap to clean the jadeite.
  • If you have a large piece, you should get the services of any crystal polishing service. It will help you avoid crystal damage. You may lose thousands of dollars if cracks appear on the crystal.