Can Kunzite Go in Water?

Can Kunzite Go in Water

Kunzite is an excellent stone to help you make your life peaceful and find love. The purple color of the Kunzite stone makes it a jewelry gemstone. Manganese is responsible for the Kunzite’s unique color.

Many ask can Kunzite go in the water because they want to avoid water damage to the stone. We will also discuss Kunzite’s ability to resist water damage from Saltwater, Moonwater, and Bathwater.

Can Kunzite Go in Water?

Kunzite can go in water because it can resist water damage.

The crystal should have a hardness score of more than five to resist water damage.

Kunzite crystals can have a hardness score of 6.5 to 7 on the Moh hardness scale.

It indicates the Kunzite crystal will resist water damage.

You cannot put the Kunzite in water for a long time because all crystals with high hardness scores can suffer from water damage when kept in water for a long.

Water uses erosional forces to remove the inner surface of the cracks on the crystal surface.

Kunzite crystals have small cracks on the surface.

You can only see these cracks by placing the Kunzite under a microscope.

Some cracks are at the molecular level.

Water can enter these cracks due to wide small molecular size.

It will remove the inner surface to widen the cracks.

The crack widening will result in the reduction of crystal durability.

Some crystals can have iron impurities inside the crystal structure.

Putting in water for a long time will oxidize the iron atoms to give a brownish tint to the crystal.

Can Kunzite Go in Moonwater?

Most experts recommend using the indirect method to make moon water from the Kunzite.

Moonwater is an excellent source of positive vibrations.

You can collect the Kunzite’s positive energy into the moon water by placing the water in the moonlight with the Kunzite.

You can follow some simple steps to make the moon water.

  • Moonwater is made by placing some water in the moonlight overnight with a healing crystal. The increase in the healing effects is due to the effects of the moon on water. It works the same way the full moon produces tides in oceans.
  • If you have a crystal that can resist water damage, you should put it in the water. If it cannot resist water, placing a crystal near water will produce the same healing effects in Moonwater.
  • The positive energy from the moonlight will cleanse the Kunzite of negative energy and charge with high-intensity positive energy.
  • Kunzite cannot resist water damage for the entire night. You can place the Kunzite in the moonlight near the water. Kunzite will transfer its positive vibrations to the moon water to produce more healing effects.
  • Charging your Kunzite crystal in the moonlight will help you cleanse all negative energy from the crystal.

Can Kunzite Go in Saltwater?

Kunzite cannot go in the saltwater because sodium and chloride can enter the porous structure of the Kunzite to reduce its durability.

Crystals can accumulate negative energy when you use them frequently.

Crystals protect you from negative energies. Salt is a magnet for negative energies.

If you put the crystal on some salt, the salt will remove most of the negative energy.

It is essential to dispose of this salt in the sink to avoid getting negative energy back in your life.

Saltwater can act the same way by removing the negative energy from your life.

You can also get the lack of saltwater resistance hint from the crystal’s name.

When a crystal has ITE at the end of the crystal’s name, it does not resist saltwater damage.

The other reason to avoid putting Kunzite in saltwater is its high porosity.

Saltwater can enter the Kunzite crystal’s cracks.

Salt can accumulate in these cracks as water evaporate.

It will apply force on the crack’s walls to grow apart and decrease the crystal’s durability.

Putting the Kunzite on salt is the better way to remove negative energy from it.

It can enhance the Kunzite healing forces.

Can Kunzite Go in Bathwater?

You cannot put Kunzite in the Bathwater because it does not resist water damage for a long time.

A crystal cannot resist water damage if it contains different loosely attached minerals.

You should not put these crystals in the Bathwater.

It is also unsuitable to put toxic compound-releasing crystals in the Bathwater.

Your skin may contact the components of the crystal that dissolve in the bathwater.

These components are harmless most of the time.

Some of them can damage your skin or cause severe allergic reactions.

There is no need to put Kunzite in the bathwater because it increases the chances of harm to a person’s health.

Crystal can also break into pieces if it has a low hardness score.

It is due to the crystal’s physical pressure while you batheth.

Is It Safe to Drink Kunzite-Infused Water?

Kunzite has a high Aluminum concentration.

You cannot drink Kunzite-infused water made with the direct contact method.

Before making the crystal-infused water, it is crucial to ensure the stone does not have harmful substances in the crystal structure.

You can make the crystal-infused water with the indirect method if harmful substances are in the crystal structure.

You can bring a container made of wood and put some water in it.

The next step is to place the Kunzite crystal inside a small glass container.

You can put the glass container with the Kunzite in the larger container.

Some experts suggest placing this setup in the moonlight to enhance the energy transfer between crystals.

There is only one exception to using this method.

You cannot make crystal-infused water of radioactive stones with this method.

How Can You Care and Clean Kunzite?

  • Kunzite is a restorative gemstone. It is essential to care for it better to care for it properly to get maximum healing benefits. A clean crystal does not have anything to block the positive vibrations. 
  • It is unsuitable to use harsh chemicals to clean Kunzite. It is a delicate stone with calming properties. It is better to use lukewarm water with soap to clean the crystal.
  • Putting Kunzite under running water for a few minutes will not damage the crystal surface. Not cleansing Kunzite crystal for weeks may clog its power. Placing it under running water will remove this blockage to give maximum healing benefits.
  • You should not use building water to clean the Kunzite. A sudden temperature change will break the Kunzite crystal. It can also fade the crystal’s color.
  • Moonlight is the best energy source to charge the Kunzite with positive vibrations.

What Are the Benefits of Kunzite?

  • Kunzite can help you love someone. You can feel divine love when you keep the Kunzite crystal with you. 
  • You should keep Kunzite crystal with you if there are high-intensity negative energies outside. Kunzite will protect you from these negative energies to make your life beautiful.
  • You can also forget the emotional pains of the past with Kunzite.
  • You can enjoy your love life with Kunzite because the crystal will keep away all the negative people trying to hurt your feelings. 

To Summarize: Can Kunzite Go in Water

Kunzite has a hardness score of 6.5 to 7 on the Moh hardness scale.

People ask can Kunzite go in the water because most other stones in this hardness score range resist water damage.

Keeping some points in mind will help you understand Kunzite better.

  • Putting Kunzite in water for a long time will damage the crystal.
  • Saltwater and Moonwater are damaging to the Kunzite crystals. 
  • You can suffer from skin damage or allergic reaction if you put Kunzite directly in Bathwater.
  • It is better to use the indirect method to make Kunzite-infused water to avoid toxicity.
  • You can drink the Kunzite-infused water made with an indirect method.
  • Moonlight can cleanse and charge the Kunzite crystals with positive energy.