Can Lapis Lazuli Go in Water?

Can Lapis Lazuli Go in Water

Lapis Lazuli is an intense blue gemstone with the ability to enlighten the wearer. It will open your mind to all the knowledge and wisdom you require for your life.

Women love to wear this stone because of its appearance and healing benefits. You can care for Lapis Lazuli better if you know can Lapis Lazuli go in water. We will discuss the water resistance of Lapis Lazuli in detail.

Can Lapis Lazuli Go in Water?

Lapis Lazuli can go in the water for a short time because it does not resist water like other crystals with high hardness scores.

Lapis Lazuli has a hardness score of 5.5 on the Moh hardness scale.

The hardness level is the margin.

Materials can have hardness scores from one to ten.

Materials with a hardness score of one are the softest.

A substance with a score of ten has the highest hardness.

Diamonds have a hardness score of 10.

Materials with a hardness score of less than five cannot resist water damage.

It is better to avoid putting Lapis Lazuli in water for a long time due to the high surface permeability.

It absorbs some water if you put it in water for a long time.

Water can erode the surface layer of the Lapis Lazuli.

The stone will not disappear in water like some other water-soluble stones.

Water will completely dissolve the halite crystals if you place them in water.

It is not the case with Lapis Lazuli.

You can wash it seldomly by avoiding long-time water exposure.

Can You Cleanse Lapis Lazuli in Water?

Most experts do not recommend putting Lapis Lazuli in water for a long time to cleanse the negative energy.

You can use the water to clean these crystals two or three times in one month to avoid dirt buildup on the stone’s surface.

To prevent water damage to Lapis Lazuli, you can put some water on the cloth to clean the stone.

Moist cloth can remove the dirt from the Lapis Lazuli surface without causing water damage to the stone’s surface.

You can put it into a bowl of water one or two times in one month.

It is better to remove it from the bowl rapidly to avoid water damage.

Some people use stopwatches to safeguard their Lapis Lazuli crystal.

They also avoid putting this stone in boiling water because water does more damage to the crystals at high temperatures.

You can use the water near your body temperature to clean the Lapis Lazuli.

People saw a gradual loss of stone’s mass when they kept it in water for a long time.

Acids and synthetic cleaning solutions can damage the Lapis Lazuli surface to make it dull and unattractive.

You cannot use these solutions to clean Lapis Lazuli.

Can Lapis Lazuli Go in the Bathwater?

Most people think they should bathe by putting Lapis Lazuli in their bathwater.

They want a better bathing experience and wisdom enhancement with the healing forces of Lapis Lazuli.

Gemologists do not think it is a good idea because of the mineral structure of Lapis Lazuli.

This stone consists of Lazurite and Calcite.

These minerals can dissolve in the water or break from the main stone due to eroding forces of water.

You may end up in a bath with many small particles of different minerals.

It can be dangerous for people with skin allergies.

If you have sensitive skin or do not want your stone to lose mass, it is better to avoid putting Lapis Lazuli in the bathwater.

It is better to keep it close to your bath rather than putting it in the Bathwater.

Can Lapis Lazuli Go in Moon Water?

Most experts do not recommend putting Lapis Lazuli in Moon water for the entire night.

Moonlight is an excellent source of positive vibrations.

Moonlight can remove the negative energy from the Lapis Lazuli and charge it with positive energy.

It is helpful to enhance the healing effects of this stone.

Experts recommend putting the Lapis Lazuli stone directly under the moonlight.

You can put it near the window in the evening.

It can stay there the entire night and get maximum moonlight energy.

You can pick it up early in the morning to avoid dew formation on the stone.

It is crucial to remember two points about the Lapis Lazuli Moon water.

You cannot use the moon water from the Lapis Lazuli because a part of the stone dissolves in the water.

Putting the Lapis Lazuli in moon water the entire night will cause permanent damage to the stone.

Can Lapis Lazuli Go in Saltwater?

Lapis Lazuli cannot go in Saltwater because Sodium Chloride can react with the stone in the solution form.

If you place the Lapis Lazuli in salt water for a long time, the solution will erode the stone’s surface to reduce its weight.

It is due to the high permeability of the Lapis Lazuli crystals.

Saltwater will enter the deeper layers of the Lapis Lazuli to damage the mineral structure.

It will cause permanent damage as it is impossible to repair the damage caused by the Saltwater.

The minerals will become porous and less shiny due to damage to the surface layers.

Can You Drink Lapis Lazuli-Infused Water?

You should not drink the Lapis Lazuli-infused water made with the direct contact method.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone with many minerals.

Some of the minerals in the Lapis Lazuli are Lazurite, Pyrite, and Calcite.

There are many other minerals in small quantities.

It is better to avoid putting this stone in water for a long time because some minerals can enter the water and make it toxic.

Lapis Lazuli-infused water can cause physical and nervous damage to your body.

If you drink crystal-infused water with different heavy metals, it may affect your bones and other body organs.

How to Make Lapis Lazuli Solution?

Drinking solutions made with crystals can give you a high level of healing benefits.

You cannot put some stones in the water because they will make the water toxic.

There are some other ways to make the crystal-infused solution without putting the crystals in water directly.

You can follow some simple steps to make the Lapis Lazuli solution without adding toxic substances to the water.

  1. Select a Lapis Lazuli stone overflowing with healing energy.
  2. Place the gem in a glass container without adding water to it.
  3. Take a large container and fill it with water.
  4. Place the container with the crystal in the middle of the larger container.
  5. Place this entire setup in the moonlight or sunlight to allow maximum energy exchange.

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Care and Maintenance

  • It is better to avoid cleaning the Lapis Lazuli with commercial cleaners and acidic solutions.
  • Skin oils, creams, and cosmetics can stick to the surface of Lapis Lazuli. Cleaning it with wet cotton can remove them from the stone’s surface.
  • Lapis Lazuli is an expensive stone. It is better to care for it regularly to avoid losing thousands of dollars.
  • We do not recommend using harsh materials to clean the Lapis Lazuli as some fibers in the fabric can damage the stone’s surface.
  • You can educate yourself about some questions related to can Lapis Lazuli go in water. This information will help you care for it better.

To Summarize: Can Lapis Lazuli Go in Water

People care for Lapis Lazuli more than other stones because of its healing benefits and high price.

We will explain can Lapis Lazuli go in water using some crucial points.

  • You cannot put Lapis Lazuli in water for a long time due to low hardness and high surface permeability.
  • It is unsuitable to put Lapis Lazuli in Bathwater, Moonwater, and Saltwater.
  • Drinking Lapis Lazuli-infused water can harm your health as it has trace quantities of toxic minerals.
  • You can use the non-direct way of making Lapis Lazuli solution to get maximum healing benefits.

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