Can Lepidolite Go in Water?

Can Lepidolite Go in Water

Lepidolite is a mica mineral with a high lithium concentration. People use it to maintain inner peace and prevent anxiety.

It is better to learn can Lepidolite go in the water, salt water, and moon water to stabilize the crystal structure while cleansing. Learning about Lepidolite’s relationship with water will help you care for this stone.

Can Lepidolite Go in Water?

Lepidolite cannot go in the water for a long time because water will damage its crystal structure. It cannot resist water damage due to a low hardness score. Lepidolite has a hardness score of 2.5 to 4 on the Moh hardness scale.

It is a soft mica mineral. Most of the lithium supply in our ecosystem comes from Lepidolite.

It is better to avoid washing it with water because water will wash away the surface of the stone.

Crystals can resist water damage when they have a hardness score of more than 5 on the Moh hardness scale.

If Lepidolite Is Soaked in Water for a Long Time, What Happens?

  • You can remember the point about the water resistance of the stones. If a mineral has a hardness score of less than 5, there are more chances of crystal damage with water. It is better to avoid putting them in water to prevent water damage.
  • Some crystals have a high hardness score but do not resist water. It is due to the chemical structure of the stones. Small crystals can chip off from the stones due to water damage.
  • Lepidolite can suffer from water damage if you put it in water for a short time. You will see minor effects when you put it in water for a short time. Minor effects include loss of shine from the stone’s surface, cracks, and surface erosion.
  • You may also see a change of color when you put it in the water for a long time. Small cracks on the surface can increase in size and cause the crystal to break into pieces.
  • Your Lepidolite stone may lose weight when you put it in water for a long time. It is due to erosional forces. Erosion can remove the top layers of the stone to reduce the crystal size.

Is Lepidolite Soluble in Water?

Lepidolite loses lithium when you put it in water.

We can say that Lepidolite is water soluble partially.

It is the natural source of lithium in the ecosystem.

There is no other mechanism to put the lithium in the environment than dissolving it in the water.

It is better to avoid washing the Lepidolite under running water for a long time because it will lose a part of the crystal structure to make the stone brittle.

You can identify the water solubility of the crystal with the crystal’s name.

Most minerals and stones that have Lite at the end of the name are water-soluble.

Halite is another example of a water-soluble crystal.

A high hardness level does not guarantee water resistance.

Some stones cannot resist water damage due to reactive compounds.

Stones with high iron content cannot resist water damage as oxygen in the water can oxidize the Lepidolite to produce rust.

Some minerals can make corrosive solutions when they dissolve in water.

You cannot put these minerals in the water because they will also damage other parts of the stone.

Can Lepidolite Go in Moonwater?

You cannot use Moonwater to cleanse your Lepidolite crystals because water damages these crystals.

Moonlight is a perfect source of purging forces for the stones.

You can use the purging force of the moonlight to remove negative energy from your Lepidolite stone.

You may have to put the crystal outside for the entire night to ensure the removal of negative energy completely.

If you live in an area with morning dew, it is better to put the crystal near the window to receive moonlight because it will prevent water damage from dew.

Can Lepidolite Go in Saltwater?

It is unsuitable to use salt water for Lepidolite because it will damage the crystal’s surface.

Salt is famous for absorbing negative energy.

People put their crystals in salt to remove negative energy from them.

You cannot put stones with a low hardness score in the salt because salt will make scratches on the stone’s surface.

Putting Lepidolite in the salt will harm the crystal by damaging the surface.

Malachite is another example of such material.

If you put malachite in salt, the crystal will deform. Saltwater is more corrosive than tap water.

It is due to changes in the osmolarity of the water with Sodium and Chloride.

Putting Malachite or Lepidolite in Saltwater will damage its crystal structure.

Can Lepidolite Go in Bathwater?

Putting Lepidolite in the bathwater can put your health at risk.

Some stones can resist water damage due to the high hardness score.

The crystal should resist water damage due to solubility.

You can put the stones in bathwater that are insoluble in water.

Soft stones cannot handle the water damage.

If you put them in bathwater, they will leak compounds that can harm your skin.

These compounds can also initiate an allergic reaction.

Intense allergic reactions may force you to go to the hospital.

These types of reactions can lead to anaphylactic shock.

You may also break the crystal if you keep it in the water for a long time.

What Is Lepidolite Used For?

  • You can use Lepidolite to stay calm. It is better to put it near you during meditation. The calmness is due to color softness and healing effects.
  • People use Lepidolite in the form of beads. They make bracelets and necklaces from Lepidolite. This jewelry will help you forget emotionally disturbing experiences.
  • Wearing a Lepidolite bracelet will prevent back pain and other health issues. You can stop anxiety attacks with the help of Lepidolite.
  • Companies are using Lepidolite to extract Lithium. They use this element to make electronic equipment. They extract this element from the imperfect stone pieces.
  • Some companies extract Lithium from Lepidolite to make rechargeable batteries.

Does Lepidolite Go Well with Any Crystals?

It is better to pair the Lepidolite with the crystal having similar healing effects.

Lepidolite will help you enjoy your life and forget emotional damage.

It is perfect to pair the Lepadorite with a crystal that can cleanse the stone from negative energies.

Opal is a better option because it has forces from the moon.

Water content in the Opal will help it gain positive energy from the moon.

Apache Tears are also excellent to pair with the Lepidolite.

These are round stones made of Obsidian material.

Pairing these stones will help you remove negative energy.

How Can You Charge and Cleanse Lepidolite?

Cleansing and charging stones is one of the best ways to interact with your stones.

Crystals can have high energy levels and more healing powers when positively interacting with the crystals.

It is better to cleanse the crystal for the first time after buying the product.

It will remove all negative energies from the previous owner of the stone.

It is better to use smudging techniques to remove the negative energy.

Lepidolite does not resist water damage.

Sage wood is a perfect material to make cleansing smoke.

Putting this smoke on the crystal will remove all negative energies.

To Summarize: Can Lepidolite Go in Water?

Knowing can Lepidolite go in water will help you look after this crystal better.

You can keep some points in your mind to ensure you do not name mistakes while caring for the Lepidolite crystals.

  • Lepidolite cannot go into the water because soaking it in water will damage the crystal.
  • Lepidolite has water solubility due to low water resistance and hardness score.
  • Moonwater, Bathwater, and Saltwater are disastrous for the Lepidolite.
  • Opals are perfect stones to pair with the Lepidolites.
  • Cleansing crystals will give you more healing powers if you know how to cleanse the stone.