Can Malachite Go in Water?

Can Malachite Go in Water

People use malachite crystals because of their ability to make positive changes in life. You can find malachite in different shades of green.

The green color is due to the copper carbonate in the crystal structure. We will discuss can Malachite go in the water to help you care for the crystal better.

Can Malachite Go in Water?

It is not recommended to put the malachite in water because it has a low hardness on the Moh hardness scale.

It has a hardness score of 3.5 to 4.

The stones must have a hardness score of 5 and above to resist water damage.

As Malachite has a low hardness score, it will not resist water damage.

Water is the most suitable medium to cleanse stones.

It is not the case with malachite because water will damage its crystal structure.

Some other properties of this crystal make it unsuitable to put in water.

What Happens to Malachite when We Soak in Water?

  • Malachite is a toxic mineral because of copper carbonate in the crystal structure. You should avoid touching the Malachite with bare hands during processing. Water dissolves some copper carbonate if you put the malachite in it for a long time. It will also make the malachite water toxic.
  • Water can also affect the durability of Malachite crystals. It can widen the cracks on the crystal’s surface to make it less durable.
  • The duration of placement in water is the most crucial factor in Malachite water cleansing. Placing it in water for a short time has less effect on the stone. Increasing the duration of water exposure damages the crystal.
  • Hot water can damage the Malachite faster.

Can Malachite be Cleansed in Water?

You can cleanse the malachite in water by reducing the water exposure time.

You can take the water bowl and put Malachite in it for less than one minute.

It is essential to remove the Malachite before one minute and place it in the air to allow fast drying.

You should not keep the malachite in the area with high moisture for drying because it will increase the drying time.

Placing it in under running water for a few seconds is also allowed.

You can use some other ways to cleanse the Malachite.

  • Clean it with a wet cloth.
  • Use moonlight for Malachite cleansing.
  • Sage can help cleanse the Malachite without damaging it.
  • Sacred herb smoke will also cleanse the Malachite crystals.

Can Malachite Go into Moon water?

Malachite cannot go into the moon water because water will damage the Malachite when you place it in the water for a long time.

It is better to use the positive energy of the moon directly on the Malachite.

You can find a spot with continuous moonlight for the whole night.

You can place the Malachite in the moonlight for the entire night to remove the negative energy.

It will also help in charging the Malachite with positive energy.

Practitioners have been using moonlight to charge crystals for centuries.

A full moon has more cleansing properties.

You can wait for the 14th day of the lunar cycle to cleanse the crystal.

Can Malachite Go in Saltwater?

Malachite cannot go in salt water because the salt molecules in the water will react with the malachite to make the stone appear dull.

Malachite consists of Copper Carbonate.

It will react with the sodium chloride in the water.

The second reason for not putting in saltwater is the formation of toxic chemicals in the water.

Malachite and Saltwater reactions will result in the production of chemicals harmful to human health.

Can Malachite Go in the Bathwater?

Malachite cannot go in bath water because it may produce toxic chemicals when you put it in the water.

A person bathing in the crystal water of malachite can suffer from allergic reactions and skin damage.

You can put most crystals in the bathwater without issues, as they do not dissolve in water.

Some crystals can dissolve in water but do not produce toxic chemicals halite is one of these crystals.

You can put the Malachite crystal in your bathroom to get the positive energy of the crystal.

Some rub the crystal in different areas of the bath to enjoy the positive energy of the Malachite.

Can You Consume Malachite Crystal Water?

It is unsuitable to consume Malachite water because Malachite can release copper salts in the water.

These salts are toxic to human health.

Putting the Malachite in water for a long time will make the water toxic.

It will produce allergic reactions or cause toxicity in humans.

It is better to avoid drinking Malachite-infused water.

What Are the Healing Properties of Malachite?

  • People use Malachite because of its magnificent green color. It also helps you stay optimistic in life.
  • Malachite will help you maintain good health if you carry it with you.
  • Malachite helps people recover from diseases.
  • You can activate your heart chakra by keeping a Malachite stone with you.
  • It repels negative energy from your life to enhance your power.

How to Prepare Malachite-Infused Water?

It is unsuitable to put the malachite in water for a long time.

There are other ways also to make crystal-infused water.

One method is known as the no-contact method.

There is no need to put the Malachite in the water in this method.

You can start the process of making Malachite infused water by cleansing the crystal.

You can follow these steps to complete the process.

  • You can place the Malachite in a jar to ensure there is energy transfer between water and the crystal.
  • The next step is to put the jar inside a container of large size.
  • You can add some water to the large container. It is better to use less water because making fresh Malachite elixir is better.
  • Placing these containers under the moonlight will enhance the Malachite energy.
  • You can use this Malachite elixir to get positive effects.

How to Recharge Your Malachite?

  • Recharging Malachite is a personal choice. You should allow it to absorb the energy of nature by keeping the Malachite crystal near the earth’s surface. You will feel the crystal’s energy getting low when it needs recharging.
  • Malachite will soak energy from nature when you place it under a tree. Some suggest burying it in the ground for high-intensity charging. Doing it overnight will ensure a full recharge of Malachite crystals.
  • Placing the Malachite in the Geode cluster will help in recharging. You can also place it in the sunlight or moonlight for a few hours for a full recharge.
  • It is also unsuitable to place it in the sunlight for a long time because UV rays in the sunlight can fade the color of the Malachite.

How to Cleanse your Malachite?

It is crucial to cleanse crystals to enhance their positive effects.

Cleansing the crystal is similar to charging a battery.

You will not get power for the battery without charging it.

Malachite will repel more negative energy from your life when you cleanse and recharge it frequently.

  • Cleansing Malachite is as essential as keeping the stone with you all the time because it will help you enhance positive effects.
  • You can remove the dirt from the Malachite crystal before cleansing it with a cloth with soapy water.
  • Washing Malachite every week for less than a minute will ensure high energy levels in the Malachite.

To Summarize: Can Malachite Go in the Water

You can say no to people asking can Malachite go in the water.

You need to remember some points to ensure Malachite does not produce damaging effects on your health.

  • You cannot put Malachite in water for a long time as water can damage Malachite crystals.
  • Saltwater reacts with Malachite to produce toxic chemicals.
  • It is unsuitable to drink Malachite-infused water because it is toxic to human health.
  • Malachite cannot go in the Moon water and Bathwater.
  • You can use the no-contact method to make crystal-infused water for Malachite.