Can Moonstone Go in Water?

Can Moonstone Go in Water

Moonstone is a stone with feminine energy, as it helps people present their emotions. It has a pearly luster and consists of feldspar minerals.

Some also call it Hecatolite. Learning can Moonstone go in water will help us understand different aspects of caring for this stone.

Can Moonstone Go in Water?

Moonstones can go in the water because water does not affect the crystal integrity of this stone.

Moonstone has resistance to water damage due to a high hardness score.

Moonstone has a hardness score of 6 to 6.5 on the Moh hardness scale.

It does not change color if you put it in the water for a short time.

It does not mean putting it in the water for days will not damage the crystal.

If you put the Moonstone in water for a long time, it will permanently damage the crystal.

It can also make the stone’s surface dull.

Can Moonstone Go into Moon Water?

Moonstones can go into the moon water because they can resist water damage for a few hours.

You can also use the direct moonlight to cleanse the Moonstone.

You can find a secure place to put your moonstone under the moonlight.

It is an expensive stone.

You should not risk the stone for cleansing.

Placing it near a window to get moonlight is a decent idea.

Moonlight is perfect for cleansing and charging the Moonstone.

It will remove negative energies from the stone with intense positive energies.

You can put it in a water bowl in the moonlight to increase the cleansing strength.

Putting in moon water is better when a person recovers from an illness.

Sick people can release negative energy.

Moonstones can help you get rid of negative energy and get better faster.

Can Moonstone Go in Saltwater?

You can put the Moonstone in saltwater without fear of crystal damage.

It is one of the better ways to remove the negative energy from the Moonstone.

It is better to use high salt concentration to cleanse the Moonstone.

You can use an equal amount of salt and water to make the cleansing water for the Moonstone.

You can soak the stone in salt water for a few hours and wash it with tap water.

Washing with regular water will help you maintain the crystal integrity of the Moonstone.

Disposing of saltwater after cleansing is essential because it has negative energy.

All the negative energies go into the salt water from the Moonstone during the cleansing process.

You will feel more positive when you cleanse the stone with salt water because it does not have any negative vibrations to make you uneasy.

It will also enhance the healing benefits of the Moonstone.

Can Moonstone Go into Fresh Water?

The best way to remove the negative vibrations from the Moonstone is by using fresh water.

You can find fresh water in different natural sources.

Rivers, streams, and other running water bodies are excellent freshwater sources.

Some suggest putting Moonstone in the ocean water to remove the negative energies as it is a potent crystal cleanser due to salt in the ocean water.

You should hold the Moonstone firmly during the process of cleansing with fresh water because you may lose the stone if you let it go by accident.

Fresh water will remove all negative energies from the moonstone and fill it with the positive energy of nature.

Tap water may also work as some areas take water from running water sources.

Can We Drink Moonstone Infused Water?

Many practitioners believe that moonstones can make the water toxic because some chemicals can enter the water from the moonstone.

People add crystals to water for a long time to add healing benefits to water.

They drink this water to enjoy another way of improving their lives with the stones.

It is not the case with the Moonstone.

You can use the no-contact method to make the Moonstone-infused water.

You can combine the other crystals with the moonstone to make crystal-infused water.

You should not drink this water.

Adding it to the spray bottle is better, and then you can clean your house with it.

Can Moonstone be Worn in the Shower?

Most experts recommend removing the Moonstone when showering because soap and body oil can stick to the Moonstone surface and make it dull.

The dull look will reduce the beauty and healing effects of the Moonstone.

Showering does not damage the crystal structure because moonstones can resist water damage.

Avoid wearing moonstones in the shower or taking a long walk to protect the stone’s luster.

Some stone merchants put polish to enhance the Moonstone’s pearly appearance.

Long exposure to soap, water, creams, and body oils reduces the Moonstone’s luster.

What Are the Healing Properties of Moonstone?

Moonstones can help you overcome your weaknesses.

You can get many healing benefits from the Moonstone.

Some of these benefits are on this list.

  • Stopping fear of the unknown
  • Help you balance your emotions in tense conditions
  • Help you strengthen your intrinsic abilities
  • It will relax your body and mind to reduce anxiety
  • You can make your decisions when you wear moonstone as it promotes certainty

How Can You Purify Moonstone?

Moonstone cannot bear extreme pressure because it breaks along the surface lines.

It is better to make pendants or earrings from the Moonstone.

You should not make beads with it because crystals may break during the bead formation.

  • You cannot put intense force on the Moonstone during the purifying process as it may break the stone. Harsh soap or hot water can affect the Moonstone negatively.
  • You can soak the Moonstone in the soap water for a few minutes. Four or five drops of liquid soap are enough to make the cleansing water for this stone. Using a brush to clean the stone’s surface is also suitable. Drying with a soft cloth will ensure the crystal does not lose durability.
  • Jewelry cleaners have harsh chemicals. You should not use these cleaners for moonstones as they may damage the crystal structure.

Crystal Care Guidelines

Sharp edges can break the Moonstine due to specific atomic arrangement in the crystal.

You can clean it frequently to maintain the crystal luster.

Dust accumulation can damage the crystal surface and make the stone look dull.

It is better to select a safe place to display the moonstone as the stone will damage if it falls from a high location.

Smudging the Moonstone

You can protect the Moonstone from the harsh elements if you want to keep the surface shining intact.

If you do not purify the Moonstone regularly, the stone may lose its luster.

It will appear dull after some time.

Your friends may not recognize the same stone due to its dull appearance.

Smudging is a perfect way to prevent crystal damage while cleansing the Moonstone.

You can use the smoke from the burning incense stick for smudging.

Sage and sandalwood are excellent for smudging.

Some experts suggest putting salt near the stone during smudging as it will prevent negative energy from coming toward you.

Salt will absorb this negative energy.

To Summarize: Can Moonstone Go in Water

It is easy to find if Moonstone can go in the water by learning different aspects of hardness and atomic arrangement of the crystal.

These points will help you learn about a few aspects of Moonstone.

  • You can put moonstone in water as it resists water damage.
  • Saltwater and Moonwater do not damage the Moonstone when you put the stone in them for a short time.
  • Fresh water is an excellent source for cleansing Moonstones.
  • Drinking crystal-infused water from the Moonstone can affect your health negatively.
  • Using smoke of sage for smudging will cleanse the Moonstone without crystal damage.
  • Experts do not recommend wearing Moonstone in the shower to preserve surface luster.