Can Opalite Go in Water?

Can Opalite Go in Water

The straight answer to can opalite go in water is no, opalite can’t go in water, and we do not recommend putting it in water.

There are many reasons to avoid bathing opalite in the water. We will discuss each of these reasons in detail because it will help you care for it better. A crystal may last for generations when people care for them right.

So, Can Opalite Go in Water (The Longer Answer)?

Opalite cannot go in the water due to its physical properties. You need to understand all physical and chemical compositions of a crystal or material to care for them accurately.

It is better to check hardness, dissolution, and other factors. You cannot put it in water if it has low hardness, high porosity, and high dissolution factor.

What Is Opalite?

The first thing you need to know about opalite is that it is not opal. Many consider it the same as the opal and give different opal names. You may find it on the market by the name of sea opal and moonlight opal.

These are misleading names for synthetic material. Companies make them using dolomite and some metals. They treat the dolomite at a high temperature to liquify it.

They add metal impurities to it and let it cool. The result is opalite—the natural opalite known as the opal forms in nature without human intervention. You can find it near the hot water springs.

What Will Happen If You Put Opalite in Water?

When you put opalite in water, it will break into pieces after some time as there are small cracks on the material surface that can widen when water enters them.

It is better that you do not put opal or opalite in water because of the chances of damage. You will not see the effects fast when the water is cold and does not have salt.

If the water is hot and has salt, putting natural opalite will dissolve the material. Opal has high hot water solubility because it is not the same as synthetic opalite. You will not see the effects immediately.

It will take a few weeks to months to show the effects. Some cracks may appear on the material surface that can break the material. Some people use salt water to cleanse the crystals.

Opalite is not a crystal because it has an amorphous structure. Salt water acts on it the same way as the crystals to produce cracks. Saltwater is more harmful to opalite than desalinated water.

The Possible Immediate Result Is a Damage to the Surface of the Opalite

You will see damage to the finish of the opalite when you put it in water. It is one of the immediate effects when you put natural or synthetic opalite in water.

There are many reasons to surface damage and reduced shine. We say no to the question can opalite go in water because most opalites are treated with mineral oil to enhance their shine.

When you put it in water, it will remove the mineral oil from the surface. Some commercial centers put color on the opalites to make them appealing. Putting it in water will also remove these colors.

The saltwater does the worst to the opalites. It changes the surface transparency. Opalite will become cloudy due to surface damage.

To get a soft, cloudy, and discolored material, you may put a shiny, transparent, and colorful opalite in the water. It is hard to bring it back to its original form by polishing it with mineral oil.

Why Do People Recommend It Putting Crystals in Water If Water Damages Crystals?

Most people recommend putting crystals in the water because they have outdated knowledge of crystals. People ask can opalite go in water from their friends and use their recommendations.

They give them advice based on their experience. Quartz is one of the most abundant crystals. Most people find their quartz when they go crystal hunting.

There are no immediate harmful effects to the quartz when you put it in water. When they do not see any harmful effect, they conclude that it is safe to put crystals in water.

They pass on this knowledge to friends, and people recommend it. Crystal collection is changing because you can get them from different parts of the world. Malachite is available in Zaire.

You can get it from your local stores also. Putting it in water will give you toxic fumes. You can also get Kyanite from Switzerland if you like it to be part of your collection.

You cannot apply the same caring methods to these crystals that you use for the quartz. It is also crucial to know that putting quartz in water will also produce damage after some time.

How to Clean Opalite Without a Water Bath?

Putting opalite in the water bath and cleaning with the water are two different things. You can clean the opalite with water by placing it under running water for a few seconds.

It will remove all the dirt and grime from the material. You need to be sure that the water is not hot and does not contain salt when you are cleaning it. You can also use a clean cloth and rub the stone with it.

You can spray some water on it to increase its cleaning abilities. It is better to avoid soap water when cleaning the opalite as it can remove the mineral oil layer from the opalite surface, making it dull.

Is it Safe to Submerge Opalite in Water Like Moldavite?

Opalite is a man-made stone, so it is generally safe to submerge in water. Moldavite, on the other hand, is a natural stone and may be negatively affected by water.

It is important to consider moldavite water compatibility before submerging it, as it can potentially damage the stone.

How to Cleanse Opalite Without Water?

We will give you different methods of cleansing the opalite without water. You can start with the easiest way first and move to the harder ones later.

You can start by checking this list to find the cleansing method.

  • Place the opalite with a cleansing stone such as selenite.
  • Keep the opalite outside for a full day.
  • Keep the stone in the moonlight often.
  • Meditate while touching the stone or keeping it in front of you.
  • Dig a hole in the ground and bury the stone.

You can pick the stone later and feel the cleansing. If you feel that the cleaning process is complete, you can take it. You may also feel that the stone needs more cleansing time. You should give it more time in that case.

To Summarize: Can Opalite Go in Water?

  • No, opalite can’t go in the water.
  • You will see damage to the finish of the opalite when you put it in water.
  • You can clean the opalite with water by placing it under running water for a few seconds.
  • You can cleanse the opalite using different methods – place the opalite with a cleansing stone, keep the opalite outside for a full day, and keep the stone in the moonlight often.

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