Can Smoky Quartz be in the Sun?

Can Smoky Quartz be in the Sun

Smoky Quartz is a brownish-grey Quartz crystal with white streaks. People ask can Smoky Quartz be in the sunlight to understand the crystal’s ability to resist sunlight damage.

You should cleanse this stone frequently because it absorbs a lot of negative energies. We will discuss ways to cleanse the Smoky Quartz crystals also.

What Is Smoky Quartz?

Smoky Quartz crystal got its name due to its color. It gives a smoky color when you view it from different sides. It consists of Quartz crystals.

Quartz is the second most common mineral on the surface of the planet earth.

People have used these crystals for thousands of years for their healing and negative energy repelling properties.

You will not see individual crystals in the Smoky Quartz because it is a dense crystal.

Can Smoky Quartz be in the Sun?

You can place the Smoky Quartz in the sunlight for a short time because sunlight does not fade its color in a short time.

If you take this crystal in the sunlight for a few minutes, you will not see harm to the crystal.

You can also put it near the window because sunlight filtered through the glass window does not have high-intensity UV rays.

UV rays are responsible for altering the color of the Smoky Quartz when you place it in the sunlight for a long time.

Smoky Quartz can accumulate negative energy fast because it protects you from all types of negative energies.

It may not function well when there is a lot of negative energy in the crystal.

Some Smoky Quartz stones show more resistance to sunlight damage.

You may not see a change in color after many days of sunlight exposure.

Some can change color after a few hours.

Experts recommend placing it in the shade near the sunlight to protect it from sunlight damage.

You can wear Smoky Quartz jewelry on cloudy days to prevent color change.

Wearing Smoky Quartz jewelry during sunbathing can fade the crystal color.

Is Smoky Quartz Safe to be in the Sun?

It is safe to put the Smoky Quartz in the sun because direct sunlight does not damage the Smoky Quartz in a few minutes.

It is easy to prevent color fading by limiting the sunlight exposure time.

You may not see discoloration of the Smoky Quartz after a few hours of sunlight exposure because this effect is rare.

Most experts recommend putting the crystal in the shade to avoid overexposure to the UV rays.

You will see the damage when you have a raw Quartz crystal without a layer to protect it from UV rays.

Putting these types of crystals in direct sunlight can give your color fading effects soon.

We will provide the sunlight damage resistance of some other crystals.

Can Sunlight Fade Black Onyx?

Black Onyx is a silicate mineral with deep black color. It does not fade in the sunlight.

Can Sunlight Fade Black Obsidian?

Black Obsidian is a volcanic rock with deep black color. The color of this stone does not fade in the sun.

Can Sunlight Fade Cornelian?

No, it cannot fade the color of this stone. It is an orange stone with dense color in deeper layers.

Can Sunlight Fade Moonstone?

You can charge the moonstone in the sunlight to balance its energy. Putting it in sunlight for a short time does not fade its color.

Can Sunlight Fade Howlite?

Howlite does not have any pigments as the color is due to mineral structure. It does not fade in the sunlight.

Can Sunlight Fade Sunstone?

You can put the sunstone in the sunlight because it will absorb maximum solar energy for charging the crystal faster.

Can Smoky Quartz be in the Sun: Is it Heat Treated?

Smoky Quartz has color due to defects in the crystal structure. It does not pass all light due to the crystal defects. Heating can fade the Smoky Quartz crystal.

Some think you can differentiate between authentic and irradiated Smoky Quartz crystal with heating.

It is not true because both types of crystals lose color when you heat them.

Heating Amethyst and Smoky Quartz will change their color to yellow.

Some sell it as counterfeit Citrine crystals.

Authentic Citrine crystals are rare.

You cannot find them easily in nature.

Some sellers make counterfeit Citrine from these crystals to make more profits.

You can heat the Smoky Quartz to two hundred degrees to turn it into a golden yellow crystal.

You can also bring back the authentic color of the Smoky Quartz by exposing it to X-rays.

Exposing it to gamma rays can produce the same effect.

Does Smoky Quartz Color Change when Put in the Sun?

You will observe the color change in the Smoky Quartz when you put it in the sunlight for a long time. The color change is due to the UV rays in the Sunlight. Heat is a contributing factor in color change.

Most Smoky Quartz crystals are sensitive to sunlight.

Ultraviolet light will affect the atomic and crystalline structure of the crystal. It will turn the smoky color of the Smoky Quartz to yellow.

You will also observe the dichroic nature of the Smoky Quartz crystals when it changes color.

You will observe a shift from the brownish-yellow color to the reddish-yellow color when changing the viewing angle of the crystal.

This effect is due to the polarizer nature of the Quartz crystals.

You need to rotate the crystal along the x-axis to view this effect.

Changing the angle along the length or y-axis will not give you the same color-changing results.

It is due to the crystal structure of the Smoky Quartz.

Does Smoky Quartz Fade with Time when Put in the Sun?

Smoky Quartz fades with time. When you bring out the Smoky Quartz from the deeper layers of the earth, they do not receive any sunlight. These are the perfect crystals.

When you wear these crystals in jewelry or keep them with you outside, sunlight will affect the crystal’s color.

It will lose its color gradually.

You will see this effect fast in some Smoky Quartz crystals.

The color change will appear in a few days.

Some of these crystals are resistant to color change due to sunlight exposure.

These crystals do not change color with the sunlight fast.

It may take months of intense exposure to see some change in these crystals.

The sunlight intensity also affects the time of color change.

Keeping Smoky Quartz near the window increases the time of crystal fading.

Placing it in direct sunlight will reduce the time it takes to fade the crystal.

Some crystals can gain black color also. It is due to the Aluminum impurities in the Smoky Quartz.

Aluminum can turn black after some time.

You can see this effect in the jewelry also.

Can Smoky Quartz be in the Sun: How Long Can It Stay in the Sun?

You can limit the negative effects of sunlight on Smoky Quartz by limiting sunlight exposure. Most experts recommend exposing the Smoky Quartz crystal to sunlight for less than four hours to stop the color from fading.

You do not need sunlight to charge the crystal when you have other charging methods.

Some charging methods can help you charge the crystal without color damage.

Some experts believe a color change can affect the healing abilities of the crystal.

Color fading during crystal charging can do harmful effects on the healing crystals.

What Are the Alternate Charging Methods for Smoky Quartz?

You should not charge the Smoky Quartz in the sunlight due to the color fading effect. It is better to cleanse the stone before charging it.

You will remove negative vibrations from the Smoky Quartz with cleansing.

It will help you incorporate more positive energy into the Smoky Quartz.

You can use some of the famous charging methods from the list to avoid sunlight damage.

Use Moonlight to Charge Smoky Quartz

Most like to charge their crystals in the moonlight because moonlight does not fade the crystal’s color. You can enhance the crystal charging effect by placing the crystal on the ground in the moonlight.

Moonlight energy may reduce near the ground.

You still get a maximum charging effect because the crystal gets energy from the ground.

It is better to wait for the fourteenth day of the lunar cycle to charge the crystals because moonlight has a maximum charging energy on this day.

The full moon can charge your stone faster.

Use Selenite  Charge Smoky Quartz

You can get Selenite slabs to charge the Smoky Quartz crystals from the market. There is no need to activate the Selenite crystals for charging other crystals.

These crystals are always giving positive energy to the surroundings.

You can place the Smoky Quartz on the Selenite slab for the entire day to get maximum charging effects.

Use Earth to Charge Smoky Quartz

You can charge the Smoky Quartz crystals with the earth charging method when you buy it the first time.

The crystal can contain negative energy from the previous owner.

You can dig a hole in the ground and put Smoky Quartz in it for a few days.

It will charge the crystal with a lot of positive energy.

Is it safe to expose smoky quartz to sunlight, and how does it differ from garden quartz and moss agate?

Yes, it is safe to expose smoky quartz to sunlight as it will not cause any damage to the crystal.

Differentiating garden quartz from moss agate is important as garden quartz contains green chlorite inclusions, while moss agate has green, moss-like inclusions. Both have unique properties and appearances.

How Do You Clean Smoky Quartz?

A clean crystal can gather more energy from the sunlight.

You can learn how to clean the Smoky Quartz to get maximum positive energy to the stone.

Cleaning the crystal can also remove some negative energy from it.

Experts recommend cleansing the crystal often.

You may charge the crystal monthly, but cleansing should be done weekly.

Use an intensive cleansing method when you buy the crystal first to remove all negative energy from the previous owner.

Clean Smoky Quartz with Flowing Water

If you have a smoky Quartz stone without cracks, you can run water on it to remove dirt and grime. Running water above the Smoky Quartz crystals also removes negative energies from the stone. A polished smoky quartz crystal can resist water damage easily.

You can keep it underwater for a long time.

Geodes and crystal clusters do not have any protective layers on them.

Rinsing them with water can remove some parts of the geodes.

We do not recommend rinsing geodes with the water.

Water can also enter the cracks of the geodes to widen them.

The crystal will break with a little force when you put it in the water for a long time.

Clean Smoky Quartz with Salt Water

You can keep the Smoky Quartz in salt water for 24 hours if there is a protective layer on it. You can get salt water from natural sources for better results.

Sea water has a lot of salt.

It is the perfect natural salt water solution for cleansing.

If you do not have sea water, you can put some salt in a bowl of water.

Salt is a magnet for negative energies.

It will absorb most negative energies to purge the stone.

It is also unsuitable to put geodes in the seawater because salt can accumulate in the crevices of the crystals in the geodes.

Clean Smoky Quartz with Smoke

You can cleanse the Smoky Quartz with the smoke, also. Smoke has intense cleaning properties because the smoke will take all harmful energies with them into the atmosphere to neutralize them.

You need a herb to produce the cleansing smoke.

Sage is a perfect herb for cleansing because people have been using it for thousands of years.

You can make a bundle of sage and burn it from one side.

It will produce some. You can do this procedure outdoors or keep the windows open.

Placing Smoky Quartz crystal above this smoke will remove all negative energy from it.

It is a fast cleansing method because you can remove most negative energy from the Smoky Quartz within a few minutes.

To Summarize: Can Smoky Quartz be in the Sun

After looking at all the information, we can conclude you can put the Smoky Quartz in the sunlight for a short time.

You can keep some points in mind to care for the Smoky Quartz better.

  • You can keep the Smoky Quartz in the sunlight for charging for a short time.
  • Heat and UV rays in the sunlight can fade the Smoky Quartz color.
  • You cannot keep the Smoky Quartz in the sunlight for more than six hours.
  • You can use moonlight, selenite, and earth to charge the Smoky Quartz.
  • Flowing water, salt water, and smoke can remove negative energy from Smoky Quartz.
  • Cleansing the crystal before charging can enhance the charging output.