Can Smoky Quartz Go in Water?

Can Smoky Quartz Go in Water

Smoky Quartz is famous for helping people forget painful experiences. It is a brownish-gray quartz crystal with a low to a high level of transparency.

People ask can Smoky Quartz go in the water to learn about the characteristics of this crystal. We will discuss the effects of different types of water on Smoky Quartz.

Can Smoky Quartz Go in Water?

Smoky Quartz can go in the water because it has a hardness score of seven on the Moh hardness scale. Most crystals with high hardness scores resist water damage.

  • As it resists water damage, you can put it in the water. There are no issues with putting it in the mud for cleansing. You can also put it in a bowl full of water or place it under the running water of the tap.
  • Practitioners prefer putting the Smoky Quartz in water from natural sources. Spring water or rainwater is an excellent example. It is suitable to put it in water for three to four hours.
  • Water residue can be damaging to the Smoky Quartz after washing. It is better to dry it from all sides before storing it.

Can Smoky Quartz Go in Moon Water?

  • Moonlight and starlight can help you remove the negative energy from the Smoky Quartz. It is better to use Moonwater to cleanse the crystal after someone recovers from an illness. This cleansing will help the crystal recharge its healing properties.
  • You can cleanse the stone with direct moonlight from the window. You can select a safe spot and place the crystal there all night to receive moonlight.
  • If your crystal is not in perfect shape, you can use the moonlight for cleansing. It will give a high-intensity purification with gentle physical energy.
  • You can also place the Smoky Quartz in the bowl of water that you can put in the moonlight for the whole night. Water will increase the cleansing intensity.

Can Smoky Quartz Go in Saltwater?

Smoky Quartz can go in saltwater because it can resist the damage from the saltwater.

People use salt water to cleanse the Smoky Quartz because it gives an intense purifying force.

You have to know which crystals can resist water damage.

Without this knowledge, it is hard to prevent crystal damage from salt water.

You cannot avoid purification of the crystal as negative energies can accumulate in the crystal and prevent it from providing healing benefits.

Purification by water will ensure you get healing benefits for a long time.

Does Smokey Quartz Need Cleaning?

Smoky Quartz protects us from negative energies as they help us maintain confidence.

This protective effect is due to the positive vibrations from the Smoky Quartz.

Most of these stones prevent the negative energy from reaching us by absorbing it along the way.

The Smoky Quartz can accumulate negative energy quickly if you are sick.

It helps you heal from the sickness quickly.

You must return the Smoky Quartz’s favor by cleaning the crystal.

It is also essential to make a routine of caring for the Smoky Quartz.

Cleansing the Smoky Quartz is also beneficial for you.

It will remove negative energy from the crystal to help the crystal prevent negative energy from reaching you.

You can increase the healing benefits with the regular cleaning of Smoky Quartz.

How Can You Clean a Smoky Quartz Crystal?

It is better to use gentle cleaning methods to clean the smoky quartz.

Using harsh cleaning methods can damage the crystal structure.

Ultrasonic wave equipment is not gentle as they use force to remove grime from the stone’s surface.

Using liquid cleansers is a gentle way of cleaning Smoky Quartz.

You can put some cleansing solution in the water and submerge the crystal.

It is also suitable to spray the liquid cleanser on the crystal surface and clean it with a toothbrush.

Soft fabric can also remove dirt when you put some liquid cleanser on the soft fabric.

Step-by-Step Cleaning Process of Smoky Quartz

  1. You can place the Smoky Quartz crystal in the diluted solution of the bleach in the water. It is suitable to keep the crystal in the solution for a few days for deep layer solution penetration.
  2. You can wash it with water after removing it from the bleach solution to prevent crystal damage.
  3. The next step is to dry the crystal by placing it in an area with low moisture for a few days before you can continue the chemical cleaning.
  4. People undergoing radiotherapy should keep this crystal near them to help them with the process. You have to clean the crystal frequently when using radiotherapy.
  5. Smoke from the sage is also an excellent cleansing agent for Smoky Quartz. You can light one end of the sage wood and allow the Smoky Quartz to receive the smoke.
  6. Amethyst Geodes can also cleanse the Smoky Quartz as they release high-intensity cleansing traditions.

What Are Smoky Quartz Healing Properties?

  • You can wear the Smoky Quart jewelry once a week to repel your body’s negative energies.
  • Smoky Quartz will keep the negativity and depression away from your life.
  • You will stay satisfied with the Smoky Quartz because it helps you control your emotions.
  • It is easy to charge the Smoky Quartz with different methods as it resists water damage.

Can Smoky Quartz Get Wet in Rain?

Smoky Quartz can get wet in the rain without crystal damage because it has a high hardness score and resists water damage.

It is not true for all types of crystals.

Some crystals cannot resist the water damage and dissolve in the rainwater quickly.

Selenite is one of the examples of stones that cannot resist water damage.

There is no fear of damage when dealing with the Smoky Quartz.

It resists rain like the other members of the quartz crystal family.

Amethyst, Citrine, and Rose Quartz have similar properties.

Does Smoky Quartz Get Blurry in Sunlight?

Most people use sunlight to charge the crystal’s healing powers.

It is one of the best methods because sunlight provides intense energy to the Smoky Quartz.

Smoky Quartz is sensitive to UV rays.

Sunlight can have different levels of UV rays at specific locations on the earth.

You should not take the Irish as it is hard to measure the UV rays level in your area.

You can place the Smoky Quartz in the sunlight for a short time.

If you place it in the sunlight for a long time, the chances of fading increase.

You should not place it in the sunlight for more than two to three hours for one charging session.

How Can You Charge Your Smoky Quartz Crystal Effectively?

You should aim to charge the Smoky Quartz crystals without damaging their color.

Some place these crystals in direct sunlight.

It will make the crystal blurry.

You should not place the Smoky Quartz in direct sunlight.

It is more suitable to place it in a pot.

You can bury the pot with the Smoky Quartz in the soil for some time.

The next step is to place the pot in the sunlight for more than one day.

It will charge the Smoky Quartz without UV damage.

To Summarize: Can Smoky Quartz Go in the Water

You can learn different aspects of Smoky Quartz crystals to find can Smoky Quartz go in the water.

It is better to keep these points in mind to ensure you do not damage the crystal during the cleaning and charging process.

  • Smoky Quartz can go in the water without crystal damage.
  • It is suitable to place Smoky Quartz in salt water and moon water.
  • The frequency of Smoky Quartz cleansing depends on your use.
  • Direct sunlight can damage the Smoky Quartz color by fading it because it cannot resist damage from the UV rays.
  • Charging Smoky Quartz will enhance its healing properties.
  • Rainwater does not damage the Smoky Quartz crystals.