Can Sodalite Go in Water?

Can Sodalite Go in Water

Sodalite is an ornamental gemstone with royal blue color.

The answer to can sodalite go in water is yes; you can put it in water for a short time. We do not recommend putting it in water for a long time.

There are many ways water can damage the crystal structure. It is better to know the reasons for not putting it in water to help your friends by explaining the reasons.

Can Sodalite Go In Water?

Sodalite can go in the water because it does not dissolve in water and has a high score on the Moh hardness scale. Water will not produce damage to the crystal immediately. You can’t do this for all crystals as some will dissolve in water quickly. 

Selenite is an example of a crystal you should never put in water. You can see the effects of the water on selenite when you soak it overnight.

The crystal size will decrease when you put it in water for a long time. The effects are not as fast in the sodalite. You will see the negative impact when you put it in the water for a long time.

Why Do Water Baths Causes Cracks?

You may not see the cracks in the sodalite crystals because they are small. You cannot see them with your naked eyes. Some of them are at the molecular level.

Some are small enough that you can only see them through a microscope. Water will enter these fissures when you put the sodalite in the water bath.

You may not see these cracks after giving a water bath to the stone many times. You may notice some changes in the crystal integrity. It may break when it strikes the other crystals.

Even the sodalite crystals that do not go to the water bath can crack the ones you put in the water. You will not blame water for it because the crystal broke outside. It may crack during the water bath also.

Can Water Damage the Surface of the Crystals?

There are three parts people love about the stones. These are beauty, finish, and shine. Putting stone in the water for a long time can damage the shine and beauty.

It will damage the crystal color by entering the invisible cracks and changing the way light reflects from the stone. Some sellers use special polish to enhance the stone color.

The water will dissolve or erode the polish from the stone surface. It can change the crystal color. Water can be more damaging to the crystals that have iron. Water will produce rust in the crystal.

It can change the crystal color. Some brown patches may also appear on the crystal surface. It is not possible to remove it from the crystal. You may have to cut the damaged part. The crystal will become small due to it.

Can Sodalite Be Used for Crystal Energy Activation in Water?

Sodalite can be used for crystal energy activation in water, as it is believed to enhance intuition and raise consciousness.

By placing sodalite in water, the crystal energy activation essential can transmit its healing vibrations, purifying the water and infusing it with positive energy.

Why Do Most Crystals Practitioners Recommend Water Baths If They Are Bad for Crystals and Minerals? 

There are many reasons practitioners recommend water baths for crystals. They do not think that water will damage the crystals. Water does not damage most crystals immediately.

You will not notice the changes for months. They will not link the crystal damage to the water. They also lack the experience to care for the crystal.

When you want to know can sodalite go in water, you should ask a gemologist. They will give you a scientifically accurate answer. Two reasons are crucial that lead to people thinking water is not damaging to the crystals.

Collectors Are Inexperienced as There Are a Wider Variety of Minerals and Crystals

Most practitioners have outdated knowledge of the crystals. They only know how to look for quartz crystals. They soaked the crystals in the water to cleanse them. It was a common practice for the healers.

Practitioners only had these stones because they are available abundantly. You can get hundreds of types of crystals these days because most are available on the internet stores. You can buy any exotic crystals from the internet stores.

The caring rules are different for these crystals because they form in specific environments. The water will dissolve opal if it is hot.

The selenite crystal will get smaller when you put it in water. Water also damages the crystal structure making it weaker.

Practitioners are experts in healing people and not in caring for the stones. You need to care for the stone based on the latest scientific knowledge instead of the advice of the healers.

Confirmation Bias: You See What You Want to See

People do not think crystals broke due to the water because of the confirmation bias. Most people only believe things when they confirm them with their eyes. Crystals do not break in the water.

They usually break when they are in your pocket. It can strike with your keys to break. It may also break due to the other crystals.

Most people think that crystal breaks due to the other crystals and the keys. Water is not near at the time of crystal breaking.

People do not believe it because they can’t confirm. It leads to confirmation bias. You can avoid confirmation bias by checking your crystal under a microscope. You can check it before the water baths.

You can compare the crystal structure for the crystals you gave the water bath and without the water baths. You will notice the increase in crack sizes.

You can also stop the confirmation bias by consulting the geologists, as they will give you scientific reasons not to put your crystals in water.

To Summarize: Can Sodalite Go in Water?

  • It is suitable to wet the sodalite for cleaning for a short time.
  • You can also put it under running water for cleaning. You will damage the crystal when you put it in the water for a long time.
  • Some people put it in their water bottle and drink from it whenever they feel thirsty. We do not recommend that you put it in drinking water.
  • People put the sodalite in bath water to cleanse their bodies. It is crucial to avoid it to prevent crystal damage.