Can Sterling Silver Get Wet?

Can Sterling Silver Get Wet

Sterling Silver can get wet without damage when you put it in water for a short time. You should not expose it to water for a long time as it will cause oxidation of the silver surface.

It is the short answer to can Sterling Silver get wet. We will give you a detailed answer in this article.

Can Sterling Silver Jewelry Get Wet?

Yes, you can wet Stirling Silver without tarnishing or corrosion because it does not dissolve in water and has a high hardness score.

Water does not damage Sterline Silver fast.

Water damage to the Sterling Silver surface will take a long time.

What Is Sterling Silver?

Sterling Silver is an alloy.

It is a combination of more than two metals.

Manufacturers melt 92.5 percent silver and 7.8 percent other metals to make Sterling Silver.

Copper has the highest concentration among other metal categories.

Does Water Quality Have an Effect on Sterling Silver?

Yes, water quality affects Sterling Silver.

Hard water has dissolved minerals and salts that can damage the Sterling Silver surface.

Some are even corrosive to the Stirling Silver.

General Tips: Silver Jewelry Do’s and Don’ts

Many of us ask can Sterling Silver get wet because we want to care for our jewelry better.

There are no issues when you wet it for a short time.

It increases the chances of oxidation, but you will not see the damage immediately.

1. Shower Water

Shower water is one of the safest waters for the Stirling silver as it does not have corrosive chemicals.

Soap and shampoo use during showering cause more damage to the Sterling Silver as it makes the jewelry dull.

2. Hot Springs

We are firmly against putting Sterling Silver in hot springs.

Hot springs have many dissolved minerals and sulfur compounds.

There are higher chances of oxidation and color change when you out Sterling Silver in hot springs.

3. Pool Water

It is better to clean Sterling Silver with clean water and dry it immediately after you come out of the pool because the pool has chlorine.

Chlorine can react with the Sterling Silver surface and damage its protective layer.

The level of damage depends on the concentration of chlorine in the water.

4. Salt Water

Saltwater is more damaging to Sterling Silver because salt residue can stick to the jewelry’s surface and damage it.

You should not take Sterling Silver to the ocean due to the high salt concentration in the water.

It is corrosive to Sterling Silver.

5. Hot Tubs

You may notice an immediate color change when you take Sterling Silver in the hot tub.

It is due to high chlorine concentration and high temperature.

Chlorine reacts to Sterling Silver faster at a higher temperature.

It is better not to wear Sterling Silver in hot tubs.

How Many Years Sterling Silver Items Last?

Sterling Silver items can last more than thirty years if you use proper caring techniques and protect them from oxidative damage.

Will Showering With Sterling Silver Jewelry Damage It?

You can shower with the Stirling Silver Jewelry because it does not damage jewelry immediately.

Doing it often will increase the chances of Sterling Silver oxidation.

Can Sterling Silver Get Green Shade When You Shower With It?

Water with minerals and salts can change the Sterling Silver color.

If you are showing with low-quality water, there are higher chances of getting different color shades on jewelry.

The Right Way to Care for Sterling Silver Jewelry?

You can wash the Sterling Silver with soap water and use a brush to remove dirt from the surface.

You can put some hot water at the end and dry it fast.

The Best Method to Protect Sterling Silver Jewelry?

You can place them in a cool and dark place in a dry area.

Keep some distance between the jewelry from other metals.

You can protect it from direct sunlight also.

Is It Safe to Use Plastic for Sterling Silver Jewelry Storage?

It is not recommended to keep the Sterling Silver in plastic for a long time as it can have sulfur.

Moisture can transfer some sulfur to the Sterling Silver from plastic and damage its surface.

Will Wearing Sterling Silver Jewelry Every Day Damage It?

There are no issues in wearing Sterling Silver Jewelry every day.

It is better to keep an eye on the liquids with harsh chemicals as they can damage the jewelry.

Most Damaging Chemicals for Sterling Silver Jewelry?

These are some of the most damaging chemicals for the Sterling Silver –

  • Moisturizing lotions
  • Chlorine
  • Salts
  • Fragrances
  • Sprays for Hair

Does Moisture in Air Damage Sterling Silver Jewelry Color?

Yes, humidity can affect the Stirling Silver color because it increases the chances of oxidation.

Can You Wear Sterling Silver Jewelry Safely in Pools?

We do not recommend wearing Sterling Silver jewelry in the pool because the chlorine in pool water can damage the jewelry.

Is Sterling Silver Jewelry Prone to Rust Damage?

Rusting is a problem for many metals.

It is not the case with Sterling Silver because it undergoes tarnishing only.

It will change color with harsh chemical exposure.

How Many Days or Years It Takes for Sterling Silver Jewelry to Tarnish?

Most Sterling Silver Jewelry shows signs of tarnishing after two months.

You can protect it by cleaning the surface.

Some types will show tarnishing after three years.

Is It Possible to Remove Tarnishing Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Yes, you can remove the tarnishing from the Sterling Silver using baking soda and water paste.

High-quality Silver can also help you remove the tarnishing.

The Best Method for Removing Tarnishing From Sterling Silver Jewelry?

You can use high-quality silver polish to remove the tarnishing from the Sterling Silver.

You can keep the jewelry in a moisture-free place to avoid more damage.

Does Sweat Affect Sterling Silver Jewelry?

You will not see damages immediately when Sterling Silver comes in contact with sweat.

If you exercise every day, it is better to remove Sterling Silver Jewelry before it to avoid oxidative damage.

Is Sweat a Tarnishing Agent for Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Yes, there are some chemicals in the sweat.

These chemicals can increase the speed of tarnishing in the Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Is Green Color on Your Skin Due to Sterling Silver Jewelry?

A specific variety of Sterling Silver is known as .925 Silver.

It can give a green shade to your skin.

Conclusion: It Is Better to Place Sterling Silver Jewelry in a Dry Place

There are minor damaging effects on the Sterling Silver when you put it in liquids.

You can put Sterling Silver in a dry place to avoid minor damages.

Minor damage can tarnish the jewelry after some time.