Can Sunstone Go in Water?

Can Sunstone Go in Water? (Is Sunstone Water Safe?)

Sunstone consists of feldspar minerals with some impurities. It is famous for boosting leadership and reducing depression.

You can also keep it with you if you want emotional stability and creativity. We will discuss can Sunstone go in the water, salt water, or moon water.

Can Sunstone Go in the Water?

Sunstone can go in the water without crystal damage because it has a high hardness score.

Sunstones have a hardness score of 6.5 to 7.2 on the Moh hardness scale.

Sunstone crystals do not dissolve in water due to strong chemical bonds.

You can place it in the water safely as it will resist water damage.

Some crystals cannot go in warm water. It is not the case with Sunstone.

You can put it in warm water and soapy water also.

Placing it under the tap water does not damage the Sunstone crystals.

Can Sunstone Go in Saltwater?

People place Sunstone in the saltwater when there is a high level of negative energy in the stone.

People are cleaning this stone with salt water for many years without damage to the crystal.

It resists salt water damage effectively.

Some experts recommend washing the Sunstone with tap water after submerging it in the saltwater.

It will prevent damage to the Sunstone crystal for a long time.

How to Do Sunstone Cleansing with Sea Salt?

If you fell ill recently, Sunstone may have absorbed a lot of negative energy from you.

You can remove this negative energy from the Sunstone with sea salt.

If you live near the sea, you can take some sea water and wash the Sunstone with salt water.

Sea salt is more effective in cleansing the Sunstone.

You can follow this cleansing method.

  • Place a teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of water.
  • Put the Sunstone inside the sea salt water for one day.
  • Dry the Sunstone after taking it out by changing sides. Air passage will remove water molecules from the Sunstone.

Can Sunstone Go in Moonwater?

Sunstone can go in Moonwater because you can cleanse the Sunstone in moon water without crystal damage.

It is one of the most effective and safe ways to cleanse the Sunstone.

You can take a bowl of water and place it outside on the fourteenth day of the lunar cycle.

A full moon will cleanse the Sunstone more effectively.

Some suggest placing the Sunstone in the direct moonlight on a tree.

It will increase the cleansing intensity of the moonlight.

How to Charge Sunstone Crystals?

Cleansing is one part of the increasing effectiveness of Sunstone.

You can take the healing powers of your Sunstone to the next level by charging the crystal.

Charging the crystal is similar to charging a battery.

A crystal will not perform its function when it has no positive energy.

Some do not want to put the sunstone in the sunlight.

They can place it in the light of a full moon.

Some positive energy will overflow from your crystal when you place it in the moonlight.

Use Selenite for Sunstone Charging

  • Using selenite crystal is a perfect way to charge your Sunstones. Selenite can perform many functions to enhance the healing properties of the Sunstone. It will also purify the crystals.
  • Selenite is a self-healing crystal. It emits white light due to the deep white color of the crystal. Sunstone will charge in the presence of Selenite crystals.
  • You can get the selenite charging plates for better results. Placing Sunstone on the selenite plates for four hours will do the job. You will feel the difference within days.

How to Clean the Sunstone?

You can clean the Sunstone by removing the negative energies from the crystal.

Sunstone can accumulate negative energies when you use it excessively.

If a sick person touches Sunstone, negative energy will go to the crystal.

You should perform the first cleansing when you buy the crystal.

It will ensure the removal of all the negative energies from the past.

Earth Cleansing

Earth cleansing is the fast way to remove most energy from Sunstone.

You can take the Sunstone outdoors.

The earth cleansing starts when you dig a hole in the ground.

The hole should be the size of the Sunstone.

You can put the stone in the hole and cover it with soil.

Earth will absorb all negative energy from the stone.

Use Sage Herbs

Sage is a herb for crystal cleansing.

It can remove negative energy from the crystals.

You can bury Sunstone in sage, sandalwood, or myrrh.

If you cannot find any of these herbs, you can bury Sunstone in the sandalwood.

You may have to put the stone in these herbs for a long time for adequate cleansing.

Gentle cleaning is the most beneficial part of the sage herb, as placing crystals in this herb for a long time will not damage the crystal.

Water Cleansing

It is the most famous method for cleansing the Sunstone.

You can put the stone under running water for one minute.

It will wash away all the negative energy from the stone.

Some people think they should use the ultrasonicator to aid the cleansing process.

Experts recommend avoiding these instruments because they can damage the crystal.

Steam producers are also not recommended for the Sunstone cleansing.

Smudge Cleaning

Smudging is another fast way to cleanse the Sunstone.

You can ensure the stone does not have negative energy by using the smudging method.

You need cedar wood or sage wood to start the process.

You can light a part of one of these woods. It will produce dense smoke.

You can pass the Sunstone from the smoke near the burning part of the wood.

It is one of the fastest cleansing methods because you can complete it within a few minutes.

How to Polish Sunstones?

Cerium oxide or tin oxide are some of the best chemicals to polish Sunstone.

There are many other chemicals for polishing stones.

You should not polish Sunstone with other oxides because they may damage the crystal surface.

When picking the stone after polishing, you should use a soft cloth as harsh fiber can damage the crystal surface.

Is Sunstone Safe in the Sun?

You can place the Sunstone in the sunlight for a short time to refill its energy levels.

Most orange stones are excellent at resisting sunlight damage.

It is better to avoid placing it in direct sunlight for days because it will fade the stone’s color and reduce its healing effects. 

Which Other Crystals Go Well with the Sunstone?

Most experts recommend wearing Moonstone with the Sunstone.

It is a perfect combination because the Moonstone represents feminine qualities.

Sunstone is excellent for masculine qualities.

When you combine both, you will get a perfect balance.

Moonstone will give powers to the feminine character.

You will get better focus as you will see things in detail.

Sunstone can help you make decisions and stand your ground.

Combining these behaviors will give you many benefits.

What Types of Gemstones Can Safely Be Submerged in Water?

Strawberry quartz water compatibility varies for gemstones. Some safe options for submersion include amethyst, citrine, and rose quartz.

However, porous or delicate gemstones like turquoise, opal, and pearl should be kept away from water to avoid damage or discoloration.

Can Sunstone Be Damaged by Water?

Yes, sunstone can be damaged by water. Exposing sunstone to water can cause it to weaken and become more susceptible to fracture and breakage due to its composition.

According to an are rocks alive article, certain minerals within the sunstone can react with water, leading to potential damage.

Can Sunstone Be Found in the Rocks Below or Above a Fault?

Sunstone can be found in the rocks above and below fault lines. This beautiful gem is often associated with areas of geological activity, making fault lines a promising location for sunstone hunters.

With the right tools and knowledge, collectors can uncover these stunning gems in the earth’s rocky layers.

What Are the Benefits of Sunstone?

  • Sunstone gets power from the Sun. It is one of the most powerful stones. You will receive power and energy from the stone after wearing it regularly.
  • Keeping Sunstone with you will amaze you as it will help you think better. You can align your heart and mind with Sunstone.
  • If you have some issues with your Chakras, you can wear the Sunstone. It will collect energy from the Sun to cleanse and repair your Chakras.
  • Everyone around you will also feel the difference in their life because Sunstone affects everyone related to you.

In Summary: Can Sunstone Go in the Water

If someone asks can Sunstone go in the water, you can answer with Yes.

You can learn different parameters about this stone to understanding it better.

  • Sunstone has a high hardness score. It resists water damage.
  • You can put this stone in salt water and moon water without crystal damage.
  • Selenite is perfect for charging Sunstone.
  • You can use earth cleansing, smudging, and water cleansing to remove negative energies from it.
  • Sunstone and Moonstone work together to enhance healing powers.