Can Unakite Go in Water?

Can Unakite Go in Water

Unakite can go in the water for a short time, but you should not place it in water for a long time.

People ask can unakite go in water because they want to care for their crystals better. We will explain many aspects of unakite that can help you understand the physical and chemical properties.

Can Unakite Go in Water?

Yes, you can place it in water because it has a hardness of 6 to 7 on the Moh hardness scale and low water solubility. When a stone has a high hardness level, it is safer to place it in water.

You need to check the solubility also. Gypsum has high water solubility. It will dissolve in water within a few hours. Unakite does not have similar properties.

You can place it in water without the fear of the crystal dissolving away. Some crystals dissolve in water slowly. Selenite will decrease in weight and size when you soak in water for a long time.

What Is Unakite?

Unakite rock has a green, pink, and blue color. Unakite is a true rock because you will find many types of crystals and minerals inside it.

You can classify it in the metamorphic rock class. Nature places the granite in areas of the hot springs to make this rock. Granite becomes hot enough to incorporate other materials in it to form this stone.

The green color is due to the epidote part of the stone. The pink part is due to the feldspar. It also has quartz to give it a blue color.

Most stone parts have a green color, with some portions with pink and blue. It can have many other crystals also. You may find zircon and chromite crystals in it.

Can You Put Unakite in Water to Drink or Bath?

It is unsuitable to put Unakure in water to make crystal water or bathe. You can even know what is inside the rock because it can contain many toxic chemicals.

It is a combination rock as it has crystals of many types. You may only see feldspar and quartz on the surface. It can also have some malachite inside the deeper parts of the rock.

Malachite will produce copper that leeches into the water, making it toxic. You cannot drink this water because it is harmful to your health.

When people ask can unakite go in water that we want to drink, we will say no because it can harm your body.

Regardless of Its Hardness, Unakite Can Be Physically Damaged

People soak the stones in water due to many purposes. Some do it to clean the stone. People also do it for metaphysical purposes.

They believe they will cleanse the stone by adding it to salt water. You must know the issues with adding the stone to the water.

Crystals with a high hardness level can also face erosion due to the water. Water can widen the cracks in the unakite.

The crack widening effect is more in the crystals with high surface porosity. Most people are unhappy when they put the shiny stone in water to get a dull-looking stone.

How Can You Clean Unakite, If You Don’t Put It in Water?

You should not use harsh chemicals to clean the unakite. It is also unsuitable to use ultrasonic equipment to clean it.

It can damage the stone and remove its polish. It is better to put the stone under running water for a few seconds. You can also use a damp cloth to clean the unakite.

We do not recommend using hot water for cleaning because it can change the stone’s color. It is easier for the hot water to remove the polish material from the surface.

You may notice some deposits on the stone after soaking it in water for a long time. These deposits can change the appearance of the unakite. If the unakite has some edges, the deposits will be more prominent.

Additional Information About Unakite

Unakite stone is known by different names in the world. Epidote is one of the common names for Unakite. The name is given to the stones that grow with other stones.

As unakite is a combination crystal, epidote is a perfect name for it. Most unakite stones have two or more colors representing a person’s character. Some believe that it is a stone to bring balance to your life.

What Is Unakite Rock Used For?

Unakite is used for bringing balance to your life. The stone has a combination of different rocks in a perfect balance. People who want to bring stability to their life can place this stone in their pockets.

You can also carry this stone if you have emotional problems. This stone will help you combine the emotional aspect of your life with spirituality to make you strong emotionally.

Some practitioners use this stone to improve recovery after a health problem. People with physical injuries can get benefit from this stone. Practitioners believe that this stone will help you recover from illnesses.

Where Do You Put Unakite in a Room?

According to Feng Sui, it is better to place it in the center of your room. Feng Sui is the Chinese geometry that allows us to find the energy flow in the body and buildings.

The center of the room connects to all room energies. You should place it in the center to enhance the positive energy in your room.

What Stone Goes Well with Unakite?

Moldavite and datolite go well with the unakite. Unakite has a high vibrational element due to different crystal combinations.

These stones also have a high vibrational force. You can combine them to get positive outputs.

To Summarize: Can Unakite Go in Water

  • Unakite is famous for bringing positive changes to the balance of your lifestyle.
  • It is easy to maintain this stone because you can wash it with water without damage.
  • We do not recommend adding it to drinking water or soaking in the water for a long time. It is harmful to your health and damages the crystal structure also.
  • You can keep it near your heart or the center of the room to get more benefits.