Carnelian vs. Red Jasper – What Is the Difference?

Carnelian vs. Red Jasper

Carnelian vs. Red Jasper – it is easy to confuse these two crystals because of many similarities.

Many practitioners consider them the stone for healing.

You can learn about the differences between Carnelian vs. Red Jasper crystals to identify and care for them better.

Carnelian vs. Red Jasper

Carnelian and Red Jasper are two different stones. Both of them are excellent to use in the jewelry.

You can learn many things about these stones from this guide.

It will also help you guide others about the stone identification.

What You Should Know about Red Jasper?

The red jasper is famous among jewelers because of its sparkly surface.

People keep this rock inside their homes for decoration.

The sparkly surface is due to the ash sediments.

The red jasper entraps the ash particles to give a sparkly look on the surface.

People do not believe that ash can produce such sparkle.

It is due to the crystal structure combination.

You cannot get a perfect jasper because imperfections are part of all the stones.

There are some imperfections due to the ash particles and other minerals.

These imperfections are not bad for the jasper because they give it a unique look.

People use red jasper in jewelry due to these unique imperfections.

It has a high percentage of iron that gives it a red color.

The combination of iron and silicon dioxide makes this crystal opaque.

It has a high level of hardness that prevents water damage.

Red jasper scores 6.5 to 7 on the Moh hardness scale.

Brick red is the most abundant shade of this stone.

You can also find them in other shades of red and orange.

People keep it because of its beauty and healing properties.

You can also wear it if you feel powerless.

This stone will help you unleash your inner power.

What You Should Know about Carnelian?

Carnelian is also a red-colored stone. It is named carnelian due to the red color.

Carnel is a Latin word that means flesh. The carnelian has flesh-like color.

It has many properties similar to the red jasper.

Carnelian looks like a berry due to its red color.

If you hold some small carnelian crystals in your hand, they will look like barriers.

This crystal looks different than the jasper because it is more translucent.

It has a higher hardness score than the red jasper.

All the crystals of the carnelian have a hardness score of 7 on the Moh hardness scale.

You will find most of the carnelian transparent. There are some opaque crystals also.

When you have an opaque carnelian, it is hard to distinguish between these two stones.

People with low intimate power can use this stone to improve their relationships.

You can also involve yourself in the creative work when wearing the carnelian crystal because it will help you inlock your inner creativity.

You can get these crystals in red, orange, and pink forms.

What Are the Similarities Between Carnelian vs. Red Jasper?

There are many similarities between the carnelian vs. red jasper. Both of them are stones and have a high level of hardness. They are made from silicon dioxide crystals.

There is only a 0.5 hardness score difference between these crystals.

You cannot distinguish these crystals with the hardness test.

Both of these stones show a red color.

There is only some difference in the shades.

You rarely see spots on the carnelian as it is a transparent stone.

You may see some imperfections when you use a magnifying glass.

Jasper has streaks and spackled look. People use both of these stones for decorative purposes.

You can also get metaphysical benefits as these stones will help unleash your inner energy.

People use them in jewelry to increase their beauty.

Carnelian vs. Red Jasper – What Is the Difference?

There are many differences in the physical and chemical properties of these stones.

You can differentiate them by color, porosity, hardness, luster, and translucencies.

There are some differences in their use also.

We will discuss these differences to help you identify these stones without the help of an expert.

You can help when buying expensive crystals because sellers try to make fake ones.

1. Carnelian vs. Red Jasper Difference: The Color

You can differentiate these stones with ease if you check their pictures online.

You can search for the red jasper and the carnelian on the google images to find the color of these stones.

You can also visit the local stone shop to check the color difference.

Once you learn about the color difference, it is easy to identify these stones.

You may observe some brown shade in the carnelian.

Jasper does not have a brown color as the brick-red color does not allow any other color to dominate.

2. Carnelian vs. Red Jasper Difference: Hardness, Porosity, and Luster

There is less porosity in the jasper.

It is hard for the sellers to modify the red jasper color because it does not retain the other colors.

It is not the case with the carnelian. Carnelian has a high porosity level.

Sellers can enhance the carnelian color with specialized polish material.

There is not much difference in the hardness of these crystals.

You can keep the red jaspers separate from the carnelian.

Carnelian is more durable than the red jasper.

Keeping these stones together may damage the red jasper.

Red jasper has a high luster than the carnelian.

You can identify the red jasper by the vitreous sheen.

It is not present in the carnelian. You can get this stone with a waxy surface.

It does not have a high level of luster.

3. Carnelian vs. Red Jasper Difference: Translucency and Striations

Striations are a crucial factor for distinguishing the carnelian and red jasper.

You will get striations on the red jasper.

There is no need to use the magnifying glass to see the striations in the jasper crystals.

There are no striations in the carnelian.

You may see some difference in the color gradient in these crystals.

Carnelians are translucent because they will transmit some light on the other side.

You cannot see the objects on the other side from the carnelians as it does not have enough transparency.

Red jasper is an opaque stone. You can also identify the red jasper due to the spackled surface.

You can see the ash inside the red jasper if you look with a magnifying glass.

This ash gives a sparkly look to the red jasper surface.

4. Carnelian vs. Red Jasper Difference: Metaphysical Properties

Jasper is the stone for the balance.

If you cannot find peace and feel a lack of power, you can keep this stone with you.

You can enhance your emotional state with the jasper stone.

Many people believe that jasper is like a friend who reassures you that you are doing good.

If you cannot decide about your work and family, you can keep red jasper with you.

You will feel more confident about your decisions.

Jasper will help you make good decisions as it will not let you wander around.

It has grounding vibrations to keep you in charge of your situations.

You can keep the carnelian with you if you want to improve your love life.

People who feel they do not have emotions for their lover can keep this stone.

Both partners should keep one of the carnelians as it will enhance the positive energy to give you a better outcome.

You can also improve your confidence with the carnelian.

You can keep it on your table in the office to get the confidence-boosting benefits.

You can eliminate the expression with this stone because it enhances the lower chakra.

Carnelian vs. Red Jasper: Both are Good Choices

Some people worry because they do not want to choose the wrong stone.

We want to give you the good news that you can select one of these stones without fear because they are beneficial for your life.

You can use both of them for the jewelry because they look excellent.

You can also keep them in your house to stop the negative energies.

As these crystals have many benefits, there is no need to keep only one of them.

You can get both crystals in your home or office because they will give you more positive effects through the synergism.

Are There Crystals Similar to Carnelian?

Yes, there are crystals similar to the carnelian. Sard is similar to the carnelian because it has the same color.

You will get sard in the darker colors. Carnelian has a light red color in most cases.

Some carnelian and sard crystals also have the same shade.

Both crystals have a red color due to the iron oxide.

You can also identify the sard crystals by looking at the place of origin.

You can only get them from India and Brazil.

If you have a red stone without striations from other parts of the world, it should be a carnelian.

Is Carnelian the Luckiest Stone?

Many believe that the carnelian is a stone for luck.

If you have some obstacles in your life, you can keep this stone with you.

People in the ancient civilization believed it brings wealth to the person wearing it.

You will become more fortunate when you have a carnelian stone.

When you have better luck, all your decisions will provide a positive outcome.

It will also increase your happiness and confidence level.