6 Common Citrine Stone Side Effects

Citrine Stone Side Effects

Citrine came from word Citron. It means lemon in the French language. You will understand the reason for its name as it has many similarities with the lemon. Yellow color is one of the similarities on the list.

Emotional provocation is one of the Citrine stone side effects. You can also feel tingling, anger, headache, and lightheadedness due to Citrine. We will give details of these effects to help you understand Citrine better. 

6 Common Citrine Stone Side Effects to Be Aware Of

Side effects are unintended effects of things.

People do not want to suffer from the side effects of the crystals as they can disturb them.

It is better to learn about the different side effects of Citrine crystals as you may suffer from side effects when enjoying the healing benefits of Citrine crystals.

People keep the Citrine stone with them to increase luck and prosperity.

Due to its intense energy, you may feel a needle sensation and mood fluctuations.

You will get details of these side effects here.

1. Headaches

People suffer from headaches when they use Citrine for the first time.

It is due to its effect on the third eye chakra.

Most humans have dormant third eye chakra because we do nothing to stimulate it.

The citrine stone will clear this blockage to give energy to your third eye chakra.

It has many benefits like better intuition and mind reading.

You may suffer from headaches also.

It is not a permanent side effect of this stone because it will go away if you keep the crystal with you for some time. 

2. Mood Fluctuations

Most people will not suffer from the emotional side effects of citrine.

It is due to a high level of resistance to mood fluctuations in people.

It is essential to care for people with emotional trauma when they are using Citrine or any other high-vibration healing crystal.

People with trauma can suffer from severe mood fluctuations when they use Citrine.

They may feel good at a moment and try to beat others the next moment.

You cannot predict the behavior of people with Citrine if they have pre-existing mental issues.

You can say Citrine stone will take you on a roller coaster ride of different emotions.

3. Increased Aggressiveness

Using strong energy crystals will increase aggression when you do not have a way to balance the exciting energy of the stone.

People tend to become aggressive when they use Citrine crystal.

It is due to the solid emotions-enhancing effects of the Citrine crystals.

One of the reasons for the emotional enhancement is the effects of Citrine on the solar plexus.

Experts recommend using Rose Quartz with Citrine because it will balance your mood.

The calming effect of the Rose Quartz can prevent aggression in most cases due to its high vibration neutralizing effect.

4. Pins and Needles Sensation

Citrine is a stone of prosperity.

It can generate positive energy and elevate your soul to a high level.

It can be an extraordinary feeling for everyone.

Most of the soul elevation effect depends on the mind’s condition.

There are some effects on the body also due to this wonderful experience.

You may feel needles moving under your feet.

It can also accompany by numbness.

You should not worry about this side effect if you do not have any other medical conditions.

It is better to consult a specialist in case of chronic disease as it can be a sign of some other body issue.

5. Anger

People who stay angry most of the time should not wear Citrine stones because of the many negative emotion-enhancing effects.

Rose Quartz is more suitable for such people because it will control their anger.

One of the reasons people become angrier with Citrine is its dominating energy.

It is a symbol of prosperity and wants its wearer to dominate everyone around it.

People become bossy when they wear this stone.

Anger is part of their dominant behavior.

It is also suitable to wear the stone for a short time to reduce the anger-causing effect and enjoy the benefits of Citrine.

6. Lightheadedness

Some people cannot handle the strong vibrations of Citrine crystals.

They may suffer from lightheadedness and nausea.

It is due to the effect of Citrine on different body organs.

You should see a repairing effect on the kidney, heart, spleen, lungs, and muscles.

Sometimes, there are infections in many parts of the body.

These infections can cause severe disturbances in the body.

Keeping Citrine with you will increase the repair speed and use a lot of mental power.

It also causes lightheadedness.

Are There Any Side Effects of Keeping Black Tourmaline in the Sun?

Yes, there are potential side effects of keeping black tourmaline in direct sunlight for extended periods.

Sunlight can cause the crystal to fade or lose its color. It may also affect the energy properties of the black tourmaline and diminish its effectiveness as a protective stone.

3 Instruction for Using Citrine Stone Safely

Most people can use Citrine without any side effects.

It is due to the many healing benefits of this stone.

It will increase your chances of becoming successful due to the increase of your luck.

Citrine has several positive effects on your body organs.

People suffering from nervous weakness can keep Citrine with them to increase their neural activity.

It will also repair damage to most body organs.

Your body will stop infections effectively when you wear Citrine.

You can use the safety guidelines of this Citrine if you have emotional trauma or anger management issues.

These guidelines will help you manage the Citrine stone side effects effectively. 

Avoid Placing Citrine Stone in Your Bedroom

Keeping a calming crystal in your bedroom is better for enhancing your sleep quality.

Citrine is not a calming stone, as it will increase your body’s energy.

It is an excitatory stone because you want to complete most tasks when you wear Citrine.

You will not feel well if you keep it in your bedroom because you will not sleep well.

It will also increase the crystal contact time.

An increase in the crystal contact time will promote severe emotional effects. 

Activate Your Citrine Stone with Clear Intention

One way to prevent the side effects of the crystals is by allowing their energy to synchronize with your body better.

You can do it by using an intention ritual.

You can hold the Citrine in your hand and say the things you want.

If you do not want to become angry, you can say it.

You can also say the things you want in life.

It will give positive energy to the Citrine, and the crystal will know its purpose.

With this method, you can take the healing effects of the crystals to a new level.

It will also reduce the side effects. 

Regularly Cleanse Your Citrine Stone Before and After Use

Stones can carry energy from your past and previous owners.

If there are negative energies in the stone, it will give more side effects than healing effects.

You can solve the issues related to the negative energy by cleansing the Citrine crystals.

Cleaning will remove most of the negative energy from the stone.

Keeping the Citrine under the tap water for a few seconds will remove the most negative energy from the stone.

You can also use smoke from the sage or sandalwood to remove the negative energy from the Citrine.

These are the most famous cleansing methods. 

To Summarize: Common Citrine Stone Side Effects

Citrine can give you several benefits due to its strong positive vibrations.

Some may suffer from the Citrine stone side effects due to a mismatch in their body energy and Citrine’s energy.

These points will help you understand the Citrine stone better.

  • Headache is the temporary side effect of Citrine crystals.
  • People with emotional trauma and infections may suffer from lightheadedness and tingling sensation when wearing Citrine.
  • It is better to neutralize Citrine’s energy with a calming crystal to prevent anger and aggression.
  • Cleansing Citrine is one of the ways to prevent its side effects. 
  • Smudging also removes negative energy from the Citrine crystals.
  • Keeping Citrine in your bedroom increases the chances of side effects.