How Rare Is Amethyst?

How Rare Is Amethyst

Amythyst is not a rare gemstone because it is available worldwide. You can get Amethyst in different shapes, sizes, and shades.

People may ask how rare is Amethyst is because they believe it is an expensive gemstone. We will explain all the aspects of Amethyst’s availability.

How Rare Is Amethyst?

Amethyst lost its rarity status after the 1800s after people discovered several sources worldwide.

Brazil was the most notable place for the Amethyst in the late 1800s because Amethyst crystals flooded the market in Brazil then.

There are some specific crystals with deep colors.

These are hard to find as collectors are willing to pay a high price.

What Is Amethyst?

Amethyst is a semi-precious stone used in jewelry.

It is famous because of the Purple color.

Iron forms Fe3+ form in the quartz crystals when it faces radiations.

Iron can have many colors in different forms. It will show silver color in pure form.

When iron is in Fe2+ form, it will show red color. It has purple color in Fe3+ form.

It is the official state stone of North Carolina because of its beauty.

There are some other metal impurities in the Amethyst that helps in purple color formation.

It is hard to scratch the Amethyst because it has a hardness score of 7 on the Moh hardness scale.

You can find translucent to transparent crystals in the market.

What Is Amethyst鈥檚 History?

People have been using the Amethyst since ancient times.

We have found the oldest records of ancient Egyptians using the Amethyst to prevent negative thoughts.

Greeks used it because they believed you do not get drunk if you have Amethyst.

Some carved the alcohol glasses with Amethyst to prevent drunkness.

It is also a stone with religious and royalty significance.

  • British Royalty. Amethyst was part of crowns and jewels because the British believed this stone would bring wealth and power.
  • Judaism. Amethyst is a part of the breastplate of the high priest. They used Amethyst to symbolize one of Israel’s tribes. 
  • Christians. They believed that the color was a symbol of the agony that Jesus faced during the crucifixion.
  • Catholics. Holy men, wear rings made of the Amethyst to repel the negative energy.

Where Can You Find Amethyst?

You can find Amethyst worldwide.

It is abundantly available in different places of the world.

Brazil has the most abundant source of Amethyst worldwide.

We have prepared a list of countries with Amethyst sources.

  • Afghanistan
  • Africa
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • Canada
  • United States 
  • Zambia
  • Spain
  • Uruguay
  • South Korea

Uruguay has the second-largest source of Amethyst.

You can find some Amethyst in the large geodes.

Some geodes are big enough for a person to stand in them.

The largest geode of the Amethyst is known as the Empress of Uruguay. It has a height of 10 feet.

What Are Amethyst鈥檚 Uses and Metaphysical Properties?

People use it for the metaphysical benefits more than the jewelry.

It can give you spiritual and healing benefits.

Some claim that there are no benefits of the Amethyst.

It does not stop people from using and believing in the powers of the Amethyst.

You can get better-looking skin when you carry Amethyst.

It can prevent headaches and regulate hormones.

The hormone regulation is due to the improvement of the endocrine functions.

You will find the most popular benefits of the Amethyst in this list.

  • Prevents irritability
  • Helps stop mood swings
  • Helps control anger when the person is already on the path to revival
  • Ease the times of sadness

You can also place Amethyst in your home to get the spiritual benefits.

You can remove negative energy from your home by placing an Amethyst crystal at the center.

Amethyst will help you succeed in life because it enhances intuition. 

Is Quartz Rare?

Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on the earth’s surface.

Feldspar is the most abundant mineral on the surface layer of earth.

There are no specific rocks to find the quartz.

You can find the quartz crystals from igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks.

These crystals do not erode in the natural habitat as they gain concentration.

All the sand in the rivers consists of smaller quartz crystals.

You can find large crystals in the United States and Brazil.

Most of the world’s quartz goes to electronic companies because quartz can hold an electrical charge.

Amethyst consists of quartz crystals and metal impurities.

If Quartz Isn鈥檛 Rare, How Rare Is Amethyst?

It was hard to find Amethyst before the 1800s because there were no sources worldwide.

People discovered abundant Amethyst sources in Brazil in the 1800s.

You can find Amethyst in abundance in the market because Brazil is mining large quantities of Amethyst.

You may not find some types of Amethyst worldwide.

There are some deep purple Amethyst crystals in Russia.

These are known as the Deep Russian Amethyst.

These are the expensive types of Amethyst because of their rarity and crystal quality.

Then, What Makes the Amethyst so Rare?

There are some Amethyst crystals in rare colors.

You will not find some shades of the Amethyst worldwide.

It is hard to find the Amethyst in dark shades.

When the Amethyst crystals associate with an event or famous personality, it gets more valuable. 

  • The Dehli Sapphie. It is an Amethyst stolen from the temple in Dehli. You can see it in the National History Museum in London. It is rare because of the story of a curse associated with it. People believe that brings dishonor to the owner of the stone.
  • The Morris Amethyst Brooch. It is a 96-carat Amethyst crystal in the shape of a heart. There are many rare stones in the necklace also. You can also see it in the National Museum of History in Washington DC.
  • The Tiffany Amethyst Necklace. It is a famous Amethyst made by the famous Louis Comfort Tiffany. It is a beautiful 56-carat stone.

To Summarize: How Rare Is Amethyst

It is important to know the sources and worldwide availability to find the rarity of a crystal.

We will give you some points to learn how rare is Amethyst.

  • It is not a rare stone because of sources worldwide.
  • You can get Amethyst crystals at a lower price.
  • Brazil is the top producer of Amethyst. 
  • Amethyst with deep purple color is rare and more valuable.
  • Some Amethyst crystals have historical significance. You cannot get them at a lower price.