How to Charge Amazonite?

How to Charge Amazonite

People with alcohol problems keep Amazonite stone with them to stop addiction. It can also help you treat fatigue and trauma from your life.

You can wear Amazonite jewelry if you have thyroid issues because it will improve thyroid health. You can get these benefits if you know how to charge Amazonite.

Amazonite can lose its power if it accumulates negative energy. We will give you details of Amazonite charging methods to ensure you get maximum benefits from this stone.

How to Charge Amazonite?

Most practitioners suggest cleansing Amazonite crystals weekly to ensure enough space in the crystal to receive and store positive energy.

You can keep the Amazonite under running water for a few minutes to cleanse the crystal.

Mint is an excellent herb for crystal cleansing.

You can keep the Amazonite with fresh mint leaves to remove negative energy.

You can use different charging methods to enhance the positive effects of the Amazonite after cleansing it.

Sunlight, moonlight, and Sage smoke can charge the Amazonite stones.

How to Charge Amazonite with Moonlight?

You can cleanse the Amazonite with the moonlight using two ways.

You can place it in the moonlight directly.

Moon water also works to charge the Amazonite crystals.

Charging with a full moon – you can charge your Amazonite crystal by placing them in the moonlight on the fourteenth day of the lunar cycle.

You can keep the crystal outside for the entire night to receive enough energy to charge it.

Keeping the crystal inside the window can also give similar effects if you do it on the night of the full moon.

Charging with moon water – you can put the Amazonite crystal in water and keep this bowl in the moonlight for one hour.

You cannot place the Amazonite in the moon water for the entire night because it can damage the crystal.

How to Charge Amazonite in the Sun?

You can cleanse the Amazonite first to charge it in the sunlight.

Sunlight can charge Amazonite fast when it does not have negative energy.

You can set an intention in the Amazonite before placing it in the sun.

You can hold the Amazonite stone in your hand and think about what you want.

Allow the stone to bathe in the sunlight for a few hours to charge it fully.

You can also enhance the charging effect with the strength of your mind.

Amazonite will gather more positive energy if you put firm intention into the Amazonite before putting it in sunlight.

How to Cleanse and Charge Amazonite?

You cannot use the same method to cleanse every crystal because some of them cannot resist damage from a cleaning agent.

Water, Moonlight, and Sunlight can help you cleanse the Amazonite if you limit the exposure time for some of these agents.

You can move forward to charging the Amazonite once the crystal does not have a high level of negative energy.

Some cleansing methods can also charge the Amazonite crystals.

1. You Can Charge Amazonite in the Sunlight

It is easy to charge the Amazonite crystal in the sunlight because it can resist sunlight damage for a few hours.

You can change the crystal in the sunlight after removing it from the lukewarm water.

Sunlight will promote moisture removal by increasing the drying speed.

Adding your intentions to the stone before placing it in sunlight will enhance the charging effects.

You can only place the Amazonite in the sunlight for a few hours to avoid sunlight damage.

2. You Can Cleanse Amazonite with Luke Warm Water

Water can damage the Amazonite crystal when you expose it for a long time.

It is not the case for a few minutes of cleansing because Amazonite will resist water damage for a few minutes.

You can take some lukewarm water and dip the Amazonite crystal in it.

After a few minutes, you can take out the crystal and dry it with a soft cloth.

It will prevent water damage due to moisture in the crystal.

The next step is to dry the crystal in the air by flipping it after some time to allow drying from all sides.

3. You Can Charge Amazonite in the Moonlight

Moonlight can charge the Amazonite with its positive energy.

Moonlight will charge the Amazonite without damaging the crystal.

Moonlight has similar charging energy to sunlight.

Moon receives light from the sun and transforms it into calming energy.

Charging your Amazonite crystals in the moonlight will give you calming energy also.

It is better to place the crystal outdoors to allow energy transfer.

It is easy to charge the crystal when there is nothing between the source and the receiver.

You can charge the crystal by putting it near the window.

It will take more time to charge the crystal when it is behind a glass.

An entire night is enough for charging the crystal with both methods.

4. You Can Bury Amazonite under Earth

Crystals receive positive energy from the earth’s core when they are in the deeper layers of the earth.

As they come to the surface, this energy reduces.

Taking out the Amazonite crystals from the rocks will cut this energy supply, and they lose their healing powers slowly.

You can recharge the crystal by putting it in the soil for one day.

You can dig a hole in the ground and put Amazonite in it.

You can cover it with soil and leave it for one day.

You will notice an increase in healing effects after this procedure.

5. You Can Smudge Amazonite with Sage

Most people use smudging to cleanse and charge the Amazonite because it gives faster results.

You can start the smuggling process by making a bundle of Sage herbs.

Most sage herb pieces are thin.

You can make a bundle to make enough smoke.

You can keep this bundle in a bowl and place one end out of the bowl for burning.

You can use candles to burn the sage herb and produce smoke.

You can keep the Amazonite above this smoke to charge it with positive energy.

Can You Place Amazonite in the Water?

Yes, you can place the Amazonite in the water for a short time.

It can resist water because it has a hardness score of 6 to 6.5 on the Moh hardness scale.

You cannot keep it in the water for a long time because water can damage the Amazonite crystals.

You can remove the stone to dry it with a soft cloth after putting it in water for a short time to protect the stone from surface damage.

In the Presence of Water for an Extended Time, What Happens to Amazonite?

Amazonite will make the water poisonous if you keep it in the water for a long time.

It is due to the high concentration of lead in the Amazonite.

Lead can enter the water from Amazonite to make the water toxic.

Some parts of Amazonite can break in water due to erosion.

You can get an idea about the crystal’s ability to resist water from the name.

If the stone has ITE at the end of its name, there are high chances of water damage during long water exposure.

Where Should I Put My Amazonite?

You can place Amaznite anywhere in your home because it will give you healing benefits in all places of your home.

Experts recommend putting it in the bedroom.

You can put it near your table lamp to allow more exposure.

People having nightmares can keep the Amazonite below their pillow.

It will help them avoid nightmares.

You can also enjoy the addiction-stopping effects of the Amazonite when you keep it under your pillow.

Should I Charge Amazonite in Water Like I Can with Tourmaline?

Charging Amazonite in water like you can with tourmaline may not be advisable.

While tourmaline water use is popular, Amazonite is sensitive to water and can easily break down. It’s best to charge Amazonite using moonlight or with other crystals, such as selenite.

What Can You Do with Amazonite?

  • You can always keep the Amazonite stone with you because it is a stone of wealth. It can help you earn more money. Amazonite will keep you calm when making tough business decisions. You will get the reward for this calmness in the form of more clients and business.
  • People wear Amazonite jewelry to enhance their appearance. It is a unique stone and grabs the attention of everybody around you. You can boost your style with this crystal.
  • Keeping the Amazonite crystal in your home and office increase your productivity. You will find peace in your home and office when you keep Amazonite crystals there.
  • Amazonite is a perfect crystal to improve your relationship. You and your partner can carry Amazonite with you to enhance your relationship.
  • Keeping Amazonite crystal under your pillow will give you a high-quality sleep. It also prevents nightmares.

To Summarize: How to Charge Amazonite

People are learning how to charge Amazonite because they know about the healing benefits of this stone.

These points will help you care for the Amazonite better to get maximum healing benefits.

  • You can put the Amazonite in water for a short time because it has a hardness score of 6 to 6.5 on the Moh hardness scale.
  • Putting Amazonite in the sunlight or moonlight charges it with positive energy.
  • It is better to cleanse the Amazonite to get maximum charging benefits.
  • Smudging with sage is a decent way to add positive energy to the Amazonite crystals.