How to Charge Citrine?

How to Charge Citrine

Citrine is one of the most powerful crystals that can change your life. It can increase your ability to change reality with manifestation. You will stay optimistic during the change due to Citrine.

You can enjoy the benefits of this crystal when you know how to charge Citrine. Charging Citrine will increase its healing powers because no negative energies block the positive vibrations. It is crucial to avoid crystal damage during the charging process.

Four Main Ways to Charge Citrine

There are many ways to charge a crystal.

You have to look for two things when charging a crystal.

The crystal should not produce toxic gases or radiations during the charging process.

The charging agent should not damage the crystal structure.

When you are sure about these aspects, you can follow the steps to complete the procedure.

It is easy to determine the durability and toxicity aspects of some crystals.

If you have a clear Quartz crystal, you can be sure there are no durability or toxicity issues.

When you have a stone with intense color, it is hard to determine the toxicity factor.

A crystal can be safe most of the time but produce toxicity sometimes.

Some crystals resist damage from one charging method but suffer damage from the other methods.

We have compiled a list of four ways to charge Citrine crystals.

Sunlight, Moonlight, Cleansing Crystals, and Intentions can help you charge the Citrine.

We will discuss the effects of these charging methods on Citrine.

1. You Can Charge Citrine Using Full Moonlight

If someone wants to charge Citrine crystals without sunlight damage, he can use the Moonlight.

Moonlight is the best alternative to Sunlight because it also helps you charge your crystals.

You can use this method to prevent UV rays exposure also.

Moonlight is beneficial for the stones because it is part of the sunlight.

When the sunlight reflects from the moon, it loses most of the UV rays.

Sunlight also loses its damaging intensity during reflection from the moon.

Putting Citrine in the moonlight for a long time does not damage the crystal structure.

It does not fade the crystal color also.

One of the disadvantages of moonlight charging is limited time.

Moonlight does not have enough charging powers on all days of the month.

You must wait for the lunar cycle’s fourteenth day to charge your crystal.

You cannot charge your Citrine crystal with full moon power on the other days of the month.

It is easy to find the perfect date for charging your crystals from a Google search.

You can look for the full moon date in your area to place your crystals outside.

You can keep the crystal near the window to receive moonlight the entire night.

It can help you charge your crystal to its capacity.

2.  You Can Charge Citrine Using Sunlight

You can charge the Citrine with Sunlight.

Putting it in the sunlight for a long time can fade the crystal color.

All types of crystals can suffer from sunlight damage if you place them in the sunlight for days.

Every crystal can resist sunlight damage to a certain extent.

One of聽November’s birthstones, Citrine,聽can handle sunlight for a few hours.

We do not recommend putting this crystal in intense sunlight for the whole day.

It can also increase the crystal’s temperature to damage the crystal structure.

It is better to put it in the sunlight in the morning or evening.

This timing is perfect because the sunlight has equal charging intensity the whole day.

Light has lower concentrations of UV rays in the morning and evening.

Most crystals suffer UV damage when you put them in sunlight for a long time. It is the same for citrine.

You can avoid it by limiting the exposure time of your Citrine crystal.

Sunlight has cleansing and charging abilities.

It will remove negative energy from the Citrine crystals and charge them with positive energy.

You will notice a difference in your confidence level when you keep the

Citrine crystal in sunlight.

It is due to the overflowing energy of this crystal.

3. You Can Charge Citrine Using Your Intentions

Charging the Citrine crystal with intentions depends on the person’s ability to imagine their intentions.

A person with a strong intention can charge the crystal without aid from another method.

It is not accurate for all cases because people do not have enough strength in their intentions to charge the Citrine crystals.

Most experts recommend combining the intention charging with some other charging methods.

You can follow these steps to increase the power of your intentions to charge the Citrine crystal.

  1. Hold the Citrine crystal firmly in your hands.
  2. Image the things you want in your life while holding the Citrine crystal.
  3. Think that the positive energy from these things is going to your Citrine crystal.
  4. Use your strong imaginations to think about your wildest desires when holding Citrine to charge it.

You can repeat some affirmations during the intention charging process to enhance the charging power of your intentions.

These are some of the most common affirmations.

  • I am a successful person.
  • I am nailing my family and work life.
  • I am a confident person.
  • Everyone likes me.

4. You Can Charge Citrine Using Big Amethyst or Quartz Geode

You can charge the Citrine crystals with Geodes.

It is better to arrange a large geode of Amethyst or Quartz because these crystals release a lot of positive energy in the form of geodes.

Amethyst is a purple crystal that can cleanse all types of energy.

It is famous for absorbing negative energies and converting them to positive energies.

Amethyst will release the positive energy after the conversion.

Quartz can help you amplify the energies.

If a crystal has healing powers, Quartz will enhance these powers to increase its effect on the person’s life.

Citrine can have high-intensity healing vibrations when you put it in the Quartz Geode.

It is a famous charging technique because it does not damage the crystal.

You can keep the Citrine crystal in the geode for a long time without damaging effects.

You can take a geode of Amethyst or Quartz and place the Citrine at the center of the crystals.

The energy conversion process will start immediately.

If you can find a geode with Amethyst and Quartz, the charging effect will increase many folds.

Quartz will enhance the energy conversion effects of the Amethyst to give you excellent charging results.

To Summarize: How to Charge Citrine?

Learning how to charge Citrine crystal can help you prevent crystal damage to your crystal and increase its healing benefits.

These points will help you achieve your crystal charging goals.

  • Citrine can help you improve your confidence.
  • Sunlight can charge the Citrine crystals.
  • It is better to put the Citrine in sunlight in the morning or evening to prevent the crystal color from fading.
  • Moonlight is an excellent Citrine charging agent because it does not damage the crystal.
  • You can get strong moonlight once every fourteen days because only a full moon can charge crystals well.
  • Amethyst and Quartz geodes can convert the negative energy in the Citrine to positive energy and enhance its healing powers.
  • It is better to arrange geode with Amethyst and Quartz to increase the charging power.
  • You can charge Citrine crystal with your strong intentions.

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