How to Charge Lapis Lazuli?

How to Charge Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli has many healing benefits because it can reduce your blood pressure, boost immunity, and lower the severity of inflammation in your body. Lapis Lazuli gathers more negative energy because of its ultramarine color.

It has pyrite particles in the crystal structure that makes the crystal peculiar. We will discuss how to charge Lapis Lazuli without damaging the crystal structure. People can increase the Lapis Lazuli health benefits with some charging methods.

How to Charge Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis Lazuli has a hardness score of 5 to 5.5 on the Moh hardness scale.

All the crystals with a hardness level of more than five can resist water damage.

They can also resist physical damage effectively when they have a high hardness score.

As Lapis Lazuli has a hardness score near the limit value, we have to care for its durability.

It may not handle water for a long time.

These facts can affect the charging methods of the Lapis Lazuli.

You will find excellent methods to charge the Lapis Lazuli without damaging its crystal structure.

How to Charge Lapis Lazuli in Moonlight?

Lapis Lazuli can receive positive energies from the moonlight because moonlight can charge crystals with calming energy.

Moonlight has similar charging power as the sunlight with less damaging effects.

Moonlight is due to sunlight reflecting from the moon’s surface.

People take a bath in the moonlight to connect with nature and remove negative energy from their life.

Moonlight can do the same for the crystals also.

You can wait for the full moon to gain maximum healing energy from the Lapis Lazuli.

Moonlight does not have equal intensity every night.

The moon changes light intensity in a fourteen-day cycle.

You can wait for the fourteenth-day moon to get maximum charging moonlight.

There is not enough moonlight to charge the Lapis Lazuli on other days.

It is better to expose crystal to the moonlight directly.

Putting it behind the glass can reduce the charging powers of the Moonlight.

How to Charge Lapis Lazuli in the Sun?

Sunlight exposure is an excellent way to charge your Lapis Lazuli crystals in a short time.

You have to limit the time for sunlight exposure to protect the crystals.

It is also crucial to check the heat resistance levels before putting it in the sunlight for a long time.

Sunlight can increase the material temperature drastically.

You may not be able to reverse the effects of sunlight on a stone when you expose it to UV rays or heat for a long time.

Lapis Lazuli can resist UV rays damage for a short time because its color does not fade after a few hours of exposure.

You can place the Lapis Lazuli in the sunlight in the morning or evening time to avoid overexposure to the sunlight.

It will help you avoid overexposure to the heat.

You have to limit the exposure time for the Lapis Lazuli also because exposure to this stone for more than two hours in one day can impact its color.

How to Charge Lapis Lazuli Using Sage Herb?

You can use the smudging technique to charge the Lapis Lazuli when you charge it with the sage herb.

You can open your windows or go outdoors to perform this charging because you have to burn the Sage to charge the Lapis Lazuli.

Doing this procedure in a closed space will force the surrounding objects to absorb the negative energy.

You can take a bowl and place the bundle of sage in it to start the charging process.

One end of the sage bundle should be out of the bowl from one side.

You can place the Lapis Lazuli stone above the smoke.

The positive energy from the sage herb will enter the Lapis Lazuli through the smoke.

How to Charge Lapis Lazuli Using Amethyst Geode?

Geode charging is perfect for people who do not want to place their crystal outside for the entire night.

You can use the geode charging techniques to avoid damage to the Lapis Lazuli.

You need one Amethyst or Quartz geode to start the charging process.

Amethyst is famous for its energy conversion properties.

It can take negative energy from the Lapis Lazuli and convert it to positive energy.

Quartz can enhance the healing powers of the Lapis Lazuli.

When you have a geode with both crystals, the charging effect increases.

Placing the Lapis Lazuli at the center of the geode will do the work.

Quartz will enhance the healing powers of the Lapis Lazuli while Amethyst charges it with positive energy.

You need to find an Amethyst geode with a clear center.

A round geode will help you charge the Lapis Lazuli faster.

Amethyst will give positive energy to the Lapis Lazuli from all sides in the round geode.

How to Charge Lapis Lazuli with Intentions?

Experts recommend using intentions with the other charging techniques because it will prepare your stone for specific healing benefits.

You can hold the Lapis Lazuli in your hand to start the charging process.

You can imagine the stone glowing and the light inside the stone.

There is no need to hold your imagination back when you are charging your stone with the intentions.

The stone can gain more positive energy when you express your deepest desires in your imagination.

How Can You Charge Lapis Lazuli Quickly?

There is more than one way to charge the Lapis Lazuli quickly.

You can put the stone inside a bowl and charge it with selenite or hematite for fast charging.

Using sage smoke while holding the stone with both hands and using the intention charging technique can charge it quickly.

Moonlight from the full moon can charge the Lapis Lazuli with positive energy.

These are the ways to charge the Lapis Lazuli fast without damaging the crystal structure.

How Can You Take Care of Lapis Lazuli?

You can take care of Lapis Lazuli crystals by regularly removing dirt from their surface.

You can wash the Lapis Lazuli with water and soap solutions.

It is better to use lukewarm water to clean the Lapis Lazuli.

It will remove most dirt and grime from the surface.

It is better to avoid exposing Lapis Lazuli to the acid solutions because they can damage the crystal surface.

For surface damage prevention, you should test the commercial cleanser on a small part of the crystal before applying it to the entire crystal.

Putting Lapis Lazuli in boiling water can harm the stone.

Can the Benefits of Tumbled Lapis Lazuli Stones be Enhanced through Charging Methods?

Tumbled lapis lazuli stones are believed to benefit from charging methods to enhance their natural properties.

Exposing the lapis lazuli tumbled stones to sunlight or moonlight or placing them near a cleansing crystal like selenite means their metaphysical energy can be amplified.

Can Lapis Lazuli go to Saltwater?

Lapis Lazuli cannot go in Saltwater because it does not resist damage from Saltwater.

One reason for the lack of Saltwater resistance is the low hardness score.

Lapis Lazuli has some compounds that can react with the Sodium and Chloride atoms in the Saltwater solution.

Saltwater has high osmolarity.

It can enter the surface of the Lapis Lazuli to make it porous.

This action of Saltwater increases the chances of Saltwater damage to the Lapis Lazuli.

Some suggest that you should not allow the salt water to touch the Lapis Lazuli for a few minutes.

It can harm the crystal within a few minutes.

To Summarize: How to Charge Lapis Lazuli

It is hard to enjoy the benefits of Lapis Lazuli for a long time if you do not know how to charge Lapis Lazuli.

These points will help you understand the charging process of this stone.

  • You can charge Lapis Lazuli in sunlight by limiting the exposure time to less than two hours.
  • Exposing Lapis Lazuli to moonlight for the entire night of the full moon will charge the crystal fully.
  • Amethyst geode and smoke from the sage herb can charge the Lapis Lazuli also.
  • Combing intentions with other charging techniques will speed up Lapis Lazuli charging.
  • You cannot put Lapis Lazuli in salt water. Saltwater can damage the Lapis Lazuli stone fast.

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