How to Clean Malachite?

How to Clean Malachite

Malachite is a green stone with a magnificent appearance. You can enhance the malachite’s look by cleaning it.

Learning how to clean malachite is better because you cannot clean it the same way as the other stones. You can learn everything about cleaning malachite from this article.

Is It Safe to Clean Malachite Using the Same Methods as Satin Spar and Selenite?

When it comes to cleaning malachite, it’s important to note the satin spar and selenite differences.

While both satin spar and selenite are soft and can be damaged by water and harsh chemicals, malachite is more durable and can be safely cleaned using the same methods as these two delicate stones.

How to Clean Malachite Without Causing Damage?

Malachite is green due to the copper.

Copper can be toxic if you do not take precautions while cleaning the malachite.

Learning about the physical and chemical properties before you start the cleaning process is better.

The Physical Challenge when Cleaning Malachite

It is hard to clean the malachite because of its physical properties.

A high concentration of copper in the stone will make it soft.

It also gives a green color to the malachite. Green stones are rare in nature.

The softness of the malachite enhances its toxicity.

There are many ways malachite can harm your health while you are cleaning it.

It will produce toxic dust because most materials can scratch the malachite.

It has a hardness score of 3.5 to 4 on the Moh hardness scale.

You cannot polish it without protective gear as it may produce toxic dust.

Most people put stones in the water to clean them.

You cannot put the malachite for a long time because it will give toxic fumes into the water.

Copper can dissolve and react with the water to produce toxic fumes.

These fumes are detrimental to your health.

Sellers put a sealant on the malachite to prevent the harmful effects. It is better to care for the sealant.

Any damage to the top layer of malachite will result in the production of toxic dust or fumes.

You should clean the malachite as little as possible.

You should not clean the malachite unnecessarily.

You can follow these steps to reduce the chances of copper toxicity during malachite cleaning when you have a recently collected raw stone.

  • Keep the malachite in a ventilated space for the cleaning process.
  • Wear safety gloves that do not pass dust to the hands.
  • Protect your hands, nose, mouth, and other body parts with protective equipment if the stone has malachite dust.

You can do a different process when the malachite is covered in dust.

  • It is better to use protective equipment in this process also.
  • Use a toothbrush to remove the dust from the malachite crystals.
  • Scrub the stone after dipping it in the water once.
  • You can dip it in the soap solution for a short time if the dust does not come off.
  • You can leave the malachite in the soap water for some time if the dust does not come off.

We do not recommend cleaning or polishing malachite in a tumbler because it can damage the stone.

You can put it in the tumbler for a short time with soft polishing grit.

The grit should have the same hardness as the malachite to avoid crystal damage.

It is better to dispose of the copper-containing solution because it is toxic.

Don’t Use Bleach

You cannot use the same methods to clean the malachite as the other stones.

Some experts put the high hardness stones in the acids and the bleach for weeks.

They do it to remove the unwanted impurities from the crystals.

You cannot do it for the malachite because of the toxic fumes and low hardness.

People put the malachite in bleach or acid to remove the calcite deposition on the stone.

Removing these deposits can also damage the crystal structure.

We recommend using Dremel tools to remove the dust and calcite depositions.

The methods involving bleach are unsafe.

How to Clean Finished Malachite Jewelry and Malachite?

You can clean the malachite inside the jewelry using different methods that ensure the surface seal does not break.

Malachite jewelry has a protective layer to protect the crystal and humans.

If the top protective layer breaks, it will cause leakage of copper from the malachite.

It also increases the chances of crystal breakage.

You can buff the malachite with a soft cloth that does not affect the surface integrity.

Knowing the polishing material type is better because soap water can break the top layer.

You can also get cleaning and polishing services from professional jewelers.

How to Cleanse Malachite? (Metaphysically Cleansing Malachite)

You can enhance the healing benefits of the malachite by cleansing it.

You can cleanse a stone better when you know its physical properties.

When you know the physical properties, it is easy to protect your crystal from damage during the cleansing process.

Malachite can become dangerous when you use the traditional ways of stone cleansing.

You should not do anything during cleaning that damages the malachite protective covering.

People put it in the sunlight or moonlight for cleansing.

Some put the malachite in water or salt water for cleansing.

You can only use these methods when the malachite has a protective covering.

How to Cleanse MalachIte without Hurting the Integrity of the Stone?

We have arranged a list of ways to cleanse the malachite without hurting its integrity.

You can handle the stone without fearing toxicity when the top layer integrity does not fail.

  • You can bury the stone in the ground or leave it for days.
  • Placing dried herbs on the top and bottom of the malachite.
  • Place the crystal in front of you during meditation.
  • Put the malachite in the moonlight for a long time.
  • You can place the stone with the cleaning crystals.

These methods do not involve harsh chemicals and liquids that can harm the surface of the malachite.

To Summarize: How to Clean Malachite

It is better to know about the physical and chemical properties of the malachite to clean it without harmful effects on your health.

These points can summarize the most crucial aspects of how to clean malachite crystals.

  • Malachite can produce toxic dust and fumes because of its high copper concentration.
  • You can use cleaning methods that do not damage the top protective layer.
  • You cannot use harsh chemicals to clean the malachite.
  • It is better to use cleansing processes that do not hurt the integrity of the stone.