How to Cleanse Red Jasper?

How to Cleanse Red Jasper

Keeping a Red Jasper with you will help you balance your emotions and improve daily activities due to the intense positive vibrations of the stone.

Many ask how to cleanse Red Jasper because cleansing this stone increases its healing benefits.

What Is Red Jasper? 

Red Jasper has red color due to iron impurities.

It is one of the strong stones to protect from negative energies.

It is due to the root chakra healing effects of the Red Jasper.

Several factors in nature affect the Red Jasper stone formation.

Rain, sunlight, wind, and other forms of energy can affect its formation because it is a sedimentary rock. Th

is rock will allow you to get benefits from all these elements because it can affect these elements to help in your situation.

If you are concerned about your work life, you can keep Red Jasper in your office.

Keeping this stone in your home will improve your relationship with your friend and family.

You can also bring balance to your family and work life with the help of Red Jasper.

You can also avoid things affecting your health with the positive energies of the Red Jasper.

Red Jasper Care and Cleaning Process

There are several cleaning and caring methods for different stones.

You can clean them mildly with the help of water by adding soap.

Cleaning methods can also be harsh that involve ultrasonic machines.

Red Jasper has a hardness score of 6.5 to 7 on the Moh hardness scale.

You can clean it with water or by adding mild soap to it.

Most experts do not recommend using abrasive chemicals for the Red Jasper because these chemicals can damage the stone surface.

Putting Red Jasper in a dye can affect its color due to its porous crystal structure.

You cannot keep them with stones with high hardness values.

If a stone has a hardness score above seven, it can make scratches on the Red Jasper surface.

You should not keep it with Diamonds, Topaz, and Quartz.

5 Ways to Clean Red Jasper

You can use several ways to clean the Red Jasper.

It is essential to clean the stone once in a while because dirt can affect the stone’s healing effects.

It is better to clean the stone with non-abrasive methods first to prevent damage to the stone’s crystal structure.

You can start the cleaning procedure by keeping the Red Jasper in the water for a few hours.

Putting it in the water for two hours is the optimum time.

Putting it in water for more than two hours can oxidize the iron in the crystal to make it brown.

Some of the most common cleansing methods are on this list.

1. Cleansing Red Jasper with Water

Water is a perfect medium to clean and cleanse the Red Jasper.

Putting the stone in water for a few hours will remove dirt and negative energies.

It is better to cleanse the Red Jasper when you buy it the first time because the stone can have negative energies from the previous owner.

Some suggest adding salt to the water to enhance the cleansing power of the water.

Salt is a magnet for negative energies.

It is better to get water from natural sources.

You can put the Red Jasper in stream water for three to five minutes to remove all negative energies.

Some experts suggest putting the Red Jasper below tap water for a few minutes to remove negative energies.

2. Red Jasper Cleansing with Full Moon

Moonlight is a perfect medium to cleanse and charge the Red Jasper.

You can keep the stone in the moonlight for the entire night to remove all negative energies.

It is better to put the Red Jasper in the moonlight of the full moon because it has more cleansing power.

You will get a full moon on the fourteenth day of the lunar cycle.

You can also put the Red Jasper in water and keep the setup in the moonlight for the entire night for a better cleansing result.

This method also adds positive vibrations to the Red Jasper.

3. Red Jasper Cleansing with Sage Smoke

You can use the smoke from the sage if you want to clean the Red Jasper fast.

You can remove all types of negative energies from the Red Jasper within one minute if you pass sage smoke from the Red Jasper.

Most experts recommend doing this procedure outdoors.

You can also do it indoors after opening all windows.

You should not allow the smoke to accumulate in your home because the smoke will transfer negative energies to your home.

It is better to make a bundle of sage herbs and keep it in a bowl.

You can keep one side of the bundle out of the bowl and burn it.

It should start producing cleansing smoke immediately after burning.

4. Cleansing Red Jasper with Amethyst Geode

Amethyst is a self-healing and positive energy-emitting stone.

It can absorb negative energy and convert it to positive energy.

You can see this effect of Amethyst in the geode form prominently due to raw crystals in the geodes.

You can get an amethyst geode and put the Red Jasper at the center.

You can keep the Red Jasper in the Amethyst geode for many days because it will not harm the Red Jasper.

This method will remove all negative energies and charge the Red Jasper with the positive energies.

5. Using Earth to Cleanse Red Jasper

Earth has positive energy at its core.

It radiates this energy as all the crystals are full of positive energy from the earth when you take them out of the rock.

Some experts prefer the earth-based cleansing method because the Red Jasper has root chakra.

Earth can affect this chakra more than other elements.

You can dig a small hole and keep the Red Jasper in it for a few days.

This method is more effective when the stone has intense negative energy.

You can use this cleaning method when you want to recover from a disease.

People emit a lot of negative energies when they are sick.

What Is the Best Method for Cleansing Red Jasper?

When it comes to cleansing red jasper gemstone meanings and properties, the best method is to use a gentle and natural approach.

You can cleanse red jasper by placing it in a bowl of purified water with a pinch of sea salt, or by smudging it with sage to remove any negative energy.

How to Charge Red Jasper?

You can use different methods to charge Red Jasper.

Using your body’s energy to charge and program the stone is more effective.

The body’s energy is known as Reiki.

You can start the process by holding the crystal in both hands and allowing the body’s energy to pass from it.

You can meditate and think about positive things.

You can also imagine energy coming from your body to the Red Jasper.

It enhances the charging process.

You can also make the Red Jasper bracelet and wear it while meditation to add positive energy to the stones.

How often should I clean Red Jasper?

Most experts recommend cleaning the Red Jasper once a month.

You can do it less often if you are not using the stone every day.

You may need to cleanse the Red Jasper every day if you are sick.

If negative people surround you, it will be better to cleanse the Red Jasper more often.

You can get an estimate of the cleansing time by holding the stone.

If the stone feels heavier than before, you should cleanse it.

To Summarize: How to Cleanse Red Jasper

It is better to learn how to cleanse Red Jasper to enhance the healing effects.

These points will help you learn about the Red Jasper.

  • You can put Red Jasper in water for two hours to clean it.
  • It is suitable to use soap and water to clean the Red Jasper.
  • Moonlight from a full moon can cleanse Red Jasper of negative energies.
  • Sage smoke can cleanse Red Jasper fast because it removes all negative energies from the stone.
  • Putting Red Jasper in an Amethyst geode will remove all negative energies and add positive energy.
  • You can put the Red Jasper in the soil by digging a hole in the ground to cleanse it. It will remove intense negative energies from the stone.