How to Tell if Rose Quartz Is Real?

How to Tell if Rose Quartz Is Real

Rose Quartz is a pink stone with healing properties. You can enjoy the healing properties of the rose quartz if you have the authentic product, as you can learn how to tell if rose quartz is real or fake in this article.

There are a few things that you need to look for when you want to determine if rose quartz is real. First, the color of the stone should be pink or reddish-pink. Second, it should have a waxy or oily feel to it. Third, it should be relatively heavy and slightly translucent.

Some sellers may make fake rose quartz from plastic material.

How Can You Tell if Rose Quartz Is Real or Fake?

You can find an authentic rose quartz crystal from the market to check the color, texture, and fee.

It is easy to identify it when you know the feel of the rock surface.

The counterfeit rose quartz will look like glass or plastic.

Rose quartz does not have large bubbles in the crystal structure.

If you see bubbles with the naked eyes, it is a sign of a fake product.

Most forged rose quartz products have a high level of transparency because they contain glass.

The authentic rose quartz crystals are not transparent.

Rose quartz crystals can be slightly translucent.

It is a fake product if you see things on the other side of the rose quartz.

Some People Will Try to Sell You Rose Quartz Under Different Names (FAKE)

Some people may sell the rose quartz with the other names.

All the authentic sellers will give you the rose quartz with its original name because fake rose quartz sellers may name it something else to avoid lawsuits.

They may tell you it is strawberry quartz or aura quartz.

You should not buy these stones because there is a high chance you may get the fake one.

It is better to get a bill by the name of rose quartz if buying from the market to ensure you get the authentic product.

It is unsuitable to buy the rose quartz with a label of some other crystal.

Rose Quartz Is Available ONLY in Pink (REAL)

Roze quartz is only available in the pink color.

If a seller wants to sell you a stone of a color other than pink by the name rose quartz, you should look somewhere else.

You will never get the rose quartz in different colors.

The authentic one is pink with some deep inside.

Rose quartz has a pink color with a specific shade as you will not get it in the bright pink.

Some sellers sell the fuchsia color stone by the name rose quartz.

Authentic rose quartz does not have this color.

It is better to avoid these sellers.

Rose Quartz Is Not Perfectly Symmetrical

Rose quartz does not occur in perfect symmetry in nature.

You will get some imperfections in the rose quartz if you buy a polished stone as there are many imperfections, cracks, and symmetry errors in the raw rose quartz.

You can ask the experts before purchasing rose quartz without imperfections.

Near to perfect symmetry is only possible when the stone has a high price or is fake.

It is better to consult more than one expert before buying expensive rose quartz.

It is hard to find a polished stone in an even shape.

A Real Rose Quartz Is NOT Transparent, BUT Slightly Translucent

Rose quartz crystals are shiny with a dense core.

You will not see anything from the rose quartz.

You can test your rose quartz crystals by placing an object on the other side of the crystal.

The item on the other side should not change the shade of the rose quartz.

If there is a change in the rose shade, it is not authentic.

Some retailers may tell you that they have rose quartz of high quality because it is a translucent crystal.

You should not believe them because most fakes have a high translucency.

Thus, the translucency of rose quartz crystal is not proof that the seller is selling you real rose quartz.

If someone asks how to tell if rose quartz is real, you can give them information about the translucency.

It is one of the perfect ways to tell difference between the original and fake rose quartz.

Real Rose Quartz Has White Streaks That Swirl

It is impossible to find the rose quartz with an even pink color.

Rose quartz forms slowly with a specialized natural process.

Magma cools down slowly to form the quartz crystals.

Some iron enters the quartz crystal during the formation as iron is responsible for the pink color of rose quartz.

It does not distribute in the crystal evenly.

You can see white swirls in the rose quartz because of the uneven iron atom distribution.

It is counterfeit rose quartz if you find a stone with even color without swirls.

Miners find the large pieces of rose quartz inside the ground.

They identify the rose quartz by looking at the veins of white quartz inside the pink-colored parts.

All the rose quartz crystals must have some swirls because these are part of authentic rose quartz.

FAKE Rose Quartz Is Lighter than the REAL Rose Quartz

Rose quartz has a high density.

It also has high specific gravity due to its high density.

A small rose quartz crystal should have more weight in the small area.

It is better to check the weight of some rose quartz crystals before you can find the authenticity of the unknown crystal.

The fake crystals will feel lightweight because of the glass material.

If the retailer made it with plastic material, the counterfeit product does not have a high weight.

You can check the surface feel and the weight at the same time.

It should not have a glassy feel and is lightweight.

You can also look for bubbles and air spaces in the forged quartz because the authentic rose quartz does not have them.

To Summarize: How Can You Tell if Rose Quartz Is Real or Fake

There is no need to buy fake rose quartz because you can get authentic rose quartz at a low price.

Some people get unauthentic products because they believe they will serve a decoration purpose.

Some may not notice the fake rose quartz.

A rock enthusiast will tell you about the authenticity of the rose quartz.

You will not get rose quartz’s healing and metaphysical benefits of rose quartz if you buy the fake product.

It is better to invest some money in rose quartz because it will help you improve your home and family.