5 Lapis Lazuli Negative Effects: Is it Toxic?

Lapis Lazuli Negative Effects

You can suffer from the harmful effects of a crystal if you do not know its chemical structure. Lapis Lazuli is an excellent healing stone when you use it right.

Learning about Lapis Lazuli negative effects can protect you from poisoning and organ damage.

What Are the Lapis Lazuli Negative Effects?

Poisoning can occur from the Lapis Lazuli in different ways.

It can cause poisoning if you ingest a part of the stone.

Some reported poisoning due to the regular use of this stone.

The chances of harmful effects increase with cuts on the stone’s surface because more toxic material can leak from the Lapis Lazuli and harm your health.

It is better to feel the overflow of negative energy in this stone because negative energy from the previous owner can disturb your routines.

Lapis Lazuli Poisoning During Regular Use

Most minerals do not cause poisoning because they are chemically stable.

You can look for the crystal’s harness score, radioactivity, and leaching effect.

Uranium and thorium can enter a crystal during the formation stage.

These elements can stay radioactive for millions of years.

You can check the Lapis Lazuli for radioactivity with a Geiger counter.

If you get a high reading, you can keep it away from your body because it can cause radiation poisoning.

Lapis Lazuli has a hardness score of 5 to 5.5 on the Moh hardness scale.

Putting it in water for cleansing can make the water toxic.

You cannot drink water after putting Lapis Lazuli in it because it will cause poisoning.

Some components of Lapis Lazuli can leach into water when it stays there for a long time.

You can also avoid it.

Putting crystals in water is a regular thing for crystal cleansing.

Doing the same for the Lapis Lazuli can cause poisoning.

You may not encounter heavy metals in most Lapis Lazuli stones frequently.

There are chances this stone may contain some of these.

Taken Internally, Lapis Lazuli Can Cause Poisoning

Ingesting a small part of the crystal may not appear threatening because these crystals are less soluble in water.

You cannot take chances with the Lapis Lazuli because it has high acid dissolution.

It is better to know human stomach has strong acid to protect the body from toxic agents.

This protective layer can work against you when you ingest stones.

When Lapis Lazuli goes to your stomach, your body will secrete acid to dissolve it.

It will release most of the contents due to high acid concentration.

It can contain some toxic elements also.

Heavy metals and asbestos can enter your stomach after Lapis Lazuli ingestion.

The human stomach has hydrochloric acid for digestion.

Stones can have fluoride and sulfur in elemental form.

Your stomach can produce sulfuric acid and hydrofluoric acid when these elements go into your stomach and react with the HCl.

It is better to avoid ingesting Lapis Lazuli due to the high chances of toxicity from one of the components of the stone.

Cuts in Lapis Lazuli Can Cause Poisoning

Cuts in a stone can enhance leaching.

There are higher chances of poisoning when cutting Lapis Lazuli because it has heavy metals.

Heavy metals can go into the air in dust form when you cut the stone.

Inhaling the poisonous dust of Lapis Lazuli can deteriorate your health.

It can also cause health issues.

Heavy metals are not the only threats when cutting a stone because asbestos can also cause health damage.

Asbestos can damage your nerve cells after entering your body through the lungs.

It is better to handle the Lapis Lazuli containing cuts with care because the more exposed surfaces can increase the effects of radioactivity.

Does Lapis Lazuli Bring Bad Luck?

Lapis Lazuli can never bring bad luck.

Some people think that this stone can accumulate a lot of negative energy from its owner.

They consider that this negative energy can bring bad luck.

It is untrue because Lapis Lazuli is a stone of luck and prosperity.

If there is negative energy in the stone, you may not get maximum healing benefits as it can block the positive effects of the stone.

You can cleanse the stone from negative energy in non-damaging ways.

Lapis Lazuli will keep you calm in stressful situations.

This ability of the stone will help you make better financial decision and brings prosperity.

You can keep your mind open for new ideas when you have Lapis Lazuli, as this stone will help you accept helpful suggestions from your mind.

Does Lapis Lazuli Harm Your Health?

There are no harmful effects metaphysically of the Lapis Lazuli.

You may suffer from the harmful physical effects of this stone when you do not handle it according to the instructions from the experts.

It is wrong to think crystals have negative effects.

You may not get the positive effects of the crystals fast.

It is also better to understand how crystal work.

You may not think something is good for you after crystal changes your behavior.

People do not want to change as they are afraid when crystal makes changes in their life.

It is better to think positively because everything will go in a positive direction after you keep Lapis Lazuli with you for some time.

You may not see the effects at first.

The final result will surprise you.

A Risk of Toxicity Associated with Lapis Lazuli Caused by Pyrite

Pyrite is a major component of the Lapis Lazuli crystals.

It is one of the most toxic minerals because of iron and sulfur in its crystal structure.

We can see the lapis lazuli negative effects in one of the provinces of China.

As water comes from the pyrite mine, it dissolves iron and sulfur.

These elements make the water toxic as sulfur can make sulfuric acid in water.

Iron can also react with oxygen in the water to make toxic rust chemicals.

When Lapis Lazuli Comes in Contact with Water, Does It Become Toxic?

Putting Lapis Lazuli in water for a short time does not produce toxic chemicals.

We do not recommend putting it in drinking water and bath water for a long time.

Putting it in drinking water may make the water toxic.

If you have sensitive skin, putting Lapis Lazuli in bathwater will cause allergic reactions.

It can also irritate your skin when it comes in direct contact.

It is better to consult experts when you are unsure about putting a stone in water.

Can Anyone Wear Lapis Lazuli?

It is safe for anyone to wear the Lapis Lazuli.

It is better to check your compatibility with the stone by taking online compatibility tests.

Experts recommend wearing this stone if Saturn is your ruling planet.

People wear Lapis Lazuli because it brings wealth and prosperity.

You can also get medicinal benefits of Lapis Lazuli because it can help in case of heart disease, sore throat, and epilepsy.

Children can enjoy the benefits of Lapis Lazuli by wearing it on their necks. It is safe for children.

To Summarize: The Lapis Lazuli Negative Effects

Most of the Lapis Lazuli negative effects are due to the physical properties of the stone.

There is no need to worry about the metaphysical effects of the Lapis Lazuli.

These points will help you understand the harmful effects of this stone better.

  • Lapis Lazuli can cause poisoning with regular use because it can have radioactive components.
  • Cuts on the Lapis Lazuli can increase the toxicity-producing effects of the stone.
  • It is unsuitable for ingesting the Lapis Lazuli stone because it can dissolve in stomach acids.
  • Lapis Lazuli never brings bad luck as it is a stone of prosperity.
  • Lapis Lazuli is safe for everyone because it does not produce any harmful effects metaphysically.
  • It is better to check your compatibility with the Lapis Lazuli to get maximum healing benefits.

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