Opalite vs. Moonstone: What Is the Difference?

Opalite vs. Moonstone

Most cannot find differences when they compare opalite vs. moonstone.

Some buy opalite by the name of the moonstone because they believe both are the same crystals.

We will give a guide to help you identify both of these stones to avoid scams.

Opalite vs. Moonstone: What Are These Gemstones?

Moonstone is a rare gem available at a high price in the market. Opalite is a synthetic opal-like stone made from melting different materials together.

Some sellers sell opalite by the name of moonstone to make more profits.

There are many applications of opalite in the modern world.

You should not pay a high price as it is a synthetic material.

What Is Opalite?

Humans have made a copy of the opals by the name of opalite. It is a synthetic material.

You can use it the same way as zirconium replaces diamonds when you need something cheap.

As opalite is not a natural stone, you can get it in all colors.

People confuse it with moonstone because of its many color variations.

What Are Opalite鈥檚 Physical Properties?

Opalite is popular due to its glowing look.

These are excellent for jewelry as people like wearing opals.

Opals are hard to find and expensive.

Manufacturers combine different metals and dolomite to make this material.

It has a hardness score of 5.5 to 6.5.

All the materials with more hardness can scratch it.

It has some properties of the glass.

It can be brittle if the manufacturer cools the molten dolomite quickly. 

What Is Moonstone?

Moonstone is a mineral made from feldspar and barium. You can get it in gray and blue color.

It can show a range of colors between blue and gray when you place it between your eyes and the light source.

You can identify this stone by the waves-like pattern inside.

It may look like waves are moving inside the stone.

What Are Moonstone鈥檚 Physical Properties?

Moonstone has a high specific gravity as it has more weight in a small volume.

It is a dense material because of the heavy mineral.

It is hard to polish the moonstone because it has a high density.

You can put in the tumbler for a long time.

This stone has high durability because it consists of natural materials.

These stones will lose whine if you do not care for them.

You can polish them again to get better looks.

Opalite vs. Moonstone: What Are the Similarities?

Opalite and moonstone are similar because they have the same opacity.

You can find them all over the world.

These stones consist of silicon dioxide and metal impurities.

Some water molecules in these crystals also give them a unique look.

What Are the Properties of Malachite Compared to Opalite and Moonstone?

Malachite is a copper carbonate mineral known for its vibrant green color and unique banding patterns. While it is a beautiful stone often used in jewelry, it is important to note that malachite is toxic and should not be ingested or used in elixirs.

Opalite, on the other hand, is a man-made glass with a milky, iridescent appearance and is not considered toxic. Moonstone is a variety of feldspar with a pearly sheen and is also non-toxic.

Opalite vs. Moonstone: What Are the Differences?

You will find many differences between opalite vs. moonstone. We will give you a list of differences between them.

  • Companies manufacture opalite, and the moonstones occur naturally.
  • Moonstone consists of a crystal structure. Opalite has an amorphous structure.
  • Moonstone has a high luster than the opalite.
  • You can get opalite in all colors. Moonstone is primarily blue.
  • Opalite is lighter than the moonstone.

Why Opalite and Moonstone Are Often Confused?

The attractive look and color of opalite and moonstone stones allow jewelers to use them in the same type of jewelry.

It confuses people about their identity.

  • These stones have a great look.
  • You can use them in jewelry.
  • The finish is the same after polishing.
  • They can have similar markings.

How Can You Identify Opalite?

You can identify the opalite by its color and finish.

It has a smooth and perfect surface.

You can scratch it easily because it has low hardness.

It will not produce any shine when you place it between the light source and your eye.

It does not have any minerals that produce shine.

Most opalites are blue or light-blue in the market.

How Can You Identify Moonstone?

You can identify the moonstone from its weight. The moonstone is heavier than the opalite.

It is easy to identify it using the light source.

You will observe a rainbow-like pattern when you keep the moonstone between your eyes and the light source.

It is more translucent than opalite.

It will also give a different shade when you tilt it.

It gives the purest blue color.

Where Can You Find Opalite?

You can get the opalite from the stores of the stone manufacturers and jewelers.

You cannot find it in the rocks because it is a synthetic material.

Many stones in the United States and Canada have these stones.

There are many manufacturers in the world for these stones.

Where Can You Find Moonstone?

You can find the moonstone all over the world.

Most of them come from India, North America, and Australia.

You can go to the areas rich in these stones to mine them.

If you cannot go to these areas, you can buy them from the stone shops.

Most sites with the moonstones are not public.

You can pay a hefty fee to get a permit to mine the moonstone. 

What Can You Use Opalite For?

You can use opalite to make expensive-looking jewelry at a lower price.

Most people make beads of opalite to use in necklaces and bracelets.

You can also use opalite for healing powers.

You can keep the opalite with you to improve your energy level.

Some people wear opalite to stop nightmares.

You can keep opalite in your home at different places as you can get many pieces at a lower price.

You can prevent anxiety with opalite stone as it helps you release emotions.

What Can You Use Moonstone For?

People use moonstones to make expensive jewelry.

You can find moonstones in the rings and pendants because individual pieces give a better look to the jewelry.

The moonstone is a perfect stone for people with communication difficulties.

You can also prevent stress and insomnia with moonstone. It is hard to obtain moonstones because they are rare.

You can pay a high price to get a moonstone.

It is better to keep it with you instead of putting it in your home.