Ruby vs. Garnet – What is the Difference?

Ruby vs. Garnet – What is the Difference

Rubies are some of the most valuable stones. They have prices similar to diamonds.

People look for alternatives to make low-priced jewelry of red crystal. We will discuss Ruby vs. Garnet to find the differences between these stones and their similarities.

Ruby vs. Garnet: What is the Difference?

Ruby and Garnet are not the same stones.

There are differences between these stones in terms of value and rarity.

You can also find some color differences.

Ruby and Garnet do not react differently to the light.

Clarity difference is also prominent between these stones.

Many think Ruby is better because of the difference in durability.

We will also discuss the difference between these stones to help you identify authentic ruby crystals.

Ruby vs. Garnet: Light and Clarity

You can differentiate between Ruby and Garnet by checking their clarity.

You can take the stone at keeping it between your eyes and the light source.

A trained eye can differentiate between Ruby and Garnet by analyzing how light reacts to these stones.

You can look for the inclusions in the crystal.

Ruby has several inclusions.

You can observe flaws in the ruby structure while observing it closely.

You can confirm Ruby’s authenticity by putting different colored lights on the stone.

Ruby should pass most light wavelengths except yellow and green.

If all light colors pass from the crystal without disturbance, it is Garnet.

Ruby vs. Garnet: Value and Rarity

It is rare to find Ruby stones of enormous size.

It is hard to find a ruby larger than one carat.

Garnet is not a rare stone because you can get it in different colors.

Some do not consider garnet a gemstone because it is an aggregate of silicate minerals.

Green Garnet stones are rare and have a high price tag.

It is not correct for the Crimson Garnet.

You can get the red garnet frequently.

It does not have a high value because it is available easily.

When a seller gives you a ruby with more than one-carat weight, it is better to investigate its authenticity because the seller may try to sell you crimson Garnet at a high price.

Ruby vs. Garnet: Durability and Toughness

An unprofessional person cannot identify the difference in durability and toughness of different stones.

You can find the difference by taking training and experience under a professional geologist.

Rubies have high durability due to their high hardness score.

It has a hardness score of 9 on the Moh hardness scale.

It is almost as hard as diamonds.

Diamonds have a hardness score of 10 on the Moh hardness scale.

Garnet does not have high durability due to the average hardness score.

It has a hardness score of 7.5 on the Moh hardness scale.

Ruby vs. Garnet: Shade and Color

Both Ruby and Garnet have a red color.

Ruby usually has a deeper red color.

Garnet does not have a deep red color.

These stones also have a purple hue in them.

The purple shade is more prominent in Ruby.

You will not see this effect with such strength in the Garnet.

Ruby does not have orange color in it.

If you find an orange shade in the stone, it should be Garnet.

You can keep these stones side by side to train your eyes to see the difference.

Once you analyze some crystals, it will be easy to find the difference.

Which is Better – Ruby or Garnet?

You cannot get a perfect answer to this question without knowing the details of the person asking the question.

You can give these stones as a gift to someone.

If you are giving it as a birthstone, it is better to find the leading month of the stone.

Garnet is perfect for people born in January.

If the person is born in July, it is better to give them a ruby.

You can also select these stones according to your zodiac sign.

Ruby is a perfect stone for Capricorn.

Aquarius will get maximum benefits from the Garnet.

How to Detect the Difference between Ruby and Garnet? 

You can spot a difference between the Garnet and Ruby stones by checking their color.

Ruby has better crimson color.

Some Ruby crystals can give purple or blue shades.

It is not valid in the Garnet. You can also check the hue of the stone.

If the hue leans towards the shadow, the stone should be Garnet.

You can find the difference in the hardness score also.

Ruby can make scratches on the Garnet due to the high hardness score.

Garnet cannot do the same.

Which is Cheaper – Ruby or Garnet?

There is a marked difference in the price of Ruby and Garnet.

If you have a fixed budget, you cannot enjoy the benefits of both stones.

People with a low budget can buy Garnet due to ease of availability and lower price.

You cannot buy Ruby on a low budget because it is one of the most expensive stones in the world.

It is due to the rarity of Ruby.

It does not frequently form in nature.

It is due to the complex structure of Ruby.

Due to its complexity, it is hard to mimic the ruby structure.

You cannot make it synthetically.

The only source for Ruby is natural.

It increases the price of this stone.

How Can You Test Ruby vs. Garnet?

We will discuss separate ways to test the Ruby and the Garnet stones.

You can spot the difference by checking the color and appearance of the Ruby and Garnet.

How to test Ruby?

Ruby appears to glow in the light.

It has a color similar to the red traffic light.

You can observe the difference in the color of the fake stones.

Ruby will give a vibrant color.

How to test Garnet?

The best way to identify the Garnet crystal is by checking the orange color in the stone.

You will never get an orange hue in the Ruby.

This color is exclusive to Garnet.

Garnet does not have striking red color as the orange shade makes it dull.

You will not get purple or blue colors in the Garnet also.

How Can I Tell the Difference Between Ruby and Garnet?

When trying to distinguish between ruby and garnet, the key lies in their color and luster.

Ruby is a deep, rich red with a high refractive index, while garnet comes in a variety of hues with a glassy luster. Understanding the moldavite and malachite differences can also help in identifying different gemstones.

Is Garnet a Fake Ruby?

We cannot say that Garnet is a fake Ruby because Garnet is a natural stone with specific healing properties.

People try to sell it in place of Ruby because of color similarity.

Garnet has a light shade. It also appears pale.

A deep red color does not confirm Ruby’s identity.

A blue tint in the crystal shows the identity of the Ruby.

The orange shade indicates Garnet because Ruby does not have this shade.

An expert can identify the Ruby by looking at its surface roughness.

Seek professional assistance before buying Ruby

Buying a Ruby is a big decision because you will spend a lot of money to buy it.

One way to get authentic Ruby stone is by buying it from a reputable organization.

It is better to ensure the authenticity of the crystal by checking its authenticity certificate.

You can also get help from a gemologist because they have the equipment to test different types of stones.

They will check the refractive index of the stone to find its identity.

Most cheap deals in the market are fake because sellers are giving Garnet instead of Ruby.

To Summarize: Ruby vs. Garnet

You cannot rely on the beauty of the stone when comparing Ruby vs. Garnet because both crystals can show magnificent colors.

You can keep these points in mind to learn more about these stones.

  • Ruby is an expensive stone due to its rarity and complexity.
  • Garnet has an orange shade. Ruby has blue or purple shades.
  • Garnet has a hardness score of 7.5 on the Moh hardness scale.
  • Ruby is more durable due to a hardness score of 9 on the Moh hardness scale.
  • Some sellers sell Garnet with the label Ruby to gain more profit.