What Are the Top Side Effects of Black Obsidian?

Side Effects of Black Obsidian

Most people keep Black Obsidian with them to improve their mood. It is due to the harmful energy-absorbing properties of the Obsidian.

There are some side effects of Black Obsidian with the healing effects. Most talk about its healing effects only. You can research its harmful effects also because it will help you make a better decision.

Some experts suggest Black Obsidian does not remove negative energy from your body and mind. It will help you handle this energy well. You can get rid of this energy using different channels. It is also due to the grounding energies of Black Obsidian. You will feel easy when you release negative energy with the help of this stone. It can also protect you from the negative energies around you. 

Black Obsidian Properties

Black Obsidian has different properties than most other stones due to its unique formation process.

Most stones form in the deeper layers of the earth.

Black Obsidian quickly forms when the lava comes in contact with water.

As the lava comes out of the earth’s deeper layers, it cools down slowly.

Black Obsidian does not form with slow cooling.

It is a stone with a lack of crystalline structure. Rapid cooling is essential for the Black Obsidian formation.

It is possible when the lava goes to the water directly after coming out of the deeper layers of the earth.

You can observe the effects of rapid cooling on the stone.

Black Obsidian appears like glass because glass also uses the same formation method.

Black Obsidian has grounding powers.

The stone has grounding powers because it comes from the deeper layers of the earth.

It is hard to add Black Obsidian to the list of stones and crystals because it does not have all the properties of the stones and the crystals.

Crystalline structure is an essential part of the crystal and a stone.

As Black Obsidian forms rapidly, there is no time for the atoms to form the crystalline structure.

Lava solidifies without crystal formation.

Experts classify them in the mineraloid category because it does not meet all the criteria to enter the mineral category.

You can learn about the properties of this stone because Black Obsidian can change your stable condition.

It is a stone of rapid energy and works in the same way to change the energy of your body and mind.

How Does Black Obsidian Absorbs and Processes Negative Energy?

Most people use the term absorbing stone for Obsidian.

It is false because it does not absorb a lot of negative energy.

It helps in emotional management with a different technique.

It will help you process negative emotions by managing stressful energy in your life.

The stones do not absorb the negative energy and keep inside it.

It will help you release the energy to different mediums.

It is also crucial to learn that Black Obsidian does not want to make your life easy because the stone formed with intense power and change.

It wants you to become strong and handle all types of harmful energies.

You can say that Black Obsidian is more like a teacher.

The stone sometimes uses harsh techniques to teach you about negative emotion handling.

You may feel worse at the start of keeping Obsidian with you.

If you are unwilling to make your life harder, you may avoid keeping the Black Obsidian.

This stone will make your life easy in the end.

You will believe in yourself when you have Black Obsidian.

It will bring out the self-believing powers from the deeper parts of your subconscious mind to help you become strong.

Are The Side Effects of Rose Quartz Similar to Black Obsidian?

When it comes to comparing the top rose quartz side effects with those of black obsidian, there are some key differences.

While rose quartz is known for promoting love and compassion, black obsidian is believed to help with protection and releasing negative energy. The potential side effects may vary due to these distinct properties.

What Are the Best Ways to Work with Black Obsidian to Process Negative Energy?

There are different ways to work with the Black Obsidian to process the negative energy.

It is crucial to learn the details of the side effects of Black Obsidian as they may become part of the process.

You will know the cause of your discomfort when you know about the side effects.

It will also help you make the situation better by taking the necessary measures.

People who hide behind comforting lies have a hard time with the Black Obsidian because this stone will show the truth about their personality and body.

It is hard to get out of the comforting lies because they will help you stay calm.

We all know that getting out of the illusions about oneself is the best way to handle the most difficult situations.

Obsidian will help you with that by taking you out of your comforting lies.

You will not feel well at the start.

The situation will improve as soon as you allow the Black Obsidian to work without obstructions.

It is crucial to respect the Obsidian as it can bring chaos to your life if you do not handle it well.

It is due to the teacher-like behavior of the Black Obsidian.

Healing through Feet Ritual

People may not feel safe when they have negative energy and emotions in their bodies.

It is hard to focus on your life when you do not always feel secure.

It is better to heal your root chakra to feel better.

You will feel secure when you have strong grounding energies.

You can connect with your base chakra better when you have more grounding energies.

The Feet ritual is perfect for getting more ground energies with the Black Obsidian.

You can put one small Black Obsidian stone at the base of each foot.

There are many ways to keep them attached to your feet.

You can use tape to do it. It is also possible to put them in socks.

It is a perfect ritual to know your purpose because Black Obsidian will give your powers to gather energy before you sleep.

It is due to high-intensity vibrations of the Black Obsidian.

You can increase your chances for making your life better with Obsidian when you journal your thoughts and dreams with the feet ritual.


Black Obsidian works by enhancing the grounding energies of your body.

It is due to its actions on the root chakra of your body.

The root chakra can affect all parts of your body because it connects to your aura with the help of your spine.

A healing aura is a way to enhance situations in your life.

One way Black Obsidian helps you is by taking you in front of the hard truths of your life.

You will understand your life better with the help of Black Obsidian.

You can keep Black Obsidian with you if you feel lost.

Finding your true purpose will help you gain a place in the community.

You can start the Black Obsidian meditation by keeping the stone near your first chakra location.

You can keep it in your palms while holding it in your lap.

The lap is the nearest place to the base of your spine.

Keeping the stone face upward is crucial as it will help you release negative energies.

One way the Black Obsidian helps you release negative energy is by connecting your root chakra to the earth’s center.

You should remember all emotions and images that come to your mind during meditation.

They will give you information to solve issues in your life.

Journaling with Black Obsidian

The most important reason to use black obsidian when journaling is to get help to remove your false beliefs when journaling.

It is due to the ability of the Black Obsidian to open a portal inside your subconscious mind.

Most people will face writer’s block because they cannot reach the deeper parts of their subconscious mind.

There is no need to worry about it when you have Black Obsidian because it will not limit your thoughts in the writing process.

One way to enhance the journaling properties of Black Obsidian is by cleansing it.

You can put the Black Obsidian in the water for some time to remove most negative energies.

You will feel an increase in the healing powers of the Black Obsidian when you take it out of the water.

What Are the Basic Ways to Take Care of Black Obsidian?

  • You can put the Black Obsidian under running water to remove its negative energies. It is one of the best ways to cleanse Black Obsidian. Water will pass from the stone to remove a part of the negative energy. Putting it underwater for a few minutes will increase the speed of negative energy removal.
  • You should not forget about the location of the Black Obsidian when you place it near your feet to gather ground energy. It can bring chaos in your life as it has intense vibrations.
  • Electronic device disturbance is one of the side effects of Black Obsidian. It is better to keep it away from electronic devices.
  • You can use the tuning fork with cosmic sound to cleanse the Black Obsidian from negative energies. 136.1 Hertz tuning fork is perfect for the Black Obsidian cleansing. You can touch the Black Obsidian with the tip of the resonating tuning fork to start cleansing.
  • It is unsuitable to use the smudging cleaning techniques for the Black Obsidian because it does not give negative energy to the smoke. It is due to the black color of the stone.