What Are the Top 3 Side Effects of Moldavite?

What Are the Top Side Effects of Moldavite

Moldavite is not a stone for people with weak ambitions because it has powers from outer space. Moldavites are made with one of the most intense events on our planet.

Some people can suffer from the side effects of Moldavite. You can learn more about these side effects in this article.

Is Moldavite Dangerous?

Moldavite is not a dangerous stone for all people.

You may find many stories on online forums about people who had negative experiences with the Moldavites.

We cannot forget about the high-intensity healing powers of the Moldavite.

If you interview some of these people, you will find something new.

Moldavite gives you negative experiences to prepare you for the hardships coming in your life in the future.

It is essential to consider your decision to keep Moldavite before getting the stone.

3 Reasons Why Moldavite Might Be Dangerous

Moldavite is dangerous for specific types of people.

If you fall into the category of one of these people, you should avoid keeping this stone with you.

Buying Moldavite crystal is an expensive decision because it is a rare crystal.

You can find it only in one place in the world. It is better to think about your decision before getting the crystal.

1. The Stone Can Drain Your Energy if Used for Too Long

Moldavite is unsuitable for people with low energy because it requires high energy levels to reach deeper levels of your mind and soul.

If you keep Moldavite with you for a long time, it will drain energy from your mind and soul.

You will feel low all the time due to low energy.

If you are feeling a little low after keeping Moldavite, it can be due to the Side Effects of Moldavite.

It is better to keep crystal with you for a short time and take a break.

2. It Can Impact You Negatively by Bringing Out Dark Emotions

The human mind tries to suppress negative experiences from the past.

Some of these experiences are essential to keep you safe in the future.

Your mind will not allow you to remember these experiences.

Moldavite can change that.

You will remember the most intense experiences of the past with the Moldavites.

It can be one of the Moldavite side effects for some people because they will think of it as a harmful aspect of the stone.

For some, it can be lifesaving because they can prevent the same thing from happening to them in the future.

3. Your Mental Well-being and Spirit Might not be Ready for Moldavite

Some people are not ready to accept changes in their lives.

They want to live a smooth life without changes.

Moldavite is not a stone for these people.

Moldavite can bring some of the most intense emotions out of your mind.

You may feel you have become a different person due to Moldavite.

It can produce such strong effects as opening your third eye.

The third eye will tell you things about the future.

Some of us are not ready to hear these facts.

It can affect your mental health.

Is Moldavite Toxic?

Many think moldavite is toxic because of the energy used in its formation and the parts of space in the stone.

It is not true because Moldavite is not toxic to humans or animals.

It forms with the same method as the glass.

Some consider it natural glass.

Some people relate the green color with toxicity.

It is not the case with Moldavite because it does not leak any heavy metals or harmful substances.

Are the Side Effects of Moonstone Similar to Those of Moldavite?

While both moonstone and moldavite are believed to have metaphysical properties, the side effects of moonstone are typically associated with promoting emotional balance and intuition, while moldavite is thought to bring about rapid transformation and spiritual evolution.

It’s important to research and understand the unique properties of each crystal before using them.

3 Proven Ways to Avoid the Dangers of Moldavite While Using It

You can ensure your personality is compatible with the Moldavite to avoid its dangers.

You should also know what to expect when you keep the stone with you for the first time because people do harmful things due to fear of the side effects.

You can keep these things in mind when you use the Moldavite to prevent negative emotions.

Do Kyanite Side Effects Compare to Moldavite Side Effects?

Kyanite side effects explained: Kyanite is generally considered safe, with no known side effects. On the other hand, Moldavite side effects, although rare, can include dizziness, headaches, and intense emotional experiences. When comparing the two, it’s clear that Kyanite has a much milder track record in terms of potential side effects.

1. Don’t Keep It Close All the Time

Most experts recommend using Moldavite for a short time and giving it a break.

It is not a stone to wear every day if you have low energy or negative emotions in your mind.

It is best to store it away from yourself.

You can wear it for a limited time. It is better to wear it when you have positive emotions to amplify your emotions.

You can store the Moldavite jewelry after you get benefits from these emotions.

2. Calm Your Mind and Emotions Before Using It

It is better to remove all the negative thoughts from your mind when you carry Moldavite.

This stone can enhance all the feelings and thoughts in your mind.

You will think more positively when you have a few positive emotions in your mind and carry moldavite.

The same can happen to negative emotions.

Moldavite can amplify negative emotions to change your behavior.

You may not be able to control your anger when you have Moldavite.

3. Be Prepared for the Moldavite Flush

Holding something for the first time will transfer energy between you and that object.

Moldavite has one of the highest energy levels.

You should not expect a change in your body energy when you hold this stone for the first time.

You may feel a wave of warmth moving through your body when you hold it for the first time.

Other people may notice your face getting red.

You can continue holding the stone if you can handle it.

Some people also reported feeling nauseous or lightheaded.

This effect should go away after you hold it the first time.

If you feel the same when holding it the second time, you can cleanse the stone.

To Summarize: Side Effects of Moldavite

Moldavite is a stone with intense energy.

It is not suitable for stone for everyone.

You can learn more about the stone with these points.

  • Moldavite is not a dangerous stone for most people.
  • People with negative emotions or anger management issues can have side effects of Moldavite.
  • You should not keep Moldavite with you if you have low energy.
  • Cleansing Moldavite can reduce its side effects.
  • Moldavite does not cause toxicity in animals or humans.