The Meaning of Black Moonstone Healing Properties

Meaning of Black Moonstone Healing Properties

People use Black Moonstones to enhance positivity and love.

It is one of the best stones in the moonstone family due to Black Moonstone healing properties.

Wearing Black Moonstone enhances your personality due to its mesmerizing appearance.

Black Moonstone鈥檚 Metaphysical and Physical Properties

You can look for the physical properties of the stone to know how to care for it.

Caring for the stone with accurate techniques will help keep it with you for a long time.

It will also help you enjoy Black Moonstone healing properties.

Metaphysical Properties

  • You can heal root and crown chakra with Black Moonstone.
  • Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio can get maximum benefits from this stone.
  • Moon is the leading plant of Black Moonstone.
  • This stone has wind as the leading element.
  • You can pair these crystals with Smoky Quartz and Labradorite.
  • You can use affirmations I am secure and grounded to give good intentions to the Moonstone.

Physical Properties

  • Black Moonstone has black color with patterns of silver color.
  • You can get them from Madagascar.
  • It belongs to the Feldspar mineral family.
  • Black Moonstone has a hardness score of 6 to 6.5 on the Moh hardness scale.
  • This stone structure has a monoclinic crystal system.
  • It looks excellent due to its pearly luster.
  • It is heavier than water because it has a specific gravity of 2.5 to 2.6.

What Are the Most Common Properties of Black Moonstone?

People use Black Moonstone due to its healing properties.

Most practitioners know about these benefits and recommend this crystal to everyone looking to improve their lives.

Some of the most common Black Moonstone healing properties are on this list.

  • It helps with managing yourself in the new beginning
  • Keeping your mind safe from destructive thoughts
  • It helps in accepting love
  • It improves sleep by keeping negative energies away
  • Connect you with the feminine energy to help with pregnancy

Black Moonstone: What Does It Mean?

Madagascar is a famous place to find many new crystals.

People discovered Black Moonstone is Madagascar recently.

You can get rid of the stress with the help of calming energy of the Moonstone.

These are rare stones because you can get them from one place.

You can get them in many shapes and sizes on the market.

It has a hardness score of 6 to 6.5 on the Moh hardness scale.

It can resist damage from many environmental forces.

What Are the Healing Properties of Black Moonstone?

People keep this stone with them to increase their psychic abilities.

If you want to change your career or find love, Black Moonstone will help you.

It is due to various mind-enhancing benefits of the Black Moonstone.

You can get the details of these benefits to help you achieve the most challenging goals with the help of Black Moonstone.

Metaphysical healing properties

Most people are unsure about their life goals.

It will be easy to find your purpose when you have Black Moonstone.

You can connect to your true self with the help of this stone because it increases clarity in your life.

It will be easier to make decisions with a clear mind.

You can also find the missing parts of your life with the Black Moonstone.

Physical healing properties

Black Moonstone is full of feminine energy.

It can make changes in your body to improve your fertility.

This effect is more prominent in females.

If you want to get pregnant fast, you can keep the Black Moonstone in your bedroom.

The stone will radiate positive vibrations to heal your reproductive tract.

It will increase the chances of conception and regulate your periods.

It can also improve the health of your digestive tract to resolve digestive system problems.

Emotional healing properties

Black Moonstone has intense emotion-healing properties.

It is due to the harmful energy-repelling properties of the Black Moonstone.

Negative energies will force us to remember the emotional scars.

You can forget about the bad experiences when you have the Black Moonstone.

You will feel better when you go on a new path, as this stone gives you the confidence to start new things.

Chakra Healing Effects of Black Moonstone

You can heal root chakra with the help of Black Moonstone.

This chakra will make you comfortable in your environment.

You will get all the energy to stabilize your life with the help of Black Moonstone.

The stone will help you fulfill all your needs, like food, shelter, and emotional connections.

Humans flourish when they have better social connections.

This stone also enhances your crown chakra.

This chakra is responsible for wisdom and growth.

Enhancing this chakra will give you many benefits.

Combining Black Moonstone with Other Crystals

Black Moonstone has many healing properties.

You can enjoy these healing benefits by keeping the stone with you.

Some experts suggest enhancing the Black Moonstone healing properties with the help of other crystals.

We prepared a list of crystals to enhance the Black Moonstone healing effects.

Rainbow Moonstone

You can combine the Black Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone to enhance the healing properties of the Moonstones.

Rainbow Moonstone is the perfect crystal for new beginnings.

You can use the grounding properties of the Black Moonstone to become comfortable in the new environment.

You will get an excellent combination to start a new life with these two crystals.

Smoky Quartz

If you cannot withstand the effects of the intense positive energy, combining the Black Moonstone with the Smoky Quartz is better.

Combining these crystals will help you improve your thoughts.

You can remove negative thoughts from your mind and focus on the positive things when you combine these stones.

It is also a perfect combination to stop anxiety and stress.


Combining Labradorite and Black Moonstone will give you a chance to open doors of new opportunities.

You can increase the power of intuition with the Labradorite.

You can follow your heart to make the right decision when you have Labradorite.

Black Moonstone also helps you make better decisions when you start something new.

These crystals create a perfect pair.

Best Ways to Use Black Moonstone

There are various ways to enjoy the healing benefits of the Black Moonstone.

Finding a way that allows maximum energy to pass from your body and mind is better.

Meditation and visualization are some of the best ways to use the Black Moonstone.

You also add it to the jewelry to keep it with you all day.

Some of the popular ways are on this list.

Wear it in jewelry

You can carry Black Moonstone with you all day because it increases the chances of getting the healing effects of this stone.

Carrying a precious stone in the pocket is unsuitable because you may lose the stone.

It is better to make jewelry from stone.

You will feel more secure when the stone is inside the jewelry.

It is hard to lose the stone when you attach it to something bigger.

You can enjoy more healing effects of the Black Moonstone due to more exposure time.

You can open awareness to a higher level with the help of Black Moonstone jewelry.

Try visualization

Many experts like visualization to enhance the healing effects of crystals.

Visualization allows you to add positive energy to the crystals.

The crystal will know what you want when you use the visualization technique.

Your ability to visualize the things you want helps in manifestation.

You can think about the things you want and write them on paper.

It will prevent your mind from wandering off during visualization.

A clear message in the visualization will enhance the crystal’s healing abilities.

You can hold the stone and think about the things you wrote on the paper.

You need to feel the emotions of acquiring things.

Making the experience as real as possible while holding the Black Moonstone increases the chances of manifestation.

Meditate with your crystal

There are several benefits of meditation without the use of any crystals.

Most experts recommend using the Black Moonstone to improve your focus in Meditation.

You can hold the crystal with both hands and close your eyes.

It will also increase your focus on the things that are beneficial for you.

If holding the crystal in your hands during meditation disturbs your focus, you can keep it anywhere, touching your body.

It allows maximum energy transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Black Moonstone

People want to know many things about the Black Moonstone.

A person with experience with crystals needs to know what to ask to get complete information about a stone.

We compiled some of the best questions and answers for the Black Moonstone.

These questions will also help you find information about the other stones, as you can change the stone’s name in the question to get complete information.

You can also enhance the Black Moonstone healing properties with the help of the information in this section.

Is Black Moonstone the same as Larvikite?

You may find Larvikite by the name of Moonstone on the market.

It is due to the similar appearance of these two stones in the polished form.

You should see the difference in these stones when they are in raw form.

One way to identify the Larvikite is by asking about its place of origin.

Larvikite comes from Norway.

You cannot get it from Madagascar.

The other way to differentiate between these stones is their shimmering color.

Larvikite has a blue shade in the shimmering.

There is no blue shade in the Black Moonstone shimmering.

How do I know if my Black Moonstone is real?

There are different ways to check the authenticity of the Black Moonstone.

You can distinguish it from glass or plastic by checking the crystal’s hardness score.

Black Moonstone has a hardness score of 6 to 6.5 on the Moh hardness scale.

Glass or plastic should not make scratches on the crystal.

You can distinguish the Black Moonstone from other crystals by taking it to the bright light.

It should give a shimmering silver color in the bright light.

If the stone is giving other colors or there is no shimmering, it must be some other stone.

Are Labradorite and Black Moonstone the same?

Labradorite and Black Moonstone are not the same.

Many confuse the stone identification because they look similar under low light.

You can ease the identification process by taking these stones in a bright light.

You should see a change of color from different angles in the Labradorite.

The most common colors in the Labradorite are purple, blue, and red.

You will see a different color in the Black Moonstone because it does not give different colors.

You will see black color on most parts of the stone.

Some parts may show shimmering in the bright light.

The shimmering also has a silver or gray color.

There are no other colors in the Black Moonstone.

Can Black Moonstone be Used for Cleansing Red Jasper?

Yes, black moonstone can definitely be used for cleansing red jasper crystals.

Black moonstone has a strong protective energy and can help remove any negative energies that may have attached to the red jasper. Simply place the red jasper crystals on or near the black moonstone for cleansing.

Where Can You Buy Black Moonstone?

You can buy the Black Moonstone from your local crystal shops.

It is essential to find a reputable seller to ensure you get authentic and high-quality Black Moonstone crystal.

If you do not have a crystal seller in your area, you can go to online stores to buy these crystals.

Etsy is an online shop for buying smaller Black Moonstone crystals.

It is better to purchase crystals at low prices from this store because the online shop does not give a guarantee of crystal authenticity.

You should ensure you get the Black Moonstone because there are many other variants of stones in this class.

To Summarize Black Moonstone Healing Properties

When looking at the Black Moonstone healing effects, you will find many ways to use the crystal.

We only recommend using methods that do not damage the crystal structure.

These points will help you get maximum healing effects without damaging the crystal structure.

  • Black Moonstone is a crystal to help with a new beginning.
  • You can protect your mind from harmful energy with Black Moonstone.
  • Black Moonstone heals root and crown chakra.
  • You can combine the Black Moonstone with Labradorite, Smoky Quartz, and Rainbow Moonstone to enhance the crystal’s healing benefits.
  • Meditation and visualization can enhance the healing effects of Black Moonstone.
  • Wearing Black Moonstone in jewelry prevents you from losing this stone.