Best Gifts for Rock Collectors

Best Gifts for Rock Collectors

Rock collectors need many devices to help them in the field and at home.

They use different devices to remove rocks from the ground, clean them, and identify them.

If you are looking for gifts for rock collectors, you will find one from this list because every rock collector needs these products.

This is a list of the best gifts for rock collectors.

  1. Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals
  2. Collecting Belt Pouch
  3. Sand Dipper
  4. Rock Hammer Sheath
  5. Chisel with Hand Guard
  6. UV Flashlight
  7. Osprey Hiking Backpack
  8. Handheld GPS Unit
  9. Rock Tumbling Grit Refills
  10. Mohs Hardness Scale Testing Kit
  11. Waterproof Field Notebook and Pouch

1. Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals

All rock collectors find it hard to identify rocks. Collectors with many years of experience can also face trouble in rock identification. You can solve their problem by giving them a Field Guide to Rock and Minerals.

It is a small book with information worth millions. You can get it in the paperback and vinyl bound. If the rock collector like to collect rocks from the mountains, you can give them the vinyl bound due to its high durability.

Most parts of the book give you information about the identification. Some parts have information about the collection techniques and location information.

It has 800 color photos to show the beauty of the rocks and aid in the identification process. This book is not only for active rock collectors. If the person has a rock collection from the past, you can give them this gift.

It will help them identify the rocks that were previously unknown to them. Some collectors keep good-looking rocks without knowing their origin.

Collectors can take it in their backpacks due to its small size. They can check the information during the trip to the mountains also.

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2. Collecting Belt Pouch

It is one of the gifts rock collectors will love because it makes their life easy. Rock collectors keep a buck with them to collect large rocks and assort them on the ground to find suitable specimens.

It is hard for them to keep the most wanted items in one place because they do not have a collection bag. The reason for not keeping a collection bag is low durability. Most bags break when they use them for some time.

It is not the case with waterproof leather and canvas collection pouch. It is a durable pouch with a belt. You can keep this pouch with you all the time because it will attach to your waist without any discomfort.

It is famous among rock collectors due to its durability. It has a collapsible design to save space. The bag will not look dirty after rough use because its design hides the imperfections.

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3. Sand Dipper

This gift is perfect for some rock hunters only. Most rock collectors like to go to the mountains and do heavy work by breaking the rocks. You should give them hammers and accessories.

If you have a different type of rock collector who goes to the rivers and sea for rock collection, Sand Dipper is a perfect gift for them. It is an adjustable long dipper with a sieve-based collector at the end.

You can adjust the length for different purposes. If you are collecting rocks outside the water, you can keep the length small. If you find something in the water, you can make it longer to pick the specific specimen.

It is made of a lightweight aluminum body for easy transportation. You can keep it in your backpack as you are traveling as it will collapse into a small piece when you need it.

It is a perfect gift because the company gives a one-year replacement warranty. If anything happens to it, you will not regret it. The person who received the gift can ask the company to replace it without cost.

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4. Rock Hammer Sheath

Rock collectors keep the best tools to remove rocks from the ground. It is hard to get the best rocks if you do not have a perfect tool. You may damage the specimen if you do not have a suitable hammer.

If you want to give a gift to the rock collector, you can ask them about their tools. If they do not have a hammer, you can buy an Estwing rock pick hammer. It will work perfectly to break rocks because of the pointy ends.

It is a durable hammer because the designers are making them from one piece of metal. If they already have a high-quality hammer, you can still give them a rock hammer stealth.

It is perfect for holding the hammer while scrolling through the stones. Rock collectors with Estwing hammer should get the same stealth pack because they fit perfectly.

If the rock collector has a larger hammer, you can gift them a leather hammer holster. This holster has a 101 years warranty. A rock collector will love you for giving him this gift. They can keep the largest hammers in this holster.

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5. Chisel with Hand Guard

A chisel is a handheld device to break the rocks and collect the piece you want. It is perfect to use when you do not want to break the entire rock. You can place the chisel on the rock and use a hammer to break small pieces.

Most beginners do not like the chisel because it can cause hand injuries. If you want to give a gift to a beginner, you can check the purpose-made chisel with a handguard. It is perfect for beginners because of the handguard.

The handguard will protect your hand from the hammer as you are working. It has a comfortable grip to allow work for a long time.

You can cut small pieces or break the stones with this device because the anti-slip technology will give more protection. The chisel will not slip from your hand.

The sharp edge will not cause any issues because it consists of chrome-vanadium steel. You can hold it with ease because it has a length of 12 inches.

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6. UV Flashlight

Most rock collectors work in the daylight because of a lack of adequate light. Most lights in the market make it difficult for rock collectors to identify rocks.

They want a light with a small size and wavelength suitable for rock identification. Rechargeable UV Flashlight is a perfect gift for rock collectors to increase the rock searching time. They can look for the rocks at night also.

This flashlight has a perfect wavelength to aid the identification. They can collect rocks in the mines and caves with this quality UV flashlight. They will benefit from the high power and extended range of this flashlight.

This flashlight also has a 2600 mAh battery to keep the light on for hours. There is no need to replace the batteries because you can charge the batteries.

It is easy to charge the battery anywhere because you can use the USB port charger. This light allows mineral identification because it has a wavelength of 365nm.

Most flashlights in the market have 395nm wavelength light which is unsuitable for mineral identification. Rock collectors will love this gift because they can take their rock collection hobby to the next level with it.

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7. Osprey Hiking Backpack

Every rock collector is also a backpacker because they travel long distances to collect rocks. They keep supplies to break, identify, and store rocks in their backpacks.

Some keep testing kits also as they want to make sure the identity of the rock before collecting it. A rock collector will appreciate the backpack as a gift because they want a more durable option.

Their backpack can also become worn fast due to rough use. You can give them an Osprey Stratos 24 Hiking Backpack as it has a ventilated back panel and adjustable back harnesses.

It will prevent heat accumulation on the back. It is excellent for people who want to go on a long journey. It also has a rain cover. You can use the rain cover to protect the stuff in the bag from rain.

If you are going to an area without rain, you can remove the rain cover also.

8. Handheld GPS Unit

Most rock collectors use GPS on their mobile phones. The mobile phone GPS is not perfect, but people still use them because of the low cost.

Most cannot afford the premium GPS devices like the Handheld Garmin Montana 680t GPS. It is a perfect gift for rock collectors if you can afford it.

It can help them take the rock collection to the next level because this GPS unit provides many benefits. It has a four inches touchscreen for easy navigation. You can store a lot of data due to the one GB storage.

Nothing can beat your search when you have a birdseye satellites subscription. The device has maps installed on it from the latest satellite imagery.

It will help you keep a perfect record of your collection because you can take a picture of the rock at the location you found it. The GPS device will mark it on the map.

You can go to the records to check where you collected the rock. You will get a perfect picture due to the 8-megapixel camera. It is perfect for remembering and telling others about your adventures.

9. Rock Tumbling Grit Refills

If you want to polish your rocks, you have many options. You can get the services of jewelers to polish the rocks. Some people like to take the matter into their hands and polish the rocks.

Rock tumblers are the most important devices to polish your rocks. You can put the rocks in the tumblers and let them stay there for a specific time to polish the rock and round the edges.

Rock tumblers are durable as they may last many years. Most rock collectors have one or more tumblers. There is no need to give it to them as a gift. You can give them the Rock Tumbling Grit Polish.

It is a perfect gift because most collectors find it hard to find better grit refills. You will get the aluminum-based grit refills with this package. They have medium to coarse grits to round the sharp edges of the rock.

You will also get some silicon carbide grit for better polishing. You can ask the rock collector if they have a tumbler as you can give them National Geographic Pro Rock Tumbler.

10. Mohs Hardness Scale Testing Kit

Most rock collectors find it hard to check the hardness of the rock. It is a crucial factor to know the rock’s identity. Some of us try to scratch the fingernails, glass, and metal sheets to check the hardness.

It will make their life easy if you can gift them Mohs’ hardness scale testing kit. It has many hardness testing points on the brass tubes. It is perfect for rock collectors because you can use it for minerals.

The manufacturer claims it to be perfect for mineral identification. You can keep it on your testing kit on the table near your collection. It will help you pick it and test the hardness wherever you want.

Taking this testing kit on your rock collection trip is also suitable. It is organized with a durable case to protect the testing scales.

There is a guide on one side to show how to use the device. The protective case will hold the testing scales perfectly due to the perfect size of the loops.

11. Waterproof Field Notebook and Pouch

Most rock collectors keep the notebooks in their backpacks to avoid water exposure. It can take a lot of time to find the notebook from the backpack and write notes about the rocks.

Most rock collectors need a notebook to write notes about the rocks and minerals. They may write notes to identify the rock as they need to compare the notes with the reference tables.

You can give them an excellent waterproof field notebook as a gift. It will make their life easy because they can use it in rainy weather. This notebook is small enough to carry in your hands.

It also has a pouch to pack the book and attach it to your belt. The book has a hard cover for durability. It will prevent damage to the notes collected from years of hard work.

You will also get a waterproof pen with the package. It is an excellent gift for every rock collector.