How to Charge Red Jasper?

How to Charge Red Jasper

Red Jasper is an excellent stone to increase your emotional stamina. You can handle difficult situations with ease when you carry Red Jasper. It can also help you increase self-confidence.

People can get Red Jasper when they want to remember their dreams. Learning how to charge Red Jasper will help you enhance the healing powers of this stone.

You cannot use all charging methods on a crystal because some of them cannot resist one or more charging agents. We will give you details of Red Jasper charging to care for the stone better.

How to Charge and Clean Any Crystal?

Charging a crystal increases its healing energy.

A crystal must lose the negative energy and gain the positive energy in charge.

It is hard to do it when something is blocking the way of the energy transfer.

It takes more time to charge a crystal if it has dirt on the crystal’s surface.

You can clean the crystal before charging to ensure a high rate of energy transfer.

You can put Red Jasper crystal in water for a few minutes and clean it with a soft cloth.

You can also add a tablespoon salt to the water to enhance cleaning.

It can also remove negative energies from the crystal because salt water is an excellent energy cleanser.

Sage wood is an excellent source of cleansing smoke.

You can burn one end of the sage wood to cleanse the crystal.

The smoke coming out of the crystal will remove the negative energy from the crystal.

Sunlight also has cleansing powers.

You can keep Red Jasper outdoors to receive sunlight or moonlight to purge it.

People put their Rad Jasper crystals in the Amethyst or Quartz geodes to cleanse them.

Cleansing will ensure enough space in the crystal to store the positive energy.

You can also use positive intentions to supply positive energy to the crystals.

You can hold the stone with both hands and think about your goals to generate intense positive energy.

It will also add goal-specific powers to the Red Jasper stones.

Can the Same Method be Used to Charge Red Jasper and Amazonite?

Yes, the same method can be used to charge Red Jasper and Amazonite crystals. When charging Amazonite crystal, simply place it under the moonlight or sunlight for a few hours to infuse it with positive energy. The same can be done for Red Jasper to amplify its healing properties.

How Can You Charge Red Jasper?

You can use different ways to charge Red Jasper crystals.

Sunlight and Moonlight have positive energy to charge crystals.

Some crystals release positive energy or enhance the effects of other stones.

You can use these stones to enhance the beneficial effects of Red Jasper.

Plants and Earth can charge the crystal also due to the internal positive energy source.

We will discuss many other ways to charge the Red Jasper.

It is essential to avoid using ways that can damage the stone.

Stone damage can reduce the positive effects of the Red Jasper.

1. You Can Charge Red Jasper with Other Crystals

Some crystals radiate positive energy.

You can get some crystals that can amplify the healing effects of the crystal.

Keeping your stone in these crystals will help you charge the crystals.

You can start the cleansing process with the crystals by placing the Red Jasper at the center of a crystal circle.

You can make a circle with the charging crystal.

The energy transfer speeds up when you can charge crystals on all sides.

It is the same reason people use geode to charge Red Jasper.

You can take an Amethyst geode and place Red Jasper at the center of the geode for an entire day.

Amethyst will convert all negative energy from the Red Jasper to positive energy.

2. You Can Charge Red Jasper by the Energy of the Moon or Sun

Charging Red Jasper with the sun or moon energy depends on the crystal’s ability to resist damage from these charging agents.

Moonlight and Sunlight have cleansing and charging abilities.

If your crystal has a lot of negative energy, it is better to use sunlight due to more charging power.

If the crystal’s owner recovers from an illness, the crystal can have a lot of negative energy.

You cannot keep the Red Jasper in the sunlight for a long time because it can damage the crystal structure due to UV rays.

Red Jasper is an opaque stone.

It can heat up in the sunlight.

You may observe a color fade due to UV rays damage of the Red Jasper.

Moonlight does not have such issues as keeping stone in the moonlight for a long time does not cause crystal damage.

It is due to the low level of UV rays in the moonlight. Moonlight does not heat the Red Jasper crystals also.

Moonlight has high charging powers on the fourteenth day of the lunar cycle when you get a full moon.

3. You Can Charge Red Jasper with Plants and Earth

All stones stay at a full charge level when in the deeper layers of the earth.

It is due to limitless energy from the earth’s core.

When you collect Red Jasper from a rock, it starts losing energy.

You can dig a hole in the soil and put your crystal inside it to charge it with positive energy.

Soil also removes negative energies from the Red Jasper.

Plants have a lot of positive energy.

You can take some herbs and cover the Red Jasper for an entire day.

These herbs will charge the Red Jasper with positive energy without damaging the crystal.

4. You Can Charge Your Red Jasper through Sound

Singing bowls are famous for charging Red Jasper crystals.

You can use other sounds to charge the crystals, also.

Chanting is a way to charge the crystal with sound.

You can also learn to hum in different frequencies to charge the crystals.

People use the bell sound to remove negative energy and charge the Red Jasper with positive energy.

You can keep the Red Jasper crystal in front of your lips and say positive words.

5. Use Energy to Charge Your Red Jasper

People use energy from their bodies to charge the crystals.

You can use different energy transfer methods to charge the Red Jasper.

Many believe that a person’s aura can impact the stone’s energy.

There is no way to test it with physical evidence as you will not see any energy transfer between your body and the stone.

People feel the difference in the stone’s healing ability after transferring their body’s energy to the stone.

Some use imagination to charge the crystal while holding it.

Some use chanting techniques to transfer positive energy.

It depends on personal preference.

  • You can imagine that Red Jasper has intense light. You can also think it is hard to look at it.
  • You can also pray to charge the crystal with positive energy. It will transfer energy from your body to the crystal.

6. You Can Use Holy Water to Charge Your Red Jasper

Most churches have holy water.

Anyone can take some with them when they come to the church.

You can get it easily from the churches with many tourists.

You can use this water to cleanse your stone or charge it with positive energy.

You can put your red jasper on a plate and put some holy water in it.

You can take out the crystal and dry it once it is moist with holy water.

7. You Can Rinse Your Red Jasper Crystal with Salt

Some cleansing techniques can also give positive energy to the crystals.

You can charge Red Jasper by putting it in the Saltwater.

Saltwater is famous for removing the negative energy from the stones.

Only a few know that it can give some positive energy to the crystals during the cleansing process.

You can dissolve some salt in the lukewarm water to make the Saltwater solution for cleansing and charging.

  • You can put the Red Jasper on a cloth and put salt around it in the circle form.
  • Covering Red Jasper with salt can also charge it with positive energy.
  • Putting the crystal in the moonlight after covering it with salt can increase charging power.

8. You Can Charge Red Jasper with Sage

Sage wood comes from a plant.

You cannot use the sage wood directly because sage smoke is responsible for charging the crystal.

You can burn sage wood to produce smoke.

The next step is to keep the Red Jasper above this smoke for some time.

This method is crucial to remove evil energies from the Jasper stones.

This method does not harm Red Jasper because it does not have a physically damaging agent.

You can also use smoke from other sources.

Incense candles can help you cleanse and charge the Red Jasper also.

To Summarize: How to Charge Red Jasper

People can increase their crystal’s healing powers when they know how to charge Red Jasper.

These points will help you increase the positive energy of the Red Jasper crystals.

  • Cleaning Red Jasper before charging can help you speed up the charging process.
  • You can cleanse the Red Jasper to remove negative energy before adding positive energy.
  • Sunlight and moonlight are excellent sources of positive energy for the Red Jasper.
  • Salt has a charging ability with cleansing powers.
  • Using a singing bowl will charge the Red Jasper crystals.
  • Your body’s energy can enter the Red Jasper to charge it.
  • You can use holy water or sage smoke to charge the Red Jasper.