Sodalite vs. Lapis Lazuli: What Are the Differences?

Sodalite vs. Lapis Lazuli

You can differentiate sodalite vs. lapis lazuli by checking their mineral composition. Lazurite, pyrite, and calcite combine to make the lapis lazuli. Calcium, sodium, and potassium combine to make the sodalite.

Sodalite belongs to the group of minerals known as the feldspathoids.

You will find many differences between Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli if you know where to look.

Sodalite vs. Lapis Lazuli: How to Read This Comparison

You should use the step-by-step approach to compare these two stones as it is better to start with the materials with the same finish.

Both stones, Sodalite vs. Lapis Lazuli, will appear blue.

You will also notice some white lines on the surface.

If you do not have the stone with the same finish, you can use a tumbler to polish the stone before comparing them.

The differences will be evident in the polished stones.

You can go to the next step and check the raw stones.

It will be easy for you to check the rough sodalite and rough lapis lazuli because you know the appearance of these stones.

It is hard to differentiate the rough stone. Many sellers put labels on these stones on their websites.

Some are unsure about their identity. Some sellers want to make a profit from the confusing situation.

Sodalite vs. Lapis Lazuli: What Are the Differences and Similarities?

It is hard to find differences between the Sodalite vs. Lapis Lazuli stones.

Many cannot identify these stones accurately because they have similar mineral structures.

Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli appear the same as blue color is rare in nature.

These stones will mesmerize you by their color.

You can use a light source when you want to differentiate between these stones.

Sodalite has a dark color. It has a mystical look to it.

Lapis lazuli is different because it has a royal blue color.

Sodalite does not have expensive metals as you can find gold in the lapis lazuli.

It is one of the reasons people hunt for this stone.

Gold particles will reflect the light when you put some light on the raw stone.

Sodalite has a smooth look because of its small grains.

Lapis lazuli has a granular look because of the big grain size.

Is Sodalite Safe to Use in Water Compared to Lapis Lazuli?

Sodalite is safe for use in water, unlike lapis lazuli, which can be damaged by prolonged exposure to liquids.

Using sodalite in water can help promote hydration and balance within the body, making it a great choice for creating crystal-infused water for drinking or other purposes.

How Can You Tell if a Lapis Lazuli Is Fake?

You can identify the fake lapis lazuli by looking for imperfections as natural stones always have them.

You can find them by looking at the stone with a magnifying glass.

You may see a calcite line or some crystal misalignments.

If the stone does not have any imperfection, it must be a fake stone.

Lapis lazuli is transparent with a deep blue color. The fake stones are opaque.

You can look for the golden particles in the stone by putting some light on them.

Lapis lazuli can have iron pyrite or gold particles that shine when you put light on them.

You will not get this feature in the fake stones.

Some counterfeit stone makers also add particles to the stones to give an authentic look.

These particles will not shine like real stones.

Does Sodalite Have Gold Flecks?

Sodalite does not have gold flecks because this feature is only in the lapis lazuli.

You can identify the sodalite by the calcite lines in the stone.

It does not have any minerals that shine like gold.

Lapis lazuli has gold-like shiny particles because of the pyrite mineral.

Iron pyrite and gold shine in the same way when they are inside a stone.

Some sellers claim that they have sodalite with the gold flecks.

You should not believe the seller because the stone must be fake.

Some sellers modify other types of stones by adding blue color and gold flecks to mimic the lapis lazuli.

What Are the Physical Properties of Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli?

We look for the physical features’ hardness, porosity, specific gravity, crystal structure, and solubility.

There are many stone-specific physical properties also.

Checking the physical properties is the best way to identify the stone because most physical properties tests do not damage the stone.

What Are Sodalite鈥檚 Physical Properties?

You can get the first physical property of sodalite by looking at the stone as it has a blue color.

It is a translucent stone. It will show a high level of luster when you put light on it.

It has a hardness score of 5.5 to 6 on the Moh hardness scale.

People confuse it with the lapis lazuli because of the same color and the calcite vein inside the stone.

This stone is made from small cubic crystals. It is hard to find a large crystal formation in this stone.

What Are Lapis Lazuli鈥檚 Physical Properties? 

Lapis Lazuli stone can have different physical properties when it has different components.

If the minerals in the stone have high hardness, the stone will show it in its physical properties.

Calcite in the stone has a hardness score of 3. Lapis lazuli also has pyrite. It has a hardness score of 6.5.

The most prominent physical feature is the gold specs in the lapis lazuli.

Where Can You Find Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli?

The origin of a stone gives us a lot of information because we can know how the stone formed in that area. You can identify the Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli stones easily when you know where they are found.

Where Can You Find Sodalite?

Rock hunters found the sodalite for the first time in 1811.

They found a blue stone in Greenland with a mesmerizing look.

They named it sodalite. You can find these stones in the vein fillings.

If you find a small piece of sodalite, other large pieces must be nearby because they occur in larger pieces.

You can find them in the USA and Canada also.

It is better to look in the mountains and the caves to find these stones.

If you want to look for transparent crystals, you can look in northern Namibia.

Where Can You Find Lapis Lazuli?

You can find Lapis Lazuli abundantly in Afghanistan.

There are no huge sources in the other places.

People found some small sources in the United States, Siberia, and Myanmar.

People from the ancient civilizations also got this stone from the Afghanistan area because this country has the biggest source of the lapis lazuli.

How Can You Use Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli?

You can look for the decorative and metaphysical uses of the Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite stones.

Some stones are also sources of minerals for industrial applications.

We will give you details of the uses of these two stones to help you decide which one is best for you.

How to Use Sodalite?

You can use sodalite in the jewelry because it has a rare blue color.

There are few stones in the world with a blue color.

Some people also keep it as a gem in their stone collection.

You may not see many people asking for the sodalite because it is not a famous stone.

People get it in the finished product as they do not know the identity.

You can find the sodalite for your stone collection in specialized crystal stores and auctions.

Some people also make sodalite sculptures. These are perfect to place in your home.

How Can You Heal with Sodalite?

You can prevent anxiety with the sodalite. It is a stone to keep you calm. You can carry this stone if you have anger management issues.

You can also wear it in jewelry. You can also get better ideas about your life and work balance.

You will find some of the most common metaphysical benefits of the sodalite.

  • Promotes balance in the emotions.
  • Lower anxiety and control blood pressure.
  • Help you lose weight by balancing your metabolism.
  • Prevent anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Stop negative thoughts.
  • Prevent harmful energy accumulation in your home.
  • Improves immunity by reducing inflammation.

How to Use Lapis Lazul?

You will find Lapis Lazul stone in the polished beads form. Artists cut it into small pieces to make the mosaics.

If you want to make an expensive sculpture, it is better to make it from the lapis lazuli.

The royal blue color will amaze the audience.

People use it in jewelry because of the royal blue color and the gold particles.

You can fix this stone on silver and gold to make unique jewelry.

What Are the Hidden Powers of Lapis Lazuli?

Many hidden powers in the lapis lazuli can repel the negative energies from your life. It will bring wealth to your life because of the connection with the cosmic energies.

People looking for honor and royalty can keep this crystal with them.

People call it the stone of success because it enhances intelligence.

You can get a better inner balance using this stone.

Keeping it in your home and office will bring success in different areas of life.

To Summarize Sodalite vs. Lapis Lazuli

  • Sodalite and lapis lazuli are two unique stones due to their blue color.
  • You can differentiate them by looking for the golden particles inside the lapis lazuli. Sodalite does not have these particles.
  • It is crucial to avoid purchasing fake stones. People make counterfeit stones because of the high price of lapis lazuli. You will find more counterfeit products in the market made of plastic.
  • Wearing jewelry with one of these stones, Sodalite vs. Lapis Lazuli shows royalty.