12 Healing Crystals For Nausea, Morning Sickness, Vomiting

Crystals For Nausea, Morning Sickness, Vomiting

Food poisoning, stomach issues, and chronic health problems can cause nausea and vomiting. Some viral diseases can also cause motion sickness.

You can use crystals for nausea if you want an alternative approach to solving your issues. Crystals can use powerful vibrations to help your body maintain balance. It will also prevent nausea, vomiting, and motion sickness.

12 Healing Crystals For Nausea, Morning Sickness, and Vomiting

Most crystals can help you with nausea and vomiting due to healing energies.

Some crystals do not suit a person.

The crystals’ energy can repel a person’s aura to cause side effects.

We have arranged a list of twelve crystals to help you select one of these to treat nausea issues.

Some experts suggest combining healing effects from different crystals to get maximum nausea-preventing benefits.

You will find these crystals on the list.

  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Sapphire
  • Unakite
  • Malachite
  • Citrine
  • Yellow Jasper
  • Rainbow Moonstone
  • Peridot
  • Labradorite
  • Clear Quartz
  • Emerald
  • Tiger’s Eye

1. Lapis Lazuli

  • You can get Lapis Lazuli in blue color
  • Lapis Lazuli has Jupiter as the leading planet
  • You can heal your third eye chakra with this stone
  • Air is the leading element of the Lapis Lazuli

You can use the Lapis Lazuli to eliminate nausea caused by migraine and headaches.

People have been using this stone to treat headaches for hundreds of years.

One of the reasons people admire this stone is its third eye chakra healing properties.

Lapis Lazuli also connects the throat chakra to the third eye chakra to eliminate nausea-related issues.

2. Sapphire

  • Sapphire is a blue gemstone
  • You can heal throat chakra with Sapphire
  • Saturn is the leading planet of this stone
  • Water is the leading element of Sapphire

Most experts recommend using Sapphire to treat nausea and motion sickness problems.

It is due to the thought-controlling effects of this stone.

It can remove negative thoughts from your mind to control your mental state.

This benefit also helps in controlling nausea symptoms.

It is better to keep the crystal near your stomach when traveling, as it will give more healing energy this way.

Sapphire also prevents nausea and vomiting in the case of food poisoning.

3. Unakite

  • Unakite is a unique stone due to its green and pink color
  • Fire is the leading element of this stone
  • You can heal your heart chakra with Unakite
  • Venus is the leading planet of Unakite

If you get stomach pain and nausea under stress, you need to get Unakite due to its relaxing properties.

You can balance your emotions with the heart chakra healing effects of the Unakite.

You can also solve the issues of childbirth and pregnancy with Unakite.

These issues can also cause nausea and vomiting.

4. Malachite

  • Malachite is a green-colored mineral with a banded appearance
  • Venus is the leading planet of the Malachite
  • This crystal heals the heart chakra
  • Malachite has earth as the leading element

Most women use Malachite to ease menstrual pain and stomach issues.

This stone heals the heart chakra to strengthen other chakras of your body.

It is a perfect stone to help pregnant women because it helps with nausea.

It is essential to care for the stone when you give it to pregnant women because it can produce toxic substances when you put it in water.

5. Citrine

  • Citrine is a yellow crystal with intense positive vibrations
  • Jupiter is the leading planet of this crystal
  • You can heal solar plexus chakra with Citrine
  • Citrine has Air as the leading element

Citrine can heal all types of diseases in your body with its intense healing properties.

Citrine has a connection with the solar plexus.

The solar plexus is the collection of neurons near the stomach.

Citrine improves nausea symptoms because it regulates the stomach.

This crystal also improves blood circulation in your body. 

6. Yellow Jasper

  • Yellow is the most prominent color of the Yellow Jasper
  • Saturn is the leading planet of Yellow Jasper
  • This stone can help you enhance the Solar Plexus chakra
  • Air is the leading element of Yellow Jasper

You can test the effects of the yellow jasper on your body by putting it on your stomach.

It will prevent indigestion by improving your digestive tract.

You can find the suitability of the Yellow Jasper within one day.

It can also detoxify your body due to solar plexus chakra healing properties.

You can enhance the effects of the crystal by making an elixir from it.

7. Rainbow Moonstone

  • Rainbow moonstone changes color when you view it from a different angle
  • It heals crown chakra to give healing benefits
  • Moon is the leading planet of Rainbow Moonstone
  • Rainbow Moonstone has water as the leading element

Practitioners recommend keeping a Rainbow Moonstone crystal with you during the first and second trimesters of pregnancy.

It is due to nausea prevention effects of the Rainbow Moonstone.

It also regulates your hormones by preventing the excess release of nausea-causing chemicals.

This stone also helps you release emotional stress from your mind.

8. Peridot

  • Peridot is a green-colored stone
  • Venus is the leading planet of the Peridot
  • You can heal heart chakra with this stone
  • Peridot has earth as the leading element

You can enjoy the cleansing properties of the Peridot by keeping it with you all day.

You will see a reduction in nausea and vomiting due to the cleansing effects of this crystal on your body.

The beneficial effects are also due to heart chakra healing properties.

You can control your emotions better and prevent stress with a strong heart chakra.

9. Labradorite

  • The color of Labradorite changes color when you view it from different angles
  • It improves your third eye chakra
  • Uranus is the leading planet of Labradorite
  • Labradorite has water as the leading element

Labradorite is perfect for people who do not know the reason for stomach issues.

You can eat different diets when you have Labradorite because it will prevent stomach disturbance.

Some people suffer due to nausea when they are in a stressful situation.

Labradorite will help you make better decisions as you will feel comfortable about your decisions. 

10. Clear Quartz

  • You can get Clear Quartz in white color or with a transparent appearance
  • Clear Quartz can provide crown chakra healing effects
  • Clear Quartz can help you get benefits from all elements
  • Sun is the leading planet of Clear Quartz

People use Clear Quartz to heal all body parts because it improves their immune system.

It is one of the few crystals that can all types of chakras.

When you heal different chakras, your body also improves.

Putting the crystal in jewelry or keeping it above your stomach will ease the pain.

Clear Quartz has strong stabilizing properties. 

11. Emerald

  • Most emeralds have a green color
  • You can heal heart chakra with the help of emerald stones
  • Earth is the leading element of the Emeralds
  • Mercury is the leading planet of this stone

People keep emeralds with them when they want to prevent stomach infections.

Infections are the leading cause of nausea and vomiting.

Emerald can also relax muscles to ease stomach and back pain.

It will remove several issues, including nausea.

You can get maximum benefits by placing the emerald on the stomach for twenty minutes.

You can enjoy the body and mind healing effects of the Emeralds by keeping the crystal with you all day.

12. Tiger’s Eye

  • You can get Tiger’s eye in brown color
  • This crystal heals your sacral and solar plexus chakra
  • Tiger’s eye has the sun as the leading planet
  • Earth is the leading element of this stone

You can connect and heal various chakras of your body with the help of the Tiger’s eye.

You can increase your physical strength with this crystal.

It unblocks the healing effects of the Plexus chakra.

This chakra connects with the stomach.

A healthy Plexus chakra can help you improve the situation of your stomach.

You will feel more confident with this stone due to mind enhancing properties.

Can Healing Crystals Help with Nausea, Morning Sickness, and Vomiting?

Many believe healing crystals can alleviate nausea, morning sickness, and vomiting. While the evidence is anecdotal, some swear by their effectiveness.

When using healing crystals like moldavite for nausea relief, be mindful of the top 3 moldavite side effects: dizziness, headaches, and emotional sensitivity.

How to Use Crystals for Nausea, Morning Sickness, and Vomiting

You can use all the crystals on the list to get rid of nausea.

How you use the nausea-preventing crystals also affects the outcome of the process.

We arranged some of the best ways to use the crystals to help with nausea.

Drink crystal elixir

You can prepare crystal elixir by adding crystal to the water and giving it some time.

You can only put the crystals in water in the presence of moonlight to increase energy transfer between crystal and water.

You can only do this procedure with stable water crystals.

Putting malachite in water can make the water toxic.

Rub crystals on your belly

Using crystals to rub your belly will give you many benefits.

It will move the muscles from the belly to ease the stomach pain.

Irritation in the stomach can cause nausea.

When you rub the crystal on the belly, it will solve the stomach issues to give you relief from nausea.

Doing it for fifteen to twenty minutes will give you maximum benefits.

Meditate with your crystals

Meditation can help you relax and heal different chakras of your body.

It also helps you to add intentions to your crystal.

You can bring your yoga mat and start meditation with the crystal to stop nausea.

Cleansing crystal before meditation enhances its effects.

Wear crystal jewelry

You can add the crystals to a pendant and wear them near your heart.

All the body chakras connect with the heart and crown chakra.

Healing these chakras will give you maximum healing benefits.

There is no fear of losing crystals when you fix them in jewelry.

To Summarize: The Best Crystals for Nausea

There are many crystals for nausea.

These crystals work on different chakras of your body to give you healing effects.

These points will help you understand the nausea-preventing effects of crystals better.

  • Most practitioners recommend sapphire to prevent nausea.
  • Some crystals can help you get rid of nausea in pregnant women.
  • Rubbing crystals on the belly will increase the healing effects of crystals.
  • Fixing crystals in jewelry will help you avoid losing them.
  • Meditation increases the healing effects of crystals.
  • You can put crystals in water to make a crystal elixir. Drinking this water can give you nausea and vomiting prevention effects.
  • Putting crystals in water for a long time will damage their crystal structure.